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Logitech Wireless Solar K760 for Mac

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    1 Review
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      23.09.2012 01:07
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      There's simply nothing to complain about here. It does its job, and it does it well.

      I am a very new Mac user. I've owned eight computers throughout my life, seven of them having run Windows, and one with Linux Ubuntu. Until a few months ago, I really just ignored the idea of getting a Macintosh. Then I ran into a very good deal on a used one, and decided to try it out to see what all the fuss was about. I must say I am very impressed by it- that is, the computer itself, which is very fast and easy on the eyes. I'm not an Apple fanboy, and ultimately use too many things on Windows to ever switch over completely, but at the same time, I now understand the Mac people's argument. One argument that I won't hear these Apple fanboys making though, pertains to the mouse and keyboard. They are quite simply, generic. The mouse in particular is just poor design, though I fixed this problem easily by just shoving my wireless USB mouse that I use for my laptop in, and had it working in seconds. The keyboard however, took a little more looking into.

      One thing you'll notice very often upon switching from PC to Mac is that everything is just a little bit more expensive, even though it's usually the same product. I don't know if it truly is more difficult to make things compatible for Macintosh, or if it is simply assumed that Mac owners won't mind shelling out more money for simple things considering what they already paid for the computers itself. Either way, if something has "Mac compatible" slapped onto it, it just seems that it's going to be pricier. Now obviously you could probably just shove that spare wired USB keyboard gathering dust in your closet, but that would ruin the effect the Mac has- its flashy, shiny, and eye catching. You don't want a downgrade, you want something that's sleek and sexy, just like your Mac. Which is where the Logitech K760 came in.

      I was debating between purchasing either the Logitech K760 or the HP Touchpad Wireless Keyboard (which also searches for a Bluetooth signal and would therefore obviously be Mac compatible.) Keep in mind the Logitech runs for £69.99 and the HP counterpart runs for £23.89 as of me typing this. However, ultimately a few things made me side with the Logitech. First, there was the brand factor. Logitech has ALWAYS made very reliable products. They look good, they're simple, and they run forever. Pick the most reliable car company out there; Logitech is like that for the world of computer accessories. Another reason I sided with the Logitech was simple cosmetics. The HP Touchpad Wireless Keyboard was black. My Mac is white. I wanted the colors to all match. Truth be told- this was actually the deciding factor more than anything, and I'm aware that that sounds bad. Lastly was the solar feature. I had never owned a solar powered keyboard before and was unsure of how reliable they were, but if I was going to get myself to stop buying batteries, then I figured Logitech should be the one to hold my hand during that transition.

      The first thing that everyone is going to notice upon getting this keyboard is that it is definitely bigger than the stock keyboard... not that that is saying much as I had never seen something smaller than the stock keyboard to begin with. Regardless, if size is a big issue, than this keyboard should be avoided. The big solar bar running across the top of the keyboard above the special function buttons does make the whole thing noticeably larger. To make up for the larger size of the keyboard, Logitech has gone from aluminum to plastic. The best way to describe this change is, it's lighter, it's still not as sturdy as aluminum, but at the same time it still feels better and sturdier than every other keyboard I've ever come across short of the stock Mac one. The buttons feel similarly satisfying in design in comparison to the Mac's default keys as well.

      Setting the keyboard up is very simple. It's done through Bluetooth, which means no using up a USB port (which is actually kind of important nowadays considering just how many devices require one of those precious slots.) Anyway, the setup is a breeze. I'd never used Bluetooth on a device I purchased before, for anything. Even so, I was still able to figure out with my tech savvy genius self (you should feel the waves of sarcasm rolling off me) in a matter of seconds. My Mac picked up the signal and I was typing with the keyboard a few seconds later. Truly was a breeze, and in today's world with thousands of different bugs, error codes, or incompatibility issues, that's a nice small thing to appreciate.

      I've read that this keyboard allows you to switch between typing on your Mac to typing on your iPhone or iPad with the press of a button. However, I can not speak for if this works or how well it does. Literally, this Mac was my first purchase of an Apple product ever, I don't even own an iPod. Regardless, I question the usefulness of a feature like this. The keyboard is small, but not small enough that one would want to carry it with them everyone they went. And if I'm at home and need to type out something, such as this review, my first instinct is not "let's type it on my phone using my wireless keyboard", it's simply to go use the computer itself.

      If you were having second thoughts about the usefulness of the solar factor considering I'm sure most of us put in quite a few hours into typing on our computer during the evening hours, fear no more. First of all, the keyboard will charge whether it's in real sunlight, the light on your ceiling fan, or the lamp you have sitting next to it on your computer desk. You don't need to worry about picking it up and moving it onto your windowsill next to your plant. That will simply not be necessary. If you happen to be a vampire that can only stand synthetic light, this will work just fine. It claims to work for three months in complete darkness, though if your entire house is going to be in darkness for three months, then I think you've probably got some bigger fish to fry then the solar panels on your wireless keyboard...

      All in all this keyboard is worth your money if you are looking for an upgrade over the stock Mac keyboard that ships out with every one of their products. Obviously if you don't like the style and feel of the Mac keyboard this is not for you, as it attempts to mimic the standard keyboard as much as possible, and it succeeds quite well. Furthermore, if doing some hardcore accountant-like number crunching is a hobby you partake in during your spare time in the evenings, then you'll want to look into another keyboard that has the keypad to the side, or invest in a USB powered keypad altogether. If you're like most people though and just want to browse the web on your Macintosh and save some money on batteries, than this product will more than satisfy your needs.


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