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Trust Thinity Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2012 18:30
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good looking piece of kit

      We use the X box as a media centre as well as a gaming device and use it for surfing the internet, downloading content, viewing photographs along with listening to music and watching movies. In order to do this, I have to kick my boyfriend off Call of Duty however! The X box is well used in our home and in order to get the best out of the machine we bought a wireless keyboard that was specific to the X Box. The keyboard is not branded by Microsoft, it is made by a company I am unfamiliar with called Trust. The keyboard came well recommended however and due to the size it seemed perfect for use in the front room.

      ==Price and availability==

      The Trust Thinity Keyboard costs £60 to buy and is available from most electrical stores. We bought ours from online and bought one from Play.com.


      The best feature and possibly the most irritating feature at the same time is its size! I love that the keyboard is so small; 12 cm wide 30 cm long and less that 1 cm in depth in places! It is ultra sleek and looks excellent; well made and expensive! However due to the size, the qwerty keyboard is all crammed together and it is hard to type. The buttons are flat to the keyboard and so close to each other that typing is a very trying task and patience is needed. As with most things though, you soon get used to the layout and manage just fine.
      The keyboard is extremely light and comes in the colour black which is fantastic; again this makes the keyboard look snazzy and sleek. The keyboard features a small track pad which is to be used instead of a mouse. This is the main reason why the keyboard sells itself as an entertainment pad because it means that you can lie on the sofa, keypad on the knee operate your media centre or do what every you need to do in comfort! The track pad is small and as a left-handed person, I do not enjoy the track pad being positioned so far over at the right; a more central position would have been preferred. It is also quite small and gets a bit frustrating to use after a while. For basic point and select functions with a curser though, it manages just nicely.

      The keyboard comes with a rechargeable battery but this is inaccessible and can only be charged by standing the whole keyboard in the charging dock. This is not a problem, however to have the keyboard sit up in the charging stand takes up quite a lot of room and needs to be placed on a flat surface. It seems that the creators are so proud of their design that they think that we would like our keyboard on prime display in our homes, stood up for all to see. I found it hard finding an adequate place to charge the keyboard. We have enough technology in our front room; iPod in cradle, x box, surround sound etc that finding a place for a keyboard on its own throne was a tough task. It lives in the kitchen now when on charge! It would have been much easier for just a plug in wire to charge, but hey ho.

      ==My experiences==

      The keyboard is designed for the X box and the play station three, however can be used with a PC or netbook that uses Windows 7, Vista or XP. The keyboard looks like it had the playstation 3 more in mind when creating the board as it comes with some stickers that match the icons that are on the Play station controller. Boo! This made me want a Playstation instead of the X box. Despite this, the keyboard works well in harmony with the X box and is quick to sync and set up. The Keyboard comes with a USB stick that goes in the USB port of the X Box. The X box immediately recognises the keyboard and voila; you are set to go!
      The keyboard lasts for 200 hours on a full charge and does not take too long to reach this state, although we always try to replace the keyboard in the cradle when not in use. There is a small indication light that lets you know that it is charging (red) and changes colour (green) when ready to go.
      Using the keyboard takes a while to get used to as the keys are close together but you quickly get use to it. It is really responsive and the keys do not make too much noise when being pressed; another great advantage.


      We were really impressed with this keyboard, it is really small and very attractive looking. It does exactly what we ask of it; the charging cradle is the biggest downfall but would imagine that others will see it as a hit! Highly recommended!


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