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HP Standard Keyboard

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2010 08:54
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      A superb keyboard which allows me to write my dooyoo reviews!


      The opportunity to win a 50 pound amazon voucher doesn't come around everyday so when I saw dooyoo's competition I was very interested. I tend to write reviews on predominantly in the cosmetics and make up categories with the occasional reviews in pets, music and film and have yet to go into the depths of Computer but what better time than with the lure of winning a very appealing prize.

      A few months ago, my brother decided to do what he does best and break the family computer keyboard. So I began the search for a new one. When looking at keyboards, I really wasn't sure what we wanted in one. Everyone in the family uses my computer a lot, therefore key factors that I was looking for were comfort whilst typing, a nice looking design but also one with not too many keys to confuse my dad. He finds it hard enough using a computer as it, without adding numerous buttons that would just make his job a lot harder.

      *About The Product (according to the brand)*

      The HP Standard Keyboards represent a design extension of the successful Easy Access keyboards. These keyboards have the same layout and tactile characteristics as the previous keyboards, but without the hot-keys. Instead, the HP Standard Keyboards introduce expanded configurability by allowing the keyboard to sit upon the desk at either zero-degree (flat), 6-degree or 12-degree slope through the use of the keyboards tilt legs. Hence you receive a wider range of configurable slope options to maximize your comfort when using these keyboards. The HP Standard keyboards also simplify System Administration tasks as no additional reprogramming or redirector software is required to be maintained or supported with these keyboards. The keyboard software device drivers are an integral part of the client operating system. This keyboard is compatible with all HP Compaq Business Desktops (except the dc5000 series and the d530 ultra slim desktop).

      *Price and Availability*

      HP Standard Keyboard - PS/2 - Silver/Black is available to buy from a number of different shops including PC World. If you prefer to do your shopping online like I do, you can also buy it at www.amazon.co.uk (although you will need a keyboard in the first place in order to place the order).

      This keyboard retails at £12.49. I happen to find this a reasonable price and although there are alternatives available at significantly lower prices, they don't look half as nice. I'm happy to pay this price for what I have found to be an excellent purchase.

      *My Opinion*

      The size: The dimensions of this keyboard are (WxDxH) 45.8cm x 16.3cm x 2.5 and it weighs 0.9kg. So isn't the smallest or lightest of keyboard but if desk space isn't an issue, and it isn't for us, then this shouldn't matter too much. On the other hand although it isn't the smallest, it also isn't huge or bulky. It sits nice on the desk with an appropriate amount of space around it.

      The design: The shape of this keyboard is rectangular with rounded edges to prevent from any catching or scratching of the skin. The colour of the keyboard, as you can see from the picture featured above is black and silver: the bottom black, the top silver and black keys with white writing.

      The layout of the keys are quite similar to that of many keyboards. In the top left hand corner is the Esc button, nicely on its own so that you can access it with ease. Along this are the 'F' keys from 1-12 in groups of 4. The Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause keys are directly next to these. The Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys are located below and the arrow keys below even further. These are distinctly separate from the letters and the number pad, something that I quite like as it allows you to clearly find them, something that is particularly important for people like my dad that do not utilise a keyboard as regularly as I do. In the top right hand corner, you can find the CAPS lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock as well as the Smart Card Terminal indicator lights. These are yellow in colour and you can clearer see when they are in use.

      The main keyboard section is to the lower left and stretches about two thirds of the way across. This is laid out in your regular format and consists of your QWERTY formatted alphabet surrounded by the other vital keys that you need i.e. punctuation keys, shift, alt, etc. And to the far right, below the indicator lights, a number pad can be located. I really like this feature because not all keyboards have them but I find them essential to have. I really dislike the number being located above the letters and would much prefer them to be only the symbols.

      The keys not only look clear but they are easily pressed and don't make too much noise, a particular pet hate of mine. I am certainly not a touch typer but I do type at quite a fast pace and this keyboard responds to it excellently. It also works well with the slower typers like my parents so we are all satisfied with the keys about to respond to the speed and pressure given. The keys also have a good quality feel rather than that or light, flimsy plastic, which makes me assume that the keyboard will last us a long time to come.

      The style of the keyboard to me is very important because it is in full view to be seen by my family everyday as well as guests when they visit. I am delighted with the style of the keyboard because the colours are modern looking in appearance and also match the colour of the monitor.

      Any problems, worries or bugbears with the keyboard? The only very small issue that I do have is the silly little sticker that they have need the arrow keys to the right of the keyboard. Just because there is a little free space on the keyboard does not mean that it must be filled. I found myself rapidly picking this off, cleaning away any stickiness and I think it looks a lot more professional without it. My aesthetically pleasing let's say. Only a small gripe from my point of view.

      When it comes to setting up the keyboard, it doesn't get too much easier, possibly because the keyboard is qute basic to start with. This keyboard is plugged with ease into the back of your computer using a PS/2 port. This is excellent as it means that you don't have to use up a precious USB port. The cable that connects this is the perfect length to reach although not too long that you find yourself wondering where you are going to hide the remainder of the cable. If you plug the keyboard in prior to starting up your computer, it is likely that you won't have to restart your pc whereas if you do this whilst it is turned on, you may find that you have to. Either way, it will take you very little time to get this up and running.

      So how comfortable is it to use? Like I said earlier, this was one of the things that does matter as the whole family do spend extended amounts of time on the computer, whether it is on the social networking site facebook, writing reviews on dooyoo or doing online banking. I have found HP Standard Keyboard - PS/2 - Silver/Black to be a very comfortable keyboard to use which is maybe a little surprising due to its lack of a wrist rest. I think that this is perhaps due to change the angle at which the keyboard sits. By making use of the keyboards legs on the bottom side of it, you are able to have it flat or at either a 6-degree or 12-degree slope. So does it tick the boxes with regards to comfort? Oh yes.

      With this product, you get a 1 year manufacturer's warranty so if somehow you do happen to have a problem with it, you'll be covered for this period of time.

      Is it easy to clean? This is a massively important question because everyone seems to eat and drink around their computers now, I know that I do. So when it comes to cleaning it, how easy is this to do? Well the answer is not too bad. If there are just a few crumbs that you can see then simply turning the keyboard upside down and giving it a nice, hard shake should do the trick. But if there are more than a few crumbs you can either use a small brush to get between the keys or a compressed air cleaner.

      *Would I Recommend This Keyboard?*

      Looking for a basic keyboard? Looking for a keyboard that has a good design? Looking for a keyboard that is comfortable and easy to use? If you answered yes to these questions then HP Standard Keyboard - PS/2 - Silver/Black is definitely a keyboard that you will want to consider when deciding which one is right for you.

      This keyboard is fairly basic therefore if you are after a keyboard that is top of the range with all of the extra keys and buttons that you can get with some of the more sophisticated ones on the market, then you'll want to discount this immediately.


      In conclusion, HP Standard Keyboard - PS/2 - Silver/Black is a basic but excellent keyboard that we have now had for about a few months now and it is still in excellent condition. I love the combination of silver and black colours and although it is perhaps slightly basic in appearance, it performs the task that we want more than sufficiently. HP is a brand that I trust and with this purchase, I am extremely happy. It is comfortable to use and the keys don't annoying get stuck like with some keyboards therefore it has a huge advantage in just this. Should you opt to buy this product, I very much doubt that you will be disappointed. We certainly haven't been.

      Assignment complete. Now I just need to post the link to twitter and have my fingers and toes crossed. After all, couldn't we all do with a little more money for Christmas presents! So make my day dooyoo, make my Monday a happy one. 

      My first 'technical' review. All comments and feedback are more than welcome. Thanks for reading.


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