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    1 Review
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      17.07.2011 13:46
      Very helpful


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      A must have keyboard and mouse

      I've had the Trust 280KS keyboard and mouse for years. To get started all you have to do is put batteries in the mouse and plug the keyboard in. The mouse wire is with the keyboard wire so you don't have to set up anything for the mouse. You can simply plug it in and start using them. The keyboard is dark grey with a light grey/silver at the top. The mouse matches the keyboard with dark grey (almost black) on top with silver sides. If you like things to match this is a great set to get as it will go with anything grey, black or silver.

      This keyboard is, without a doubt, one of the best I've ever owned or used. It's quite a chunky keyboard, but it is comfortable to type on and I wouldn't say it takes up any more room than any other keyboard. It is, however, deeper than most keyboards especially at the back. You can also raise it up more at the back using the feet. I think it is this depth which makes the keyboard more comfortable to use as you have your hands in a better position.

      While I like the mouse it has always been the keyboard that I have preferred. Half the time, thanks to the keyboard, you don't even need the mouse. Why? Because it has shortcut buttons at the top. Even without these buttons on it this is a great keyboard, but the extra features are what make this the best keyboard I've ever owned.

      There are 19 buttons in total. They are small so they don't take up much extra room. Each button has a symbol on it and it tells you below what the button is too. The writing is quite small, but it is bold and easy to read.

      The buttons, in order, are:
      *Back (for the Internet)
      *Forward (for the Internet)
      *Stop (for the Internet)
      *Refresh (to refresh the page)
      *Search (brings up the search option to search your computer)
      *Favourites (shows you your favourites when on the Internet)
      *Web/Home (opens up your default web browser. If you use more than one it will only ever open the default one, not both)
      *Mail (opens up Outlook)
      *Music Player options - next, previous, stop and play/pause (these four buttons are in a circle in the centre of the keyboard. These buttons are for Windows Media Player)
      *Volume (you can turn the volume up and down, which is really useful when you have music playing)
      *Mute (mutes the volume)
      *Media (this opens up Windows Media Player. If you have another player as your default player it may open that up instead, but I've never tried it)
      *My Computer (opens up My Computer so you can see your documents)
      *Calculator (opens up the calculator)
      *Sleep (sends the computer into sleep mode)

      I've never had to set up any of these buttons. As soon as I plugged in the keyboard they worked so you don't have to mess around setting anything up, which is always helpful especially if you don't know much about computers.

      The mouse is an optical wireless mouse which is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It is possible to use the keyboard without the mouse which is what I ended up doing. As I said at the start, the mouse wire is with the keyboard wire so you can just unplug the mouse wire and leave the keyboard in to just use the keyboard.

      The mouse is good and doesn't require you to install or set anything up. You simply put in the batteries, plug both wires in and the mouse automatically connects and starts working. It's comfy to use, responds well and you can use it left or right hand handed with no problems. Being wireless means you don't have to worry about the wire getting in the way. The reason I stopped using it though is because of it being wireless and needing batteries. I'd much rather use a mouse with a wire than keep replacing the batteries. I use the computer quite a bit which means having to change the batteries more, but if you don't use it as much then you may prefer to use this mouse.

      When I got a new computer it came with a keyboard and I ended up using that for a while with a different mouse. The keyboard and mouse have both been thrown around quite a bit because of that, but besides collecting a bit of dust they both look and work perfectly fine.

      I haven't used the mouse as much as the keyboard, but it still looks like new. It has the trust logo on it which is still completely readable and I've had no problems with the battery slot or the buttons.

      The keyboard looks a little faded due to how much I've used it. The number pad looks quite a bit brighter as I obviously haven't used that as much as the main keyboard and if it weren't for that I'd probably just assume the keyboard is a fairly light grey rather than darker grey. It is the keys themselves that look faded though rather than the letters on them - you can still read every letter and not one of them is starting to wear off.

      If you're looking for a new keyboard and mouse I'd certainly recommend this. Out of the many keyboards I've used none compare to this and I'd happily buy this one again if I needed a new keyboard.


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