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Asda Little Angels Feeding Bowls

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Baby Bowls & Cutlery

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    2 Reviews
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      27.07.2012 23:28



      Good bowl

      I was bought a pack of these while weaning my baby, and as they were little angels feeding bowls (Asda's own brand) then I was confident they would be good as the other items I had used in this range were.

      The bowls themselves are made of coloured plastic and come with a lid. I was impressed with how well the lid clipped onto the bowl and when I have put the bowl in my bag with food we have never yet had an accident where it has come out.

      The bowls though I have found are slightly smaller then most of the other baby bowls I have and are slightly shallower. This is a problem especially now he is that bit older and is beginning to have more food such as grapes etc as it doesn't hold as many as he would like!

      The bowls clean nice and easy though which I was impressed by and they don't stain either which is great especially as my son is a fan of curry!

      What I also liked about these bowls is how they have a rubber bottom which makes them non-slip. This is great when your baby begins to try to feed themselves as the bowl doesn't go skidding across the table!

      Overall I would recommend these bowls as they are just as good as all the other Little Angels products


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      23.03.2010 23:51
      Very helpful



      Perfect for baby & toddler food

      I purchased a pack of these after I started weaning my eldest daughter. At the time she was still at an age where I needed to take food about with us if we were to go out for the day, and these were the perfect solution.

      They are from Asda's Little Angels range and are basically a plastic bowl with a detachable lid. They are a bit smaller than a standard feeding bowl, and the actual dish is quite shallow. The lid is quite airtight and snaps into position really well and stays in position when in transit. The base of the bowl is rubberised which makes it non-slip on smooth surfaces.

      I have found these bowls to be the most valuable items in both my daughter's collection of feeding accessories. I found that when I weaned both my children there came a stage where they were not on pureed baby food anymore but I couldn't assume that wherever we went there would be something suitable for them to eat; so I would always take snacks, or even full meals out with me. And these bowls were the perfect travel companions.

      They are small enough to fit neatly into a changing bag, but large enough to hold a decent portion of food. I used to use them to carry all sorts, including chopped up fruit (very handy because you can chop the fruit before you go out, just pop it in this bowl, and it is ready to eat whenever you need it), bread sticks, biscuits, sandwiches (these bowls are ideal for small sandwiches because they prevent the sandwich from being squashed in your bag, and also prevents the need for cling film because the lid keeps them fresh).

      They are ideal for any small snack, and what is also great about them is that if your child doesn't eat all of the food and there isn't a bin close by, you can just close the lid and the waste food is still contained within the bowl.

      I have attempted to transport things such as baked beans or spaghetti hoops within these bowls, but that doesn't work so well. The tomato juice always manages to work its way under the lid and into your change bag and creates a bit of a mess.

      These bowls are not only useful for transporting snacks; they are also great feeding bowls (the non-slip bottom helps when your child is learning to spoon feed themselves). They are also great for storing food in the fridge such as half a tin of beans or any unused food that needs refrigerating. They are very versatile little bowls!

      I have had mine for 2+ years and they are still going strong. I use them in the microwave quite regularly, and for storing things in the fridge. They can also be used in the freezer. The kids sometimes eat their breakfast out of them, or use them for snacks at home. They are still in great condition (apart from a bit of microwave damage) and I highly recommend them to anyone with babies and toddlers.

      Get them from Asda for £2.24 each.


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