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Keytools Bigkeys Plus QWERTY Layout, Black Lower Case Letters on Colour Keys

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2010 19:06
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      Great for young children or a variety of special needs

      My experience of the keytools keyboard is from work, where I am an SEN teacher. Bearing in mind how technology including computers and the internet have altered all our lives, it is not surprising that this has filtered through to school curriculums. All children are now expected to access information technology, especially computers regardless of their age or ability.

      Anyway this keyboard has proven to be fantastic for improving children's ability and confidence when using the computer. The most important feature (in my opinion) is the fact that the letters are lower case letters. Children are taught lower case letters first in school and herefore many of them struggle to use traditional keyboards whrre the letters are all capitals- as it takes them far longer to recognise the letters. It might not seem like a big deal- but I can assure nyone considering this that children's speed at using the keyboard is hugely improved when lower case letters are used. This is a far more attractive way of doing it than sticking stickers over all the letters, that quickly become grubby and tatty. The keys on this keyboard are also coloured, in bright primary colours, making it attractive for young users.
      The next most important feature (in my opinion) is the fact that the keys are so much bigger. If you remember the first time you used a laptop keyboard (with smaller keys) how often you hit the wrong button- well that is what it can be like for children with poorer coordination using a standard keyboard. The large key sizes help with this as well as aiding children with poor vision.
      The keyboard is also simplified hugely from a standard keyboard and does not have as many buttons (like the number pad normally to the right of the keyboard) again making it less confusing for children.

      The keyboard works with all standard machines and simply plugs into the keyboard socket.

      Literally, my only complaint is that I don't have enough of these at work to go around. An excellent buy!


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