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Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3.0 Comfort Edition

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2011 14:19
      Very helpful


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      Comfort, Quality, Customisable features all rolled up into an affordable desktop set.

      I got this keyboard and mouse a while back. I have a very high overall oppinion of it.

      Firstly, Comfort:
      The soft, smooth write pad on the keyboard is perfect. It really helps to stop you wrists aching, which is especially important to me as a have mild arthritis in my wrists. The keys are not too small and a really nice pro is that the space bar is nice and big. I't may take you a little while to adapt to the keys if you have been using a fairly flat keyboard, as they are quite raised.
      With the mouse, at first I found it was quite heavy compared the to cheap light mouse I had previously, but after using it for all this time I find using lighter mouses not as good.

      What can I say, top marks for quality. Like I've said, I've had this set for quite a long time now and neither have broke or started playing up. The mouse and keyboard are both very responsive and you can take them quite a few metres away from the reciever and they will still work. They don't waste up batteries fast. using Duracel Plus batteries, In the mouse they last for months with frequent everyday use. In the Keyboard, with the same usage, I can't even remember the last time I changed them. They just keep on working so such a long time before needing a bettery change.

      The set comes with a programme so if you want you can atler loads of settings to do with your mouse. The sensivity, what the buttons all do ect.. The keyboard also has lots of useful features like a zoom slider. It has media buttons at the top for it you are watching films, just take the keyboard with you and you can play, stop, pause rewind and fastforward anytime you want withough having to get up to go to the pc. Down the side it has some nice quick key buttons such as Homepage button, calender and my documents button.

      All in all a really nice desktop set. Good Quality. Long Lasting bit of kit at a very reasonable price.


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