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Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 700

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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2006 14:40



      Solid Piece of Kit with Stylish Look

      Logitech has always been a brand of quality in terms of Human Interface Devices and this show in their sturdiness and in terms of usage. I one of these at work and typing 8+ a day I have got accustomed to it. I made the move from a wireless set from Chicony which I must admit it was more comfortable to use for me considering that the keys are way smaller on the Logitech. If you have big hands you have a slight problem (as I have found out). You would have to strain yourself to cramp onto the keys and this would lead strain if used
      Another "feature" which I am not particularly keen on is the reconfigured the layout of the Insert/Delete/Home/End/Page Up/Page Down keys. The main culprit here is the super-sized delete key which inevitably gets pressed more than its fair share. Why they would double its size is beyond me.

      The shortcut keys (or hot keys) are abundant and very useful especially if you like the quick way of accessing things.

      The range is pretty good and I have tested it around the office (about 5m) but could go more I suppose but why would you want to do that it escapes me.

      Synchronising with the receiver is easy if you know what you doing and follow the instructions on the manual (or printer underneath the KB should you lose the manual). If the procedure Sync Key on Receiver -> Connect Button on KB wait 20 sec and Sync Key on Receiver -> Connect underneath the Mouse is not done properly in that way chances are one of the devices will not work. Slightly annoying but I could live with it as once you get it working nothing halts it.
      It is responsive and the batteries last a considerable amount of time (2-3 months heavy use for most of the day, 7 days a week). Usually a give away is the decrease of response time in the KB typing time. The positive side of the kit is that once the batteries run of and change them in a reasonable time you don't need to resync again.

      The mouse is responsive and quite sharp but this is the least I would expect for the price tag on a wireless mouse, It is a pretty simply mouse with the main buttons and scroll wheel (that doubles a third button).

      The main reason iI got this is for the looks and because of the charger option for me mouse which is handy, also getting for free didn't harm either.

      (Disclaimer: This review is also submited somewhere else by myself under the reviewer name, Nick_Endeavour)


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        02.11.2005 17:48
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I went cordless with the Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 700, and all I can see is that I love it!

        For some time I had been seeing cordless keyboard and mouse set-ups on the shelves of the local computer stores wondering what all the fuss was about. After all, I was getting on quite well with my standard corded keyboard and mouse and I didn’t really see a problem with having wires trailing across my desk and into my computer tower. But, due to another birthday, I went cordless with the Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 700, and all I can see is that I love it.

        The set-up & installation:
        A large single sheet installation guide comes with the equipment that was extremely easy to follow with its photos and easy-to-follow single sentence instructions that a baby could understand…

        Switch off the computer; plug in cables of base station into USB or mouse port and into the mains. Put in (supplied) batteries to keyboard (AA), insert rechargeable batteries into mouse and place in base station to charge. Switch on computer, press “connect” on base station, keyboard and mouse, check that all is working. Then place CD into computer to install the software to enjoy all the features available, together with tutorials etc.

        The Keyboard:
        This keyboard is an absolute joy to use. What a difference to my old one! As I typed away I was very impressed with the luxurious, cushioned feel to the keys. Operation is almost silent. The only thing that takes a little getting used to is the lack of Caps On light and Number Lock light on the keyboard itself. These show up on the screen as you strike them - “Caps on lock” , “Caps off lock”, Num lock off”, and “Num lock on” in large green letters that go off after a few seconds.

        The great part of this keyboard is the shortcut keys. Starting on the left and moving clockwise we have a small “return” key that acts like an enter key. Next comes two keys, one to close a current application and another to switch between open applications. The comes the scrolling wheel that you can roll up and down an open document or web page or jump straight to the bottom or top of a page. You also have a zoom button that enlarges any documents or webpages that you have opened.

        Then we have the usual “F” keys that do the usual things but can also be assigned to open a word processor, spread sheet or used to save to disk, print or whatever else you can think of. Along the very top of the keyboard at the touch of a button you can open video and digital media library, My Documents, Control audio master audio volume, play, fast forward, stop and eject CD or DVD player (if you have one), open your e-mail program, messenger, start your web-cam or place your machine in standby mode.

        Underneath the keyboard are two pegs so you can tilt the keyboard if require and a removable rest for your wrists.

        The Mouse:
        The mouse feels very comfortable in the hand and has the usual left/right click buttons and scroll wheel-button, but with a slight difference. You can move the wheel from side to side and this will scroll across wider webpages and is very responsive.

        In the centre of the mouse, just behind the scroll wheel, is an application button that operates the same as the application button on the keyboard to switch between all/any programs you have open.

        At the side of the mouse are two buttons that can be used instead of the back and forward buttons on web pages.

        All operations on the mouse are very responsive. For optimum performance, the mouse needed to be left on charge over night as was suggested in the instructions. A green light comes on to indicate it is charging and goes out when it is fully charge. A red light will come on if battery reaches critical level whilst you are using it. I tend to place the mouse in the base station when not in use, therefore I never get any battery problems, just in case I forget, I have my ordinary cabled mouse still plugged into the mouse port on the tower.

        The Software:
        The software covers both the mouse and the keyboard and enables you to set up both pieces of equipment. The keys on the keyboard can be assigned to your chosen programs and the buttons on the mouse to various tasks and scrolling speeds.

        All in all, I don’t know why I didn’t go cordless before as my desk looks so much tidier and if I want to plug things in like my scanner etc. the keyboard can be move anywhere in the room and continue to operate without the cable getting itself tangled in other equipment.

        Under my desk, may still look like spaghetti junction, but not so the top of my desk.. Thanks for reading..


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