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Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2012 11:19
      Very helpful
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      For a good keyboard you need to spend a high amount of money

      The packaging is fairly simple it just a thin cardboard box with the design of the keyboard on the front to show you what it actually looks like. It has bullet points down the side to show the key features of the keyboard, It's name and more importantly the best thing about this keyboard that it lights up in the dark. On the packaging the picture does make it seem a lot smaller than it actually is but I can say this is a good normal full sized keyboard. Inside the keyboard has a plastic bag over it, it comes with wires, manuals and leaflets and the Unifying receiver.

      This does come with a USB cable this is to charge your laptop up so first of you need to charge the keyboard up before you can use it wireless your pc or laptop should automatically pick this up and tell you it has been detected if this doesn't do that (which if you have all updates on your pc/laptop it should) then it does have an installation disk but you shouldn't need to use it to install the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800.

      Just plug the receiver into your computer tower and when you unplug the keyboard from the USB it will automatically pick the signal up. This keyboard is Compatible with PC's or laptops with windows XP and above it won't work with anything lower than XP so if you haven't already done a simple update to XP I suggest you get to it right away if you want a better keyboard like this.

      The keys on this are rounded rather than squared keys which does make it nicer to type and more easier somehow however the keys along the bottom aren't so rounded but are curved around the edges they are also raised a little I'm not sure of the purpose of this at all but it does help to type I must admit. The keys are set a little lower as well and the keys are very thin, this helps to creature a tiny sound when typing rather than hearing someone bash on the keys when they're typing really fast. The keys are slightly blurred if you look closely and if you feel across them it is completely smooth rather than slightly raised like other keyboards I have had. The type of writing for the letters on the keyboard has been changed to slightly rounded as well, I'm guessing they think this is easier to read but I don't look when I'm typing I look at my screen anyway so these features don't make to much difference to me.
      other details. The main feature of this is that there is an ambient light behind the keys. There are 4 levels of brightness you can adjust this to so it is suitable for you, this is a great idea as some people like myself do sit in the dark when on the computer but that's mainly because I can't be bothered to go turn the light on.

      This is not cheap in the slightest, I bought this from PC world a while ago now when they had a sale on and this was reduced to £35 from £70. which will shock a lot of people I'm sure. I used to buy asda's smart price ones because I drop them all the time somehow and I'ms tillr eally scared of breaking this one but I'm doing okay so far.

      * The keys are small and thinner which create a small sound when typing
      * You can move your hands more fluently across the keys when typing
      * You don't have to sit really close because of the wireless connection
      * The back light of the keys allows you to see in the dark

      * Because there's no wire I seem to still drop this one and I don't know how
      * The price is very high
      * only compatible with windows XP and above
      * wireless connection doesn't always work.


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        08.03.2011 18:10
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A very nice keyboard with all the buttons a computer swiss army should have!

        ~ Personal Opinion ~

        As I use my PC quite a lot and especially writing lots of different material mainly using MS Office I tend to go through quite a few keyboards. One thing that frustrates me these days with equipment is the amount of wires I have hanging around and sometimes makes me trip if one is sticking out looking for a foot.
        So I made the unequivocal decision to scrap my old Acer keyboard as all the keys had started to fade so I practically had to use my psychic powers to guess where to press or in my case my fingers took over they just seem to know where to go now to find the correct keys - amazing!

        So what where the main points that my new keyboard had to have I hear you ask? Well for a start I decided to get wireless to cut down on the amount of wires I have coming out of my PC. The next step was to make sure I get a keyboard that is user friendly, comfortable and reliable and a keyboard that wouldn't crumble on me even when times are bad and you decide to take a fist to it.

        The Logitech K800 is just that keyboard. It illuminates in the dark which is fabulous and stands out if you have dark rooms or space and all the back of the keyboard becomes lit. I like the layout of the keyboard and all the shortcut keys which run along the top of the product. It is quite a nice smooth rectangular shape and in my opinion it is quite comfortable using this little piece of hardware.

        I have not had any problems connecting this to my PC and had no interference and is easily charged through a USB cable, very simple indeed. The model we have is black which makes the backlight stand out better in the dark.

        ~ Installation ~

        Basically you unpack the keyboard from the box, plug the USB receiver into the USB port in your PC/Laptop or anything else you wish to connect your keyboard up to. Then make sure that the keyboard has been charged properly first, once this completed then ensure that the connect between the receiver and keyboard is made, then once connected your PC windows operating system should go "POP" and a bubble message should appear in the bottom right of your screen and then state that new hardware has been detected.

        If you have a decent operating system installed then it will recognise your new keyboard. If not you will then be required to put your software CD in and install the keyboard drivers to ensure that your hardware works to its optimum capacity. Once your computer recoginises your keyboard it should function without any hiccups.

        If you continue to have issues that it could be a compatibility issue and you can visit the Logitech website which may be able to solve you issue. You could also do what I do and search on the Google search engine with the error message being received and browse through the various tech forums which may have an answer for you regarding your driver conflict or compatibility issue.

        ~ Compatibility ~

        This kit is compatible with Windows 7 and comes with Microsoft assurances that this product has passed compatibility tests and is reliable with 32 and 64 bit windows operating systems. The minimum windows requirement is Windows XP and anything more recent than this windows operating system will work fine and that's a fact as I have Windows 7 and Windows XP and both work the keyboard fine.

        ~ Cost & Shop ~

        I bought my product from PC World for around £70 a few months ago which is quite expensive but if you want a decent wireless connection with your keyboard and a product that has a high standard of reliability then this is the keyboard you need. The packaging is a basic box and comes with a CD with all the relevant software (drivers) that is required just in case your windows operating system doesn't not recognise your keyboard.

        ~ Extra Technical Details ~

        The keyboard come with infrared USB technology and comes with Logitech curve keys for better quality of keyboard typing. The receiver which receives the wireless signals runs at 2.4GHz which is quite good in terms of processing speed. The weight of the keyboard is around 1000 grams which means it won't break your legs when you rest in on your lap.

        The keys on the keyboard are quite silent when pressing them unlike my old keyboard which made noises that sounded like I was hole punching my desktop table. A very fluid and affable piece of equipment.

        ~ Conclusion ~

        To sum this product up it does what it says on the box its wireless technology that when setup properly works like a dream. It is very easy to use it's very fluid and very reliable and nice on the old ear too. The price is a little expensive and if you looking for a cheap alternative there are those on the market but you may get issues with connectivity when using your wireless keyboard. I would recommend getting a fast receiver adapter to avoid the delay in keystrokes which can be very annoying especially if you are doing lots of typing.

        It is compatible with all the recent operating systems and has a very cool and ultra-thin profile which makes this a very nice piece of hardware and with the glow in the dark effect it really does stand out from the rest. An excellent product, well worth the money in my opinion.

        ~ Ratings ~

        User friendly: 4/5
        Cost: 2/5
        Reliability: 5/5
        Ease of installation: 4/5


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