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Cherry Jk-0300

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2010 14:19
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      A lovely keyboard at a reasonable cost

      This is one of the many Keyboards made by Cherry - the strait is a silver keyboard with white keys, it has a very clean look to it.

      I bought this for £29.99 via Ebuyer.com, it's also available for amazon for £35.35 currently - Ebuyer's super saver delivery costs £3.59 on it so is still the slightly cheaper option.

      Often the most important thing when buying a keyboard is just how well it's going to last. The cherry straight is an ultra-flat keyboard, one of the advantages being no large gaps between keys - each key is set in it's own inset with only a small gap around which means far less chance of things getting trapped between/beneath them. If they do however, the keys are easily removable for cleaning beneath them, and clip back on with little effort.

      As said this is an ultra-flat keyboard - it doesn't sit perfectly flat as it's slightly raised at the back, but not much, so if you prefer your keyboard at an angle this won't be for you. The keys are "whisper quiet" - true? well not so much so as the much pricier quiet keyboards, but you get what you pay for - and it's certainly much quieter than standard keyboards tend to be, so that's a definite plus point from me.

      As keyboards go this is fairly basic in functions - your only special keys are for opening media player, changing songs and volume control, no programmable keys and such at all. Which is one of the many things I like about it.

      The whole of this keyboard appears to be plastic - but it's perfectly sturdy. It does look neat and clean. The keys are a white or perhaps offwhite colour with silver/grey lettering. It doesn't look cheap on your desk - after a good bit of use there's also no flaking, lettering rubbing off and such that can often appear surprisingly quickly on keyboards. Overall I'd say it's pretty good.

      I think these need mentioning - the plastic point. This isn't something that effects me and it does make it lightweight, but there obviously is a point it won't be as durable as metal keyboards, although not sure if anyone needs that.
      Although it's whisper quiet, it's not as whisper quiet as some keyboards, which if you're doing a lot of typing in a room with people, could still get annoying quickly.
      It's not spillproof - it's better than a lot but it's not fully spillproof, again not uncommon with a £30 keyboard, but something some people may well need.
      The lettering - although perfectly clear for most people, as it's grey instead of black some people may find it harder to read in some lights, not major for most people but if you have poor eyesight, it may be a valid point.

      Overall I have to give this 4/5 - it does all I need, but it's not exceptionally unusual, it's just a good all-round keyboard. It gets 3/5 for variety as it's average - but of course I doubt you'd buy this if you wanted 36 hotkeys, for me the lack of extra is a good thing.

      A few final points:
      It comes with a 5 year warranty
      Plug and play - no installation
      USB connection


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