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Microsoft Surface Touch Cover

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    2 Reviews
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      16.12.2013 22:19
      Very helpful



      Buy but keep your old keyboard!

      The Microsoft Touch Cover is a case/keyboard accessory for the Microsoft Surface. It is priced at around £65 which I will start with by saying is very expensive for both a case or a keyboard but you can pick it up as a bundle with your Microsoft Surface which is often the best solution as you will want this for both a screen cover as well as for a quick flip-down keyboard.

      As a case, it is superb for a screen cover as it hugs the screen nicely and has so far protected my screen from any scratches. It is entirely flexible and allows you to flip it behind your tablet for when you are not requiring it and are short for space.

      However, as a keyboard, I must applaud it as well as criticise it. It's design is almost flawless and suits the Surface perfectly. It suits the ideal of the Surface as an actually useful tablet rather than as a little gimmick like most other tablets. It does take a little getting used too but once you get used to not pressing keys but instead tapping where they are placed then you will be okay. However, if you are a fast typer like myself then you will most likely dislike this as tactile feedback is often quite important for touch typing whereas if you look at the keyboard when you are typing then this keyboard will be perfect for you. Thus, I cannot type on this keyboard as fast as I can on a normal keyboard. I'm tempted to do a little wpm test right now to test this theory out....

      Okay so I decided to do it and here are the results:

      Before I give you them, remember that I have not typed on a classic keyboard for a couple of months now due to not having one with me but now I do and I have been using the Touch Cover for around two months now.

      Normal Keyboard WPM: 83 with 97% accuracy
      Touch Cover WPM: 66 with 56& accuracy

      These results have actually really shocked me and it may result in me going back to using a keyboard connected via USB. Adjusted for accuracy, then my WPM would be 82 for the normal keyboard which is definitely still in the faster range especially considering I haven't used one for a while and for the touch cover it would be 37, which is only slightly above the average....and the average person can't type.

      The mousepad on the keyboard isn't the best but it is useable and I find myself using it every now and then. You can always plug a mouse in the USB slot provided if you use your mouse a lot.

      In terms of reliability and toughness, it has not yet succumbed to much damage although one of the corners seems to have opened out a little which could be a future worry if it splits completely and its magnet clip on design is fantastic and is working as well as ever. Overall, if you have a Surface then you really do need either this Touch cover or the Type Cover which I feel may be a better keyboard but it is slightly more expensive. With the WPM results, I will definitely say still get this cover as it is required for when you can't carry a keyboard with you separate and it is a good screen cover but also consider keeping your old keyboard for use at home.


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      27.11.2013 00:25
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great accessory


      I purchased my Microsoft Surface Keyboard from Currys for the price of £279. At the time of purchase I was offered a touchpad keyboard to go with it for £69. I didn't buy this keyboard but over the next few days I realised that I would like a keyboard to go with the tablet.

      I looked on-line to see if I could find a bargain but prices seemed to be the same or even more than in Currys.

      After owning the Surface for a week I returned to the high street and purchased a touch pad keyboard.


      The Microsoft 'surface' works as an ordinary tablet with a touch screen but it can also be used with a keyboard. I could have purchased a standard keyboard but once I had seen the touch keypad I knew this was what I wanted.

      The touch keypad clicks by way of magnets onto the base of the tablet and also acts as a protective cover when folded over the tablet. When it is folded over the tablet then the keys are disabled.

      The touch pad is available in three colours. These are blue (cyan) white and black. The blue is fairly bright and I thought that this made a change to my usual choice of black accessories.

      This cover/touch pad is spill proof whichhas got to be a good feature.

      In my opinion The Microsoft Surface Touch pad is lovely to use. It is a Qwerty keyboard in layout and has short cut keys for the tablet. It also has a track pad.

      I wanted something to make typing easier on my fingers and wrists and with these keys you don't have to press hard at all.

      With a keyboard attached, either with normal keys or touch pressure keys, the tablet really is like a mini laptop.

      I have now discovered that personally I would rather use my laptop or desktop PC when undertaking a lot of typing but I do think for anyone moving around a lot, from room to room indoors or for those who travel to work, or particularly for those whose work involves travel, then the surface really is ideal.

      It is an excellent device for taking on holiday, especially when you want, or need, to travel light. The tablet really is so handy when it is used with the keyboard or touch pad as then it is really having a mini laptop to hand.


      7.4 x 11.0 in (187.96 x 279.4 mm)

      The touch pad is 3 mm thin

      Weight 0.46 lbs. (0.2 kg)


      John Lewis £64.95

      Microsoft shop £64.99

      Currys £ 64.99

      PC World £64.99


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