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Logitech Deluxe Keyboard

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2012 22:00
      Very helpful



      Not really a luxury product

      ~Clunky luxury from Logitech?~

      I had a simple semi matt black Logitech deluxe keyboard in use in the past and found it relatively easy to work with over short periods of time. The keyboard is billed at being a deluxe product, although in my opinion this is not really the case. The keyboard feels quite clunky and not as responsive as it could be.

      Thinking about how it worked in combination with my previous desk top computer setup, I do recall that I found it to be tiresome to use for more than an hour or so at a time. I feel that this is a very basic product and that the standards of many other keyboards are far better as they can be so much more responsive than this one. In use I found that the keyboard had a light feel when picked up and moved around on the desktop as needed. However I feel the lightness of the plastic keyboard body isn't much of a benefit, as the keyboard often moved around when being used to type on which I found rather irritating.

      ~Key notes~

      My feelings are that this product appears cheaply made and more suited to use as a spare keyboard rather than a regular go to everyday item. The individual keys on my keyboard were prone to getting stuck down in certain places which I found hard to get used to. If I typed too quickly or pressed too hard on some of the keys, they often ended up sticking until I sorted them out and I recall at least 3 keys that did so regularly. I feel key response could have been be far better.

      ~Keyboard design~

      I found that the shape and style of the keyboard was average at best. I felt that the product hadn't really been well designed so as to limit the strain on my hands and wrists when I was typing on it for longer periods. I often felt that it was very tiring to use this keyboard for typing longer documents and in the end I had to buy a wrist rest type product to use with it, so as to minimize hand and wrist strain.

      ~Spill proof~

      When I bought this keyboard it was marketed as being a spill proof product and I can say when I once spilled a little hot tea on part of the keyboard by accident it didn't come to any harm. I simply shook the excess liquid from it and then allowed it to fully dry before attempting to use anything. Once switched on the keyboard seemed just as it was before the spill.


      I paid very little for this and feel it was fair-ish value for a basic product. As this was billed as being a luxury product I don't feel it lived up to its claims. My rating for this is just 2 stars as I feel this could have been far better.


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