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Logitech Wireless Combo MK260

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    2 Reviews
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      12.09.2013 16:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A decent and reliable piece of kit available at a decent price if you shop around

      Having had some issues with my previous wireless keyboard and mouse I thought I'd try out a Logitech Wireless Combo MK260 as the IT Manager at my previous company (a software house no less swarming with IT techies all happy to use this brand) had sworn by this make and I had never experienced any issues with any kit I was given from this brand.

      ~WHAT'S IN THE BOX?~

      In the shiny new box that arrived there was a standard QWERTY keyboard with numeric keypad and a mouse to go with it. 2 x AAA batteries and 1 x AA battery (Duracell) were also included along with a small USB receiver, user documentation and the 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.


      Installation was automatic and couldn't have been easier. The batteries were easy to install in the keyboard and the mouse and the USB receiver (which was nice and small and could just be plugged in and forgotten about unlike my previous receiver which had a cord and was a bit annoying as you often had to press a tab to reactivate it) plugged straight into a free USB port on my laptop and installed the software in literally seconds. I needed to restart the laptop for it to recognise the new keyboard and mouse which is fairly standard.

      ~IN USE~

      I love my new keyboard and mouse! I've never been keen on using laptop keyboards or an in-built mouse so these wireless gadgets are an absolute must for me. The keyboard works like a dream and the packaging advised that the batteries should last for around 2 years for the keyboard and 5 months for the mouse. I've been using the keyboard and mouse for over 6 months now and haven't actually needed to change the mouse battery yet.

      I was quite grateful that the batteries were included in the box as I've lost count of the times I've bought something electronic (such as a printer) and the cables weren't included and I had to pop out in the car again to PC World or wherever to purchase something to allow me to use my new toy.The keyboard is fairly solid and has 2 legs at the back so you can angle the keyboard (as most keyboards have as standard for years now). Additional features available on the keyboard include:

      * Play/pause
      * Mute volume
      * Decrease volume
      * Increase volume
      * Navigate to internet home
      * Launch email application
      * Put PC in standby mode
      * Launch calculator

      I do like these extra function keys as I use the PC calculator quite often and having one button to press to access the calculator is definitely a plus for me. One thing I would mention about the keyboard is that there are no LED lights which might be an issue for some but not for me as I have the relevant LED lights on my laptop anyway.

      I'm not one for sitting too far away from my laptop when typing but have used the wireless keyboard about 8 feet away the laptop with no issues. This was mainly to test that the wireless keyboard did actually work another part of the room but realistically speaking I'm never going to be sitting 10 feet away from my laptop to do any real typing. It's just nice to know that it does actually work from that distance. The same applies to the mouse too; it's just not something I ever envisage I'm going to need to do.

      The keyboard and mouse are quite easy to clean. Logitech makes various recommendations which include unplugging the devices (or remove batteries), use compressed air for keyboards and lens cleaner on a soft cloth to wipe down the devices. Anti bacterial wipes are also recommended for cleaning but it's suggested that you test on a small area first to ensure that the lettering isn't remove from the keys - I've not had this problem personally but I guess it depends on how strong the chemicals are in the wipes you use.

      Another reason I like Logitech products and more specifically this one is that the keyboard is spill resistant and the keys are UV coated so they're fade resistant. When I say spill resistant, I don't mean throw a glass of water over it to see if it still works as I can't guarantee it's going to withstand that level of torture.
      I can't guarantee that the batteries are going to last 2 years in the keyboard as per Logitech's claims but I also didn't want to have to wait until I needed to change the batteries before I wrote a review on this keyboard and mouse combo.


      I imagine Logitech assumes people who buy wireless combos are fairly clued up in the use of these products as the included "Getting started" booklet was quite small and literally had instructions on how to install the batteries and advises the user to plug the USB receiver into a free port and restart the computer. Logitech very kindly provided this information in a variety of languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Turkish, Portuguese, etc. There was also a list of phone numbers to contact for support including a UK local London number.

      There is no user manual available online for this product, just the booklet provided in the box.


      2.4 GHz DJ Ready cordless protocol
      30 feet or 10 meters cordless range
      OS support: Windows WP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
      Connect.exe software support

      Keyboard: 442mm width, 149mm length, 22mm height, 527g weight
      Mouse: 66mm width, 107mm length, 40mm height, 69g weight
      USB receiver: 17mm width, 45mm length, 9.5mm height, 5g weight

      Micro USB connection
      Full speed USB 2.0

      Cordless USB connection
      Optical, visible and red light sensor
      1 x AA non-rechargeable battery
      Expected battery life - 5 months
      1000 max DPI non adjustable

      Cordless USB connection
      2 x AAA non-rechargeable battery
      Expected battery life - 24 months
      Special keys: Num Lock, CAPS Lock, Scroll Lock


      Troubleshooting information for this keyboard and mouse combo is available here: http://logitech-en-emea.custhelp.com/app/ answers/list/section/troubleshoot/crid/403/ lt_product_id/7313/tabs/1,3,2,4,5/cl/gb,en


      The RRP for the Logitech Wireless Combo MK260 seems to vary from site to site. I purchased mine from Amazon for £12.97 but it seems to have gone up to £35.26 for some reason now. Ebuyer are listing this for £22.98 at the time of writing.


      Logitech is a trustworthy brand. They've been around since 1981 and started by selling mice which was very new at that time. They sell products in almost all countries in the world and have expanded their portfolio from just mice to many other interface devices. They have offices in California (in Silicon Valley), Switzerland, Taiwan, China, Japan and of course the UK.

      Logitech's website is available here with details of their full product range: http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/home#


      I'm very happy to give this Logitech Wireless Combo MK260 top marks of 5 out of 5. I believe I got it for a very reasonable price and if you look around you can probably find the set for under £20 or wait and see if Amazon reduces the price again as it tends to do from time to time.


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        10.01.2013 20:00
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set from Logitech.

        For a post-Christmas treat for myself I decided to upgrade my computer keyboard and having been impressed with my previous wireless mouse and keyboard from Logitech it didn't take me too long to decide that £12.99 wasn't too much to pay when I saw this 2 piece combo set available at Amazon recently. I like the freedom a wireless keyboard gives, the lack of trailing wires from 2 pieces of hardware to the back of my desktop computer makes a great deal of difference I find and as my old wireless keyboard from Logitech wasn't too much of a battery eater I was confident that its replacement would be just as good. The added bonus with this set is the inclusion of a wireless mouse which runs off the same USB receiver as the keyboard and although basic in appearance I have to say that overall these have been a really good buy and certainly up to the standard I've come to expect from Logitech.

        The keyboard is regular sized, takes 2 AAA batteries to power (2 Duracel's are included in the box) and features a couple of feet at the back which allows the keyboard to stand at a slight angle from a desk. Unlike my previous model which featured a mousepad and was perhaps more suited to being hooked up to a gaming console or tablet the MK260 has all of the keys you might expect to find on any modern keyboard these days. There are a number of 'hotkeys' that line the top of the keyboard which include volume controls, a homepage one and a computer shut down key amongst others. The numerical keypad is at the right of the letters as you would expect and although the keyboard is predominately black and grey in colour I do think it looks quite stylish with the white contrasting details on the keys being easy to see. The keys have a nice bounce to them when pressed, it's not a silent keyboard but it's not excessively 'clicky' at all and I find that I can build up a nice, comfortable typing rythm quite easily and although this keyboard is bigger than my previous Logitech one it didn't take me long to get used to the spacing of the keys again and quickly got back up to speed.

        Being a wireless keyboard it is connected to your computer via a USB receiver which slots easily into a spare USB port on your PC, installation takes a few minutes as the software is embedded into the receiver itself so it's just a case of plugging in, letting your computer find the hardware and letting it install. From start to finish I would say it took me 10 minutes to unbox the keyboard and mouse, insert the batteries and plug the USB receiver in so no time at all really and completely effortless.

        The Mouse that comes part of the package is standard sized, features the usual left and right click buttons and a central click wheel which comes in handy when you're wanting to scroll down a page of text. It's Black and Grey in colour, not terribly exciting admittedly but does the job and being a laser mouse there's no trackball to worry about. It holds well in hand and anyone who has used a Mouse before shouldn't find it to be any different to what they've used before in all honesty and despite feeling a little on the plastc-y side I would say it's well made, has a good weight to it and certainly feels durable enough for every day use. It runs off the same USB receiver as the keyboard which is handy and the pair are both quick and responsive with virtually no lag between clicking or typing and the action appearing on screen. The mouse moves smoothly on my mousepad without sticking and needs a single AA battery to power (again, 1 Duracel battery was included in the box)

        In use I find both the keyboard and mouse to be excellent, the fact that they are wireless really impresses me as there is no lag as already mentioned and I can sit comfortably at my desk with my keyboard and mouse in the position I want. The receiver has a good range to it so you don't have to be too close for it to work and although I do have my keyboard and mouse on my desk I have tested them both away from my desk and was surprised to see that they still worked. The official range that Logitech quotes is around 5-7 meters which is good I think and should certainly be plenty for the majority of users and in my opinion belies the relatively cheap price that these retail for.

        Other than being quite basic in appearance I would say there's nothing to criticise with this package from Logitech, I don't need a fancy looking keyboard and mouse and am more than happy with the simple black and grey colouring of these. The range on both is excellent, they both run from the same USB port which is very handy and although they do need batteries I have yet to change mine, my other Logitech keyboard and mouse ran for weeks before needing replacement batteries and I have no reason to suspect that these 2 are going to be anything different. For the price I paid I think I got a bit of a bargain really though even at full price on amazon they can still be bought for £19.99 rather than their recommended £24.99 so there are savings still to be had.

        Five stars as a rating from me along with my recommendation, if you're looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse but don't have a massive budget to spend and don't really care about their basic appearance then these should definitely be a pair to consider. Thanks for reading my review.


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