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Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Desktop

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Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Desktop - Keyboard - wireless - RF - mouse - USB wireless receiver - black, sleek silver - UK QWERTY - OEM

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    2 Reviews
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      21.02.2011 15:46
      Very helpful



      Would be better if it was easier to live with

      This keyboard has one of the most baffling designs i have ever seen! Look down at your keyboard right now, and can you see three LED's for num lock caps lock and scroll lock? I can't! I don't know if num lock is on right now, and i have no idea if i've just typed this sentence in caps.

      The keys themselfs are much stiffer than on most keyboards, and i'm sad to say my "@" key has broken after 3 months of normal use. I've just had to copy and paste that one from the dooyoo site.

      The transmitter that comes with this for the mouse and keyboard is a 2 in 1 one way TX which by the way is huge, and a pig to set up (Its about 5-10 mins because of all the fidly bits).

      The software update i downloaded from the company's website was said to improve the transmitting speed, but it still lasgs a little.

      Since this is a standard QWERTY keyboard you can just type like you normally would, but i still over run the keys and hit others to make typo's (e.g, typoi because o and i are together).

      They are small but i have never done this with any other keyboard. I come home from work without ever making a typo, and then do it all the time at home with this.

      The mouse is a little better and has a much quicker response time. It doesen't lag half as bad and also its a lot easier to use.

      Its comfortable because it shapes to your hand and its not smooth plastic either, so if you get sweaty palms, it wont just slip out of your hand. My right click button has been a little stiff but i think this is ebcause i've been playing too much Space Invaders!

      Recommended for people who don't mind not seeing WEATHER THEY HAVE CAPS ON OR NOT. aND CAN TOUCH TYPE.


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      04.08.2010 18:09
      Very helpful



      Was worth the £4 I paid used but probably better to get a newer model now.

      I'm sure many people share my anger over wired PC accessories, which in being tied to your computer at all times not only restrict your typing but lead to cables amassing into a tangled mess behind your monitor. I, like many others, decided to upgrade to wireless a few years ago and not knowing much about the products available, I opted to get this set when I saw it second hand for the very reasonable price of £4. Easy to set up and use, it was a trusty companion for a good few years...until it recently started becoming very problematic...

      The cordlessness is permitted by a USB wireless radio frequency transmitter, which Logitech claim is securely encrypted to stop key-loggers. It is much larger than more recent receivers, at around 4 inches in length and height and two inches deep, though it is light. To set the keyboard and mouse up, you plug the transmitter into the USB of a PC which is switched on. It's instantly recognised then you simply click a button on the receiver, then click the green button on the base of the mouse/keyboard to set the link up. It's that simple.

      My product didn't come boxed, so I can't comment on any software which was/wasn't included, nor can I go into the intricacies of unpacking. Nevertheless, I can say that the keyboard itself is very well made, as is to be expected of any Logitech product. The keys are sturdy and the lettering has not faded even after years of almost daily use. Each key is also sufficiently spaced out, so typing is incredibly fluent with few mistakes even when touch typing. The keys' impressive response has also sustained frequent use, feeling as spongy today as they did when I first purchased the keyboard. The numpad is, as usual, found to the right, while the usual array of arrow buttons and 'Insert', 'Delete' etc. are found to their left. The F buttons are nestled atop the board, and the lowest QWERTY keys, including the space bar, are shaped to match the curvature of the keyboard itself.

      In a smart addition to the Cordless pro, 7 extra hot-keys, finished in silver, sit at the very top of the keyboard. The 'Media' one on the far left automatically opens the default media player on your PC, in my case iTunes. Moreover, the 'Play/Pause', 'Mute' and the centred 'Volume up/down' buttons all serve their obvious functions, as do 'Favourites' and 'E-mail' (the latter opening Outlook). Finally, the 'WWW' button opens your internet home page in a new window. These aren't an overwhelming selling-point by any means, but it does make performing certain monotonous tasks on your PC a lot quicker.

      Sadly, the designers completely forgot to put three of the most important LEDs on the keyboard: Num Lock, Scroll Lock and, most importantly, CAPS lock. I cannot begin to outline how annoying it can be when you've clicked caps lock but didn't know it was on as it simply wasn't indicated to you. And don't even get me started on passwords...Moreover, as someone dealing daily with foreign languages, I get furious when the num pad won't type the accented characters I want to type, as I didn't know num lock wasn't on. It's literally one of the most baffling design omissions on a keyboard, and it really does detract from the experience.

      The laser mouse which is bundled is, thankfully, brilliant. Not only is it sleekly designed, with two independent left and right click buttons and a sturdy scroll-wheel in the centre nestled nicely in silver, but its range is incredible - if you're using a laptop on a TV screen from a distance, this works a treat. The buttons have withstood the extended use, though the scroll-wheel has been notably worn down. Response time is great when new batteries are placed in, but does deteriorate as the batteries empty.

      And that's another point to mention. The keyboard takes two AA batteries, as does the mouse, and each component lasts around a month or two without needing to have batteries changed during extended use. Sadly, though the mouse still works, the connection between the receiver and keyboard appears to have packed in, so I can't say this offers the best longevity.


      Well, as my first cordless mouse-keyboard combo, I can't complain too much. The keyboard lasted a tad over two years and the mouse still works (hurrah!) but the omission of the key LEDs pretty much every other keyboard bring its score down massively. Would I recommend it? No. Not because it's particularly bad but simply because it's distinctly average and lacks the functions more modern keyboards would possess. It's not currently available on Amazon, but if you can find it cheap on eBay, it may be worth a quick whirl for those of you still wired to your PC.


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    • Product Details

      The Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Desktop offers cordless freedom through radio frequency with secure encryption. The low profile cordless keyboard offers plug & play Internet and multi-media control in Windows XP, without ever having to load additional drivers. The mouse delivers cordless performance, and its smooth optical tracking eliminates the cleaning hassles associated with traditional ball-based mice.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Desktop - keyboard , mouse
      Device Type: Keyboard
      Colour: Black, sleek silver
      Localisation: UK QWERTY
      Connectivity Technology: Wireless - RF
      Wireless Receiver: USB wireless receiver
      Key/ Button Function: Internet browsing, multimedia, volume
      Keyboard Layout: QWERTY
      Pointing Device / Manipulator: Mouse
      Features: Palm rest
      Battery: 4 x AA type
      OS Required: Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
      Package Type: OEM
      Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years warranty