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Avent Newborn Starter Set

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8 Reviews

Brand: Avent / Nursing Aids: Bottles & Accessories

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    8 Reviews
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      07.03.2015 22:39
      Very helpful



      Great bottles but the extras aren't that great x

      Price and Availability
      These sets are available in the baby section of most supermarkets, as well as being available in Boots Superdrug Argos, Mothercare and online. The price varies massively as expected with any baby product. The cheapest I found at the moment was at Argos for £13.99 and the most expensive was Boots at £28. I bought mine in ASDA for £14 which was half price as part of their baby event.

      The Bottles - RRP £20 5/5

      The little ones are a nice size for a newborn as the big ones are nearly the same size as a small baby, obviously they don't get used for very long and a lot of people say they are a waste of money but I think they are worth having for those first few weeks.
      The big ones will last for as long as baby takes a bottle, we still have the original two now and Vinnie is 8 months old (not the same teats) we have just added an additional 3 so we don't have to be so good with the washing up.

      The bottles claim to be anti-colic as they have a special ring that you put on top of the bottle before you put the teat on, the ring allows air to escape more easily out of the bottle and reduced the amount of air swallowed by the baby, you can hear air bubbling out as he drinks so I assume it does work but luckily Vinnie never suffered with colic so I don't know how well they work.

      Bottle Brush - RRP £4 1/5
      The bottle brush is rubbish, the end is not small enough to clean the teats without seriously stretching them and the plastic on the end pokes out way to far that you can't scrub the very bottom of the bottles, it is a really poor design for something that's only job is to clean bottles.

      Soother RRP £4 2/5
      This is a silicone teat orthodontic soother which in my opinion babies don't like especially new-borns . It is a strange slanted shape which Vinnie really struggled to keep in his mouth so he just wouldn't take it. I ended up getting him a latex cherry one which he loves.

      Teats RRP (included with bottles or £9 separately)
      The teats that come with the bottles are slow flow number 1 teats, my midwife told me to switch straight to number 2 as the number 1 are way to slow and it causes to much stress for the baby as they struggle to get anything through it, so they didn't get much use.
      I am going to have to give this set 3* as the bottles are great but the additional bits that are meant to make the set such good value just aren't worth it. I would definitely pick this up when it is on half price offer but I wouldn't pay full price for it.

      I had to cut out loads


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      18.05.2013 17:51
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      see review x

      The product

      After trying and failing to have a child for years, I finally went through I.V.F, to which I had fell pregnant. I had always said that I wanted to breast feed, as it has shown to be better than bottle feeding. To my amazement I found out I was having twins, so for me I felt that breast feeding was out of the window. So I had to get a bottle set for when my babies arrived. So I went on the search and I found this starter pack which cost me £14.99 but as with having twins I decided to buy two, as I wanted to have extra bottles made up constantly. I also had just some cheap bottles to hand too so that I could make bottles up but then pour them into these.

      The set comprises of 2 bottles which hold 4oz of milk, which have new born teats on, which is more so that the child has more control over how much milk intake they have at once, the milk did seem to come out pretty slowly out of these bottles but I found it better with them just been born that they had more control over what they drank at any one time and did not take in too much milk at one time.

      Then there is 2 bottles that hold 9oz of milk which is ideal for when they are a couple of months old and they seem to drink more milk. These come with slow flow teats which allows the child to get milk out more quicker than the new born teats, but if I am honest I did not really see too much difference between the two sets of bottles and teats apart from the difference in size. They could drink more in one feed that was better than having to make up extra bottles.

      A bottle and teat brush is also included in this set, which I used to clean the bottles with to get off any milk before putting them into the sterilizer. The brush has quite hard bristles on, with a bit of a curve to the brush which was really good for getting into the hard to reach places in the bottles, I used to just rinse the bottles in hot water give them a scrub with the brush and pop them in the sterilizer. The brush was easy to hold and use and did a good job with cleaning the bottles and the teats.

      You also got a soother which most of you will know also as a dummy. With past experience of people I know that have children I have seen it hard to get a child of having dummies, so I decided I did not want my children having one, so this never got used.

      The bottles are really easy to read for the measurements and are shown in blue writing up the bottle, it is so easy to see how much milk you have put into the bottle and how much milk intake they have had in that one feed.

      My opinion

      I found this starter pack really handy as it has bottles for new born and when they are a little bit older. I know I had to buy two plus a few extra cheap bottles but I liked to make sure I would never run out of made up milk for them. But that's what you have to do when you have twins. I never found any problems with this set and even gave it away to a friend when she fell pregnant after I had no more use for them.

      I would recommend these to use I found the markings on the cheaper bottles that I used the markings soon faded, so I was glad I had this set to actually feed them with as I could always see clearly just how much they were drinking. Also they are quite touch bottles amount of times I dropped one and they never smashed or cracked so I was well impressed with that too, which is why I passed mine on to a friend they were just too good to throw away.


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        05.02.2013 18:06
        Very helpful



        Ideal starter set

        Although I tried to breastfeed, it just didn't seem to work so I turned to bottle feeding. One of the items I purchased was the Avent Newborn Starter Kit.

        *****Price & Availability*******

        The set retails for around £20 depending on where you look, it is widely available in baby specialist such as Mothercare, Boots and Toys R Us, supermarkets and online at Amazon. Although the RRP may seem a little steep, I have seen this item reduced to half price in both Asda's and Tesco's baby event and when it is, Amazon also seem to follow suit and reduce the price too.


        The name of the product give you an indication of what is included, the product is designed to be an ideal pack to get you started with bottle feeding. The contents are listed as follows:
        - 2 x 125 ml bottles with Newborn Flow Teats
        - 2 x 260 ml bottles with Slow Flow Teats
        - 1 x Brush
        - 1 x Soother (0-3 Months)
        Below are my findings on each of the contents:

        **Bottle Brush - RRP £4**

        This measures around 12cm in length and it has a slightly curved head (which has bristles on) which means you can clean into those hard to reach places like the bottom corners of the bottle and the end of the teats. The handle is blue, quite thick and the plastic is very rigid. Because the handle is quite long, I had no problems in reaching into the bottom of my daughters bottles to give them a good clean. The bristles are white, there is no exposed metal so the brush doesn't scratch the bottles, and the bristles are quite stiff to ensure all milk residue is removed yet not at all sharp (so I wasn't concerned they would scratch the bottles etc whilst cleaning).

        **Soothers - RRP £5 (two pack)**

        I like Avent dummies as they as they come in a variety of colours, ranging from translucent, translucent with a coloured centre piece to multicoloured/patterned. In this set, I received one clear dummy suitable from 0-3 months. The dummies are quite small and don't cover up too much of your little ones face.
        The soothers are orthodontic and collapsible meaning they cause less impact on you little ones teeth than standard dummies.
        Although I initially decided I wasn't going to let Lauren have a dummy, after three days of constant screaming, I changed my mind. Another reason we started to use them was that having already lost a baby, my midwife had commented to me during pregnancy that there were studies which showed that using a dummy, particularly at night time helped reduce the risk of cot death as the sucking motion kept the brain 'busy' so that 'won' it for me. The fact that I wasn't breastfeeding also meant I wouldn't experience any latching on problems due to the different sucking techniques needed.
        For the first few months, Lauren suffered with colic, I found it was easy to give her gripe water as I would just dip the end of her dummy into the bottle and this seemed to ease the pain for her.
        For me, the fact that there was only 1 dummy included is one of the only downsides of the set; I found it advisable to have a stock of about 5 of these, there was nothing worse than trying to feel around a huge cot for a dummy in the dark! You can but additional dummies for around £5 for a pack of 2


        All 4 bottles are the same in look and design; they simply come in a different size/different flow teat. The bottles are clear, with the measurements up the side in blue writing. The writing is easy to read, even in the early hours of the morning when I was half asleep. What is also easy to read is how much baby has drunk, quite often in the middle of the night; Lauren wouldn't finish her bottle, even with a dim nightlight, the blue measurements stood out nicely against the white milk.
        The bottles are quite wide and chunky, Avent describe them as ergonomically designed, and I would say I didn't experience any problems holding the bottles. What I did like was because the bottles are quite wide; it was really easy to clean the bottles.

        **2 x 125ml Bottles - RRP £9 per pack**

        The look quite which look quite small but I found was sufficient for the first few months after birth. They come with newborn teats on which are suitable from birth. (Newborn means that they only have one hole in the end so the flow of milk is controlled by your little one)

        **2 x 260ml bottles - £11 per pack**

        When I first moved onto these bottles, they looked huge in comparison and it took a while before I was filling the milk to the top! They come with Slow Flow Teats which have 2 holes in the end, and are suitable from 1 month old. Having two holes means that baby can get more milk out quicker. I had (or even have) a very impatient child and found that as she was ready to move onto the larger bottles, she also wanted her milk quicker so I didn't really get much use out of these teat so I have to purchase an additional set of medium flow teats (three holes).


        The teats are described as anti-colic; Avent boasts that unlike other brands as baby drinks a vacuum forms inside the bottle, theirs doesn't as the air escapes through the skirt of the teat. Lauren suffered from colic for what seemed like ages, I think if you baby is going to suffer from colic, no amount of gimmicks will help, whether the bottles helped in any way, I don't really know.
        Although there are two different sizes teats, one of the benefits of the bottles is that you can mix and match so should you find you need the faster flowing teat on the smaller bottle, you can just change them over.


        As with most Avent products, the brush is BPA free and they can also be placed in the steriliser to ensure no germs are breading. Avent are a longstanding company and well recognised, appearing to be a brand you can trust. I used this range throughout my bottle feeding days and even when a started weaning, I found all the products to be hardwearing, excellent quality of widely available.
        The product offers excellent value for money, if you compare the cost to purchase the items individually, the costs is in the region of £26 so if you can get this whilst it is on offer, it is an absolute bargain.
        Overall, I would recommend and give 5 out of 5 stars.

        Thanks for reading and I hope this helps x


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        02.08.2012 10:24
        Very helpful



        A good starter set if you buy for yourself or for an expectant friend

        WHAT IS IT?

        A starter set of Avent products, you can buy the set for yourself or it is nicely packaged to be suitable as a gift for a baby shower.  

        IN THE SET

        In the box you will receive two small 4oz bottles, two 9oz bottles, two spare stage 1 teats, an Avent newborn dummy and a bottle brush.  The brush I received was not the one pictured on the box and is an inferior brush to the Avent bottle brush you can buy separately.  The bottles are the PES variety and have a yellow colour, they are BPA free and made in England.


        It is a starter set and has everything I'd expect.  I had to buy two extra bottles in the large size but having just two small bottles was fine.  My daughter disliked the stage 1 teats because the hole is too small but when she is older she will be able to drink from them easier so I have put these six teats away and replaced them with stage 2.  My daughter likes the dummy and we use it when teaching her to self soothe, it has a very small teat so now she is growing it falls from her mouth too often.  It is the same newborn dummy available for purchase separately.

        If you are buying it as a gift I would not recommend leaving it until the baby is born because by then they will have bought their bottles, if attending a baby shower it makes a nice gift but is obvious so keep the receipt in case the new mum needs to return it if she gets more than one.

        Avent always produce quality baby care items and this set is well presented and is not disappointing.  I don't use the brush because I have the Avent bottle brush and that is much better and stronger, the one that came with the set is very flimsy and doesn't meet the high standards I expect from Avent.  You can buy the starter set in Boots, Toys R Us and some supermarkets and the price varies between £15 and £25.

        4 Dooyoo Stars.


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        11.07.2012 23:13
        Very helpful



        A great quality baby bottle by Phillips Avent.

        ~ Avent Newborn Starter Kit ~

        I think every mum to be I know have always started off feeding their babies using Avent bottles and I was no different.
        In the past the bottles were a crystal clear plastic bottle with a long neck onto which the white lid screwed, now however they have changed a little due to them now being BPA free and them having a smaller screw top neck with a little blue and white ring.

        Until I was pregnant I didn't even know that bottles had now changed to be BPA free and when I ordered my Avent Newborn Starter Kit I just expected it to be the same as the ones I had bought previously.


        I have included a bit of information on BPA free baby bottles and what it means, I got the information from here ~ www.babyexpert.com
        and this is *NOT included in my final word count*.

        What is BPA?

        BPA stands for bisphenol A, a substance which is included in all polycarbonate products, like baby bottles, made for everyday use around the home.

        Why am I hearing about BPA?

        Recent health scares, concerning polycarbonate baby bottles containing bisphenol-A, centre around a report produced in the USA which claims that long-term exposure to BPA could result in health and developmental implications for infants and children. The concern is that, in preparing a bottle by heating to a high temperature in a steriliser and/or microwave, babies could ingest a small quantity of BPA, which leaches out of polycarbonate bottles more easily if they have been heated to a high temperature.


        I ordered the kit from Amazon as I had a voucher that *needed* spending ... What, I am a woman!
        I just like to have the Avent bottles as I find them nice to use when babies are newborn. They feel nice to hold and clean up brilliantly with ease.

        The Avent bottles are a chunky short type bottle rather than the long standard ones and I do think they look and feel like a quality product.

        In the kit you will get ~
        2 x 125ml bottles with newborn teats
        2 x 260ml bottles with slow-flow teats
        2 extra newborn teats
        Newborn soother
        Bottle brush.

        It all comes packaged in a cardboard box, the bottles all have clear lids which fit perfectly, the soother has a clear sheild and a blue centre and the bottle brush is a simple design, it is blue in colour, one end is slightly pointed with rings to clean the teats and the other end has britles on one side to clean the bottles. This brush is very mulit-purpose in the way that it will easily fit any other baby bottle too.

        The new BPA free bottles have a slightly cloudy colour to them whilst still being clear so that you can see the milk in the bottle. I think I preferred the older ones as they were crystal clear yet that was only looks wise!
        One the front of the bottle you will see the Avent name and the back of the bottle has the measurements in mls and ozs, it is also in UK and US measuments.

        The little bottle and the big look the same and have the same yet obviously one is smaller than the other!

        The necks of the bottles however are the same size as are the new rings. The rings are part of a 2 piece anti-colic system which aids airflow however I don't see this having any benefit over the older style bottles, it just gives you more to wash up!
        The bottles cannot be used without the ring as this will cause the milk inside to just leak out, the rings are white and blue, the blue part goes into the bottle and the white part gets covered by the ring and teat.

        The bottles are very easy to make up, you simply add the water, then make sure you pop the ring on the top before screwing on the larger white ring and teat.

        The rings will fit other Avent bottles/beakers so they can be used again making it more efficiant money wise.

        The teats last well and are nice and strong.

        My little one took to these straight away and never had any trouble with them at all. He is still using the bottles now and they do still look as good as they did when new. I think they are worth spending out on as they are a great quality baby bottle.
        My son has no difficulty in holding them himself now so they are not too chunky for little hands.

        They wash well with hot soapy water, as I have the Avent electric steriliser I have never had any trouble with the bottles fitting, they also fitted comfortably in my Nuby microwave steriliser whilst on holiday.

        I have seen these kits availble on Amazon for £17.50, but I managed to get it whilst on offer for around £10. I have also seen them available in supermarkets and also in Boots.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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        14.05.2012 09:54
        Very helpful



        Easy to use and clean

        When my baby was born my sister recommend the Avent range of bottles, she had used them with her children and had found them very good. So I bought a set that contained the following:

        * 2 x Classic Feeding Bottles (125 ml) with Newborn Flow Teats
        * 2 x Classic Feeding Bottles (260 ml) with Slow Flow Teats
        * 2 x Newborn Flow Teats
        * 1 x Bottle and Teat Brush
        * x Philips AVENT Soother (0-3 Months)

        I cannot quite remember the price, but it was around £15 and I got them from Boots (June 2010).

        The bottles are extra durable, and are easy to assemble. There are no fiddle little bits that need cleaning. They basically comprise of a bottle, a teat, a lid and a rim, that the teat fits into, they are easy to clean, stand up to sterilising over and over and are shaped so that you are able to hold them comfortably and as your baby grows they are easy for them to grasp with their tiny hands.

        The bottles are BPA Free and designed to promote a natural feeding rhythm; this allows your baby to control the follow of milk and also reduces colic. This is because a vacuum is formed, whatever the angle of the bottle, so the amount of air swallowed is reduced.

        Teats come in 1, 2, 3 and 4 holes for when baby grows and flow requirement change and are all interchangeable.

        I have been using these bottles for two years and have replaced them twice, this is because the steriliser I had over time slightly cracked the bottles, there was no leakage, but they looked bad and I thought they would probably be harbouring germs and bugs so I replaced them. As for the teats, I have replaced them only a few times due to loss and as flow requirements have changed. My son is now two years old and has a bottle of milk before bed and he is still using the stage two teat as he prefers it to the larger hole teats.

        It is recommended that you do not over tighten the lids and that the bottles are not put in the microwave. I would put the bottle of milk in a hot jug of water to heat up and it would only take a few minutes.

        Overall I would recommend these bottles, they are easy to clean and put together. I have never had any issues of leakage, apart from when the teat lid has not been screwed on correctly.


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        07.12.2009 10:22
        Very helpful



        Dont waste your money

        I bought these when I was expecting my first daughter. I did not know what to look for or how many bottles to get so I ended up buying this "gift box" of goodies from boots for £19.99.

        The set includes:

        * Two 260ml / 9oz wide necked bottles.

        * Two 125ml / 4ox wide necked bottles.

        * Comes with two newborn teats and two number 1 teats.

        * A newborn soother.

        * And a bottle brush.

        As you can see there is the small 4 oz bottle for the newborn baby that only drinks small amounts. There is also a bigger bottle that holds 9 oz of milk for when the baby gets older and drinks more milk. All bottles are wide necked which makes it easier to clean as there is more space in the bottle for the cleaning brush that is provided to clean the bottle.
        The long plastic handle on the cleaning brush makes it easier to get hold of to get the positioning of the brush to make sure that the bottles are cleaned properly. The bristles of the brush is quite firm, hard enough to clean the sticky milk stained bottles and not hard enough to damage the bottles.

        If you do not like washing the bottles you can also use them in the dishwasher but be sure to sterilise them afterwards like usual and do not put the teats in the dishwasher as it is not safe you will need to clean them by hand.

        I don't believe in giving your child a dummy but I did one night when I was really needing asleep and the soother that came the set I thought was really good. Although my daughter was born on time she was very very small and fitted into premature babies clothes (just to give you an idea how small she is) The dummy just about covered most of her face, but the way it was designed it left her two nostrils free so she could breath.

        The product now promises to reduce colic. In my personally opinion although I think that pack contains a good amount for how cheap it is and a great idea for them thinking about what a new mother will need for her baby feeding wise, but I think that the drinking bottle itself is not worth the hassle that my daughter had drinking from this product.

        It took her an hour and half to finish the bottle; she was so tired where it took her so long to drink from them she fell asleep straight after a bottle. It also took ages to get wind out of her which made the colic worse. I thought that it might have been because of the teats so I went and bought all different Avent teats hoping that this would help but still no such luck.

        I came to the conclusion that it was because there was no air bubbles escaping that my daughter was getting so much pain in her little tummy so I was conscious of making sure that I tilted the bottles every now then when I was feeding her but the bottle wasn't letting the air bubbles out and again no luck it was still the same results.

        After spending around £50 on different Avent teats, bottles, and items to help my daughter. I gave up and bought some out of ASDA. Winnie The Pooh ones 3 for £4.00 with viriflow teats. My daughter never had any problems with them she finished her bottles around 20mins and didn't have a problem with colic.

        I would not recommend Avent bottles to anybody with babies unless they want sleepless nights and an upset precious angel. I would warn people to stay away from this product and it is just not suitable for babies.
        I would rate this product 1/10. I hope my review was of some use to you. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


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          04.02.2008 18:35
          Very helpful



          Fantastic set of things I used over and over and over

          I bought this for £15 in Mothercare before my daughter was born. I hoped (and succeeded) in breast feeding but did want the option of getting her used to bottles as I was planning to back to work.

          I think this set represented excellent value for money. You get two large (9oz) bottles and two smaller ones (4oz), 4 newborn teats, a really good bottle brush designed to clean Avent teats and a soother. Pretty good -nothing in there I didn't need (except perhaps you might think you don't want to buy a soother, but having one thrown in was actually a really good idea, is it gave me the chance to see if one helped without needing to go and buy a big pack. I did in fact use it for a few weeks when she was very tiny, then she learned to suck her thumb and I never used it again after 3 months.
          I knew from my other babies that I loved Avent bottles as they are nice and wide for easy cleaning and feel nice to hold. The teats seem good - as I said my babies were basically breastfed, but they always took one of these without complaint if they needed to. Personally I like silicone teats a lot better than rubber ones - I like the look of them, they are easier to inspect for holes and they don't go sticky before they start to perish, or crumble.

          The bottle brush lasted months and I liked it so much I went and bought another - it has a cool rubbery bit on the handle end for getting into teats which is really useful.
          I might not have bought the 4oz ones as they aren't much use after the first few weeks for a full feed, but I loved them in the early weeks when expressing breast milk. For those of you who have done that, you know how difficult it can be at times to gt much out, and if you've gone to the bother of sterilising everything and then you only get two and a half ounces it can be be a bit depressing. The great thing about these small bottles is that two ounces half fills them and looks respectable, so you can put that in the fridge, feel OK about it, add another two ounces later in the day and then you have reasonable 4oz feed for a two month old baby without wringing guilt out of yourself like a wet hankie. I have put the bottles into the freezer with breast milk in, and they freeze well, and they also microwave and go in the dishwasher. Perfect!

          If you are planning to bottle feed completely then this will not be enough stuff, but I also bought a breast pump which came with two bottles so I had six in total and that was fine for expressing milk and the occasional formula feed as the babies got older. My son has used the bottles too and they have lasted well - the writing doesn't come off too badly in the dishwasher either. He is now one and still drinking follow-on milk from a bottle at night time, so they have been great value for money.
          Avent has trainer spouts which are interchangable with teats so I do still use the small four ounce bottles with a trainer spout for juice. during he day. You can even put handles on them (from the trainer cup) which I do with the 4oz bottles sometimes - I think the big bottles would be a bit hard for him to hold on his own because of their length, but the small ones are just great.

          So all in all a great, great buy. Everything used over and over, and the bottles themselves passed on to the next baby.
          So many "newborn" packs contain un-necessary frippery that people buy as a gift and is really either a nice luxury at best, or a waste of money and useless at worst. This on the other would be a fab gift - whether breast or bottle feeding you would get use out of it, and even if you were dead against soothers that's a small part of the pack so it wouldn't matter if you didn't use that. The bottles alone are about £4 if you buy them individually and the bottle brush cost me £3.99 when I replaced it.

          My babies never had any problems feeding form Avent bottles - the only criticism I would make is that if you don't check carefully when you screw the white ring round the teat they sometimes leak out of the side. Take it off, smooth the teat down and it's fine, but you can get a leak in your bag, or a wet baby!


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        • Product Details

          Ideal for the new mother and baby. Contains four Avent feeding bottles fitted with newborn teats. Contains two Feeding Bottles (260ml/9oz) with Newborn Teats, two Feeding Bottles (125ml/4oz) with Newborn Teats, two Newborn Teats, one Newborn Soother and o

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