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Labtec Media Wireless Desktop 800

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    4 Reviews
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      24.04.2013 14:46
      Very helpful



      good cheap and reliable mouse and keyboard set, works well in gaming.

      I have been using this keyboard and mouse set for a couple of years now and i have not looked back, i used to use wired keyboards but the problem was eventually they wold stop responding. So far this has lasted far longer than any other keyboard that i have used before. The battery life in both the keyboard and mouse last quite a long time which is usually 3 months, the reason why they last this long is that i am use 2000mAh batteries in them. I would recommend anyone who gets this keyboard to use rechargeable batteries that have around 2000mAh battery life.

      The wire dongle that comes with this keyboard and mouse set can have trouble if you place it anywhere that will block the signal and i have found it is less likely to respond if it is on top of my computer case which is to the left of my desk. This means that the signal deteriorates and the mouse and keyboard don't respond as well. I have found the trick to stop the dongle from falling off my desk is to place something about the weight of a coffee cup onto of it. or you could use some masking tape to hold it down.

      A good feature about most keyboards and this labtec keyboard is that you can remove the keys if you want to clean underneath them. This is because dirt builds up behind the keys although i have found that this does not interfere with the operation of the keyboard i would still recommend that you clean it out once in a while. I have found that the labtec keyboard works with the nintendo wii so that if you are going to use the wii's internet browser this keyboard is easier to use than the wiimote for the internet.

      i have found that the mouse responds at good levels for a keyboard and mouse set which did not cost much. i believe that when i originally bought this set it only cost me £5 which is good value for money when otherwise i would have gone through more keyboards in this time. sometimes when i log into windows i find that the dongle will have disabled itself which usually fixes itself if i remove the dongle and plug it back in. I only see this as a minor issue, i like this keyboard and mouse because it is slightly smaller than your average keyboard the function keys are actually slightly shorter than the rest of the keys which is useful if you are not looking at the keys when you are typing.

      I also find the volume control on the keyboard useful because as well as increasing and decreasing audio you also have the option to mute your sound. This is useful in games when you don't want to be alt tabing out of the game if you want to watch tv or something similar. the keyboard also has a play/pause button as well as skip buttons and the search button is useful for opening the windows search function to find files and executable that you can't for the life of you remember where you installed them to.


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      06.02.2011 10:25
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      see review

      The Labtec wireless desktop 800 is comprised of a labtec wireless mouse and a labtec wireless keyboard.

      The obvious advantage of having both a wireless keyboard and mouse is less wires! This makes a huge difference to me on my desk - i hate wires, i cannot wait until the world is wireless which surely must be one day! With my speakers, screen and desktop tower all having wires I do not need the extra clutter of a wired keyboard and mouse.

      --Set up--

      The set up was very easy - no software installation disk is necessary and all you need to do s take them out of the box, insert batteries and sync them by following the instructions - this is simply holding the red connection button for ten seconds on both. They rarely lose sync but if they do (i.e. if you've changed the batteries) then you'll just need to do that again.

      Insert the sensor into the USB - it is very small about an inch and a half long so doesn't take up too much room lengthways - this insures connection to the PC/Laptop.
      The down side to the USB port is that it's quite bulky so you're unlikely to be able to put another USB stick in next to it.

      --The Mouse--

      On the laptec website it is described as smooth and reliable, this is entirely true. There is no risk of getting dirt and dust in your mouse ball (back in the day!) as the mouse has an optical sensor (1000 dpi). I cant stand it when mouses (mice?) are jerky and not smooth but with this labtec mouse i have had no such problems.

      Additionally the mouse has a scroll bar in the middle which is very useful for perusing articles etc online.

      --The Keyboard--

      The keyboard is great, I like to sit back and use the keyboard on my lap and it makes for a much more relaxed, comfortable way of typing, especially when you have an essay to write or a dooyoo review of course!

      The keys are very soft and not sticky at all - additionally they are quite quiet. I don't know if this is true for all labtec keyboards or perhaps I got a dodgy one but the £ key is actually a hash key (can't type it as there isn't one! Strange but I'm not really affected by it - and that's if it is like that with all labtec keyboards.

      The 'space efficient' layout takes a bit of getting used to especially if you use the delete / insert / prt scr buttons often but you'll soon get used to it.

      --Additional Features--

      The reliability of use is due to the compact 27-MHz receiver and the keyboard also has a low battery status light on it to show you when you need to replace the batteries. The battery efficiency of both the mouse and keyboard are very good and I change them probably every three months - and I use them both alot!


      Both are very durable - I've had mine for three years now and no problems whatsoever, I've spilt the odd cup of tea on the desk and the keyboard and mouse have both been exposed to it but their durability is very good. They both came with my computer but at the time of writing I believe you can purchase them both for £9.99 - £15 - a bargain in my opinion! These are straight forward computer tools, easy to use and do the job well - no need for these fancy expensive items as these are very reliable!

      --Technical Specification--
      - PC with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
      - USB port


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      09.06.2010 00:57
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      This set would be hard pushed to be beaten for the price.

      For my university course I'm required to do a significant amount of computer programming on my laptop so to reduce typing errors and improve comfort I bought this external mouse and keyboard set. The set was purchased for £20 from Staples over half a year ago. I knew I wanted a full size wireless keyboard and mouse but wasn't sure which one initially. I went around several shops comparing prices and features and this one came out top.

      The keyboard is very sturdy and comfortable to use although it does require a little more pressure to operate the keys than my laptop keyboard. I personally quite like the firm action of the keys on the Labtec keyboard. The optical mouse is very nicely shaped for comfort making it a pleasure to use. The keyboard is quite trendy but has a simple look so is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. Despite this it is packing some neat features. To begin the keyboard has 'Home' and 'End' keys next to the arrow keys. After using these for half a year I seriously miss them when typing on many keyboards which don't have them or don't have them so conveniently placed. This is particularly useful for programming when I may want to quickly jump to the beginning or end of a line. There are also several shortcut keys on the top of the keyboard for volume etc. As my current laptop doesn't have any this can prove a very nice addition at times.

      One major concern I had when purchasing the set was how long the batteries would last. It turns out that my concerns were unnecessary. Even the cheapest of batteries last too long to keep track of in this keyboard and mouse set.

      One issue which I didn't expect was that the wireless range is sometimes very poor. Even with the laptop sat in the corner of my desk sometimes the odd character is missed which can be very annoying while programming or typing important emails. Although this is rare it does still happen and is a little disappointing when there is a clear line-of-sight over such a short distance between the keyboard or mouse and dongle. Nonetheless more often than not the range is not a problem and I can lie in bed away from my desk and use the mouse to nudge the screen saver off when it kicks in while watching films. I really find the wireless mouse comes in useful for this where as previously I would have to either turn the screen saver off or get out of bed to touch the touchpad.

      I docked one point for 'Processing/quality' and 'Reliability' because of the occasional missed characters and poor response to the mouse at distance. i may be being a bit harsh though considering the specification does state an extremely short wireless range so I should have expected this. Taking this into account the product normally most likely exceeds it's specification. As for me the installation was as simple as plug and go under Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 so 'Installation' gets 5 points.

      Overall I am pleased with my purchase and would have bought the set again but in the future if this set was stolen I would not automatically re-buy it. I would first check out the competition. Even then I think this set would be hard pushed to be beaten for the price.


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        11.05.2010 01:30
        Very helpful



        Great Buy.

        I bought this wireless media keyboard and mouse because I had a £20 voucher to spend.
        To use basically for a desktop computer.

        The keyboard has a nice jet black shiny finish. Looks great, not like those cheap and nasty keyboards, come on it's made by Labtec.

        It has a low battery indicator on the keyboard, giving sufficient time to change the batteries. By the way the batteries last very long.

        There are these shorcut buttons at the top of the keyboard, so if you want to sit back and relax to watch a movie in your bedroom, you can adjust the volume, rewind, forward, play and pause a movie. there are also 3 or 4 extra shortcuts as well.

        The great thing about this keyboard is that you just plug in the USB and away you go, there's no need to install using disks etc. Just plug and play.

        The mouse has a nice rubber grip on it.

        It has a 1000 DPI, basiaclly this means that you dont have to move the mouse much to move around the screen.

        It also says on the box it's spill resistant, i don't know if it works, spilling liquid onto it? I haven't tried it yet!


        The only thing that lets me down, not very often though, When I place the USB sensor behind my desktop it sometimes is a little unresponsive, but rest assured dont let this downside put you off it's a great product.

        The only other thing was that there was no mouse mat provided, but it works well on alot of surfaces, it's just it doesn't seem to work very well on the glass surface of my desk. But mouse mats don't cost mush you can get them from supermarkets for like 90p.


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    • Product Details

      Labtec's media wireless desktop 800 with a wireless 1000-dpi optical scroll mouse for precise tracking and 9 keyboard hot keys will enhance your media experience.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Labtec Media Wireless Desktop 800 - keyboard and mouse set
      Device Type: Keyboard and mouse set - wireless
      Interface: RF
      Wireless Receiver: USB wireless receiver
      Input Device: Keyboard
      Localisation: English - United Kingdom
      Hot Keys Qty: 9
      Hot Keys Function: Internet browsing, multimedia
      Features: Spillproof
      Pointing Device: Mouse - optical
      Features: Scrolling wheel, wireless
      Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty