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Annabel Karmel Feeding Spoons

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Brand: Annabel Karmel / Type: Eating & Drinking

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2012 11:39
      Very helpful



      Annabel Karmel feeding spoons

      When it comes to weaning your baby one of the vital pieces of equipment you will need is a feeding spoon. Now, believe me when I tell you that not any old regular spoon will work, you do really need a specifically designed baby food and I think there are a number of reasons for this.

      I have been introducing food to my little boy for about 4 months now and he is doing really well. He's at the stage where he will grab a spoon to chew it but he is not quite ready to feed himself yet so I am still doing all the spoon feeding for him although he is able to pick chances of food up from his tray and eat them himself so that is good. We bought some Annabel Karmel spoons when I started feeding him as I had used some with my little girl and loved them and I thought I should get some new ones for him too.

      These spoons really are great. They are made of rubber so they are bendable which is a great advantage. You can have them in your baby's mouth and then when they bite down and close their mouth you can kind of bend the spoon out and keep the food you have just fed them in their mouth. Its very handy to be able to manipulate the spoon. Also I find the rubber is nice when you have a baby who is teething. My little boy is going through this at the moment and I like to give him the spoon and he can chew away at it. It keeps him entertained and keeps meal times fun. The rubber makes it really quite easy to scoop pureed food out of the bowl/container that you have it in and its easier to use than it would be with a regular metal spoon. 

      The spoons are quite small and I think it means you can put just the perfect spoonful amount on the spoon so your baby is not getting too big of a mouthful which may put them off. I find the little mouthpiece is perfect for introducing food slowly and well. The spoon also has a long handle which is another good advantage when it comes to feeding a baby in my opinion. You can hold the spoon quite a ways away from your baby with a long spoon and keep yourself quite a ways away so you do not get covered with food as well. The long handle makes it easier to direct the spoon into a baby's mouth without them knocking the spoon out of your hand and splattering food everywhere.

      I would definitely recommend these Annabel Karmel spoons for feeding your own baby. 


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