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Logitech Internet Navigator Special Edition

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2008 22:52
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Definetely a Good Buy

      I've had the Logitech Internet Navigator Special Edition for years now and it cost me about £30 along with a matching wireless mouse. Both the keyboard and mouse are still as good as new and it's been about three or four years now. The keyboard looks really smart with its smooth, rounded shape and deep black colour alongside grey panelling detail. The buttons are chunky in a stylish way without being clunky or overbearing and the keys are a good smooth, design that are easy to type on. I found the F and J bumps a bit hard to locate on this at first because the keys are so smooth in fact! But eventually I got to grips with touch typing on this keyboard and haven't looked back. I especially like how comfortable it is to type on this keyboard thanks to the built in wrist rest edge which is rounded so you can sit your hands comfortably on it while you type.

      There are loads of great extras on this keyboard over others including lots of easy to use shortcut buttons. If you want to access your messenger or your e-mail or your webcam, you can just click one of the buttons on your keyboard to open it up. This isn't especially useful to me I must admit but the kids seem to use these buttons a lot. I like being able to hit a mute button though instead of having to fiddle with my speakers when the phone rings. Plus I also use the media buttons when I listen to my music in the CD Rom drive.

      I love the way you can install this really easily and move it around too. Because it's wireless, you can position it anywhere near your computer as long as you make sure the sensor is somewhere nearby. You can pull the keyboard onto your lap if you want to for any reason and it still works fine. Plus, there are no annoying wires to fiddle around with. When you install it on a modern computer, one with an operating system like Windows Vista, you don't have to do anything complicated to get it working. Just plug the sensor into your power box, press the button on the bottom of the sensor to tune it in and do the same on the bottom of your keyboard. The two ports will recognise each other and run instantly on your PC.

      When (if) this breaks or wears out, I'll happily buy this again. It's a little bit big I guess but then so are a lot of keyboards, and the keys are nice and compact thanks to their ergonomic design. If I don't buy this exact model again, I'll still definitely buy a Logitech wireless of some description. I've had such a good run out of this for my money that I'd definitely recommend it to others.


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