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Labtec Ultra-Flat Wireless Desktop

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2011 14:13
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      A great bit of kit, for a great price!

      I purchased the Labtec wireless keyboard and mouse from my local Morrisons store, basically as it was the cheapest one there at the time, and I was really short on cash. My mum gave me her old Laptop but forgot to inform me that half the keyboard didn't work, she only admitted it when I had to go out and buy the wireless keyboard that she'd spilt a cup of tea on it...

      I was desperate for a Laptop as my new job required me to do a lot of typing up of reports and what not when I got home, and I simply couldn't afford a brand new laptop, so a wireless keyboard was the next best thing for me.


      The keyboard and mouse come with a CD that you can use to install them onto your system, but I've never had to use it, as it all automatically installed itself onto my laptop(s) when I've first plugged them in. Newer versions of Windows enable you to install some hardware without software, by just plugging them into the system and it locates the drivers online. Once it has been installed you will need to restart your system or the various "shortcut" buttons on the keyboard won't work.

      Included in the box is a small black wireless receiver that once plugged into your laptop/computer via USB port, enables the keyboard and mouse to connect to your system.

      Connecting the keyboard and mouse is so simple. You plug the wireless receiver into your laptop/computer via a USB port, and simply press "connect" on the top of the box. The keyboard and mouse both have little red connect buttons underneath. As long as the batteries in both the keyboard and mouse aren't running low connecting to the wireless receiver is pretty quick.

      The Keyboard:

      I did think it was going to be ultra flat similar to a Mac keyboard, but it was in fact quite long and bulky. It's only "ultra flat" when the feet on the keyboard are down so it's flat on your desk. However, the lack of "flatness" doesn't bother me, as I didn't buy it for being ultra sleek and flat, I bought it because it was cheap and I just wanted it for typing. There are lots of other features on the keyboard that make up for the bulkyness, these are in the shape of some "home" keys at the top of the keyboard and volume/media controls on the top right of the keyboard. The "home" keys are shortcuts to main features on your laptop/computer or the internet. These include;

      Start Menu
      My Computer
      Media Player

      The volume and media controls enable you to pause, play stop or skip a track on your media player and adjust the volume of your system or just mute it all together.
      The keyboard may be bulky but there's literately a button for everything. The keyboard requires 2xAAA batteries for it to work.

      The Mouse:

      Is sleek and smooth, and requires 2xAA batteries for it to work. There is a scrolling ball in the middle of the mouse, for easy scrolling on word documents and the internet. It is a laser mouse, so it can be used on any surface as long as it is within close proximity to the wireless receiver.


      I'd recommend this wireless desktop kit to anyone who is looking for something cheap and to do the job. If you're after something that looks fancy, then this isn't for you. For £10 it was an absolute bargain and I've never really had any problems with it. The extra short cut buttons on the keyboard are a great feature, especially the volume and media player controls.

      The only downside for me personally, is that because the keys aren't flush to the board, it does sound quite loud when I'm typing, it sounds a bit like Michael Flatly and Riverdance are on my desk. However, when I've got music playing on the media player I don't really notice the clattering of my fingers on the board.

      I love that no matter what system I use I can just plug in and I'm ready to go, no boring installing required. A simple click of the connect buttons and I'm ready to go. Compared to some other keyboard it is quite slim, but to be "ultra flat" you'd expect it to have keys flush to the keyboard, and no extra fiddly bits. All in all it's a great bit of kit that does the job.


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