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HP 5070-2536

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Brand: HP

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2013 23:26
      Very helpful



      Good for typing but it has a 'self destruct'

      hp keyboard kb-0630

      This is the particular keyboard that came as standard with my 'new' PC. (I have to admit it's ancient in the terms of computers now - they're virtually defunct by the time they leave the factory)...

      The keyboard itself is black with silver trim, and as with most other keyboards has all of the 'standard' typing keys. To the left of the keyboard there is a number pad, and between the letter, and number keys are the usual arrow keys coupled with the delete, and end keys etc... Across the top the keyboard has all of the 'F' keys, and little yellow lights to indicate for example if CAPS LOCK is on...

      For me I find each of the keys to be a great size, they are small and not 'tall' keys which makes it easy to type on them. I have had no issues with keys sticking, and they are nicely spaced. The cord is maybe 1.5m long (I can't imagine you'd need a longer one - it has a standard connection for a PC).

      Across the top on the right there are three buttons sound up sound down, and mute... This was my first bug bear with this keyboard... As with most technical items nowadays it came with no instructions (I mean who needs them for a keyboard or an iPhone right???) Well I managed to push this by accident, and for weeks was too scared to mention it to my partner as I thought I had broken the speakers on my shiny new computer... When I finally posted on-line about it, a very nice person politely asked if I had pressed it...

      Down each of the sides there are more buttons - buttons on a keyboard I hear you ask????? Well the ones on the right are wonderful - well useful at least they open the disc drive, fast forward, skip back, and stop a disc playing... (Because pressing the buttons on the actual tower, or using the mouse would be too stressful for the normal computer user right?)

      Now it's the buttons on the left that I hate.... there are six, the bottom five do nothing as I don't have the required drivers installed to make them function - which is fine... However the top one - the one mere millimetres away from the escape keep does in fact put my PC to sleep... No problems I hear you say - just shake it a little and wake it up... Well no, because the person who installed the half of the driver that will put it to sleep - forgot to add the 'wakey wakey' aspect... Having spent hours on-line trying to get this sorted I have come to the conclusion there was only one fix to this - a new keyboard....

      There was literally no way to wake the PC up, and forcing reboots is going to upset my PC - so it really was a case of a terrible product...

      So overall even though the product is great for typing (and as a student this makes a difference) I can't recommend it... Which is a shame as it looks good too...

      I have tried to rate the technical aspects below - but some don't really fit...


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