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Trust Slimline Keyboard

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2008 22:51
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      Trust Slimline Keyboard

      The keyboard is called a 'Slimline' keyboard because it is extra slim and is only 2.2cm thick. It is very compact compared to regular keyboards because the Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Insert and Cursor arrow keys have all been moved to where the main keys are. The Delete key is even at the bottom next to the right 'Ctrl' key like some laptop keyboards. Although this makes the keyboard compact, I don't particularly like this because it takes a lot of getting used to after using regular keyboards. As a touch typist, it makes it difficult to find keys since I would normally 'feel' the keys to locate some of them. The compact layout makes it impossible for me to do that.

      Some keys are also smaller than the norm. The space bar and backspace keys are both half the size of those found on a normal keyboard. A number of other keys are also slightly smaller than usual. The Function keys are shorter and there's no gap between them and the row of numbers at the top. The smaller keys and fewer gaps often make me hit the wrong key.

      It even has an 'Fn' key like on a laptop keyboard where you press it to use function keys. There aren't any keys with such functions labelled so I'm not even sure what it's for! At the very top, there are some special keys. Functions include Email, Search, 'Favorites' (Yes, I'm using the American spelling), Home Page (load default Internet browser), Play/Pause, Mute, Increase volume, Decrease volume, and Sleep. I think these buttons look horrible since they're the thin line style buttons but at least they work. I do like the presence of them but I would have liked a few more multimedia buttons. The only one is Play/Pause so I think it would have made sense to include a 'Previous' and a 'Next' button. I think the other buttons, especially the volume and mute buttons are good additions.

      In terms of comfort, it is not the most comfortable of keyboards and doesn't even come with a wrist rest. It has the tilts underneath to adjust the angle like most keyboards, which can help a little with comfort. I would not want and never wanted to spend too long using this keyboard, which says a lot.

      The keys do not stick up (height) as much as regular keyboard keys and this keyboard reminds me of laptop keyboards. I would say the height was somewhere in the middle between a laptop keys (very flat) and regular keyboard keys. As the keys are so short, they seem easier to press and the tapping sounds are not as loud and sharp, which may be a good thing for those who do not like the sound.

      The main problem I have had with this keyboard is with the space bar. On many, many occasions, the spacebar had gotten 'stuck' at and I ended up with lots of spaces added to my document. This is a very silly problem that could have been avoided if Trust had made the keyboard better quality. The build quality of this keyboard seems rather average.

      Unlike any other keyboard I've seen, the CAPS lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock indicator lights are blue LED's rather than the boring old green on regular keyboards. I like this as I prefer the blue although it is a bit brighter than necessary to the point that it is blinding if you look directly at them! A bit too bright for a keyboard that's supposed to be low profile since it becomes very noticeable.

      It comes with a USB to PS/2 adapter so you do not have to use USB if you're short on ports. It also gives you a driver CD so Windows 98 users can use the keyboard using the USB connection.

      Lastly, I bought mine for about £16 online but you can find it for a bit less now. Also, mine is black but I think you can get a grey/silver version.

      To conclude, I don't recommend this keyboard. Getting one is like sacrificing usability to save some desk space. It would be okay for non-touch typists, those who like laptop keyboard layouts, and those who look at the keyboard a lot when typing. However, since some of the keys are so close together, you are more prone to hitting the wrong keys. That and the issue with comfort is something to consider. I would only recommend this keyboard if you really needed to save space or if your storage space for the keyboard only allows for smaller keyboards but otherwise, I'd recommend a full size keyboard for regular use like the Logitech Media Keyboard.

      Thanks for reading!


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