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Bearington Blue Posh Dots Bib

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Brand: Bearington / Type: Bibs

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2012 19:27
      Very helpful



      A cute dribble bib thats a little bit different

      Recently I have been purchasing Jayden some new dribble bibs in various colours, I like him to wear one when he goes out as he his currently teething causing him to dribble quite a bit. However I do have a thing about Jayden being colour co-ordinated so I needed to get him dribble bibs in colours to match all of his outfits. On a recent trip to the seaside I found a little independent baby shop and couldn't resist going in to have a look, they had quite a selection of dribble bibs available one of which was the Bearington Blue Posh Tots Bib, it was totally different to all of the others I had and extremely cute so I just had to buy it for him.

      The Bearington Blue Posh Tots Bib when laid flat and fastened up makes a circle shape, the main part of the bib is made from a pale blue furry type material, this is then edged with a pale blue and brown shiny silk type material, this edging goes all around the outside and around the part which goes around your baby's neck, the furry material is both back and front on this bib. The bib fastens around your baby's neck with a velcro which is then disguised with a large chunky pale blue button to give the effect that it is the button holding the bib in place. On the front of the bib is a little brown bear made from the same furry type material as the bib and edged in a brown silky cotton, the bear also wears a little white bow, again stitched on in silky cotton.

      The Bearington Blue Dribble Bib comes in just one standard size, personally I do not think this would be that suitable for very small babies as you cannot really alter the size of it. When I purchased this it was important that the bib was easy to care for and could just be washed on a regular setting with everything else. I checked the label and was pleased to see that this item could just be put in matching or similar colours and washed on a 40 degree wash. There were a few warnings included in the washing instructions which included
      * Wash dark colours separately
      * Do not use chlorine bleach
      * Do not dry clean
      * Tumble dry on a low heat
      * Do not iron

      In order to keep the bib looking in good condition it is important to stick to these guidelines. We have washed the Bearington Bear Bib several times now and it really does look as good as new, I did wonder if the furry type material that it is made from would loose its softness and not look as good the more it was washed, however even after a lot of washing it still is in excellent condition and the material it is made from looks just as it did when we purchased the bib.

      I do not use this bib on Jayden when I am feeding him, it is purely for when he goes out to help protect his clothes if he dribbles, also he is quite a sicky baby so a dribble bib helps with this problem as well. I like the dribble bibs I buy to be absorbent and not so thin that anything that goes on the bib is going to soak through on to his clothes as this defeats the object of them. The Bearington Blue Bib is of a reasonably thickness and despite the furry material it is absorbent, whenever Jayden wears this his top is protected and never wet underneath the bib, to look at the bib doesn't look overly absorbent, however when you come to use it this is not the case.

      As I have mentioned I purchased the Bearington Blue Posh Tots Bib from an independent baby shop, in a seaside town not far from us called And Along Came Baby and it cost us £3.99, this is averagely priced for this type of item if not maybe a little more expensive, however I was more than happy to pay a little bit extra for it as it was different to all his other dribble bibs and of an excellent quality.

      Although we purchased this from an independent shop Bearington items can also be purchased from other baby shops as well as online, the price however does vary a little depending on where you purchase it from, unfortunately the shop we went to does not yet have their website up and running.

      Since we purchased the Bearington Blue Posh Tots Bib I have been very pleased with it, I like the fact that it is a bit different and also the fact that it is still absorbent and does what it is meant to, it really does protect your baby's top.

      The only slight problem with the bib is the size, it is a little on the large side, whereas Jayden's regular dribble bibs sit nicely in the centre of his top, this one tends to cover his shoulders as well as it is a bit too wide for him, it would be handy if you could alter the size of it a little, however there is only one piece of velcro fastening the bib around your baby's neck meaning you can only have it one size, Jayden is just over 6 months old and the bib is still a bit big for him, I think ideally it would fit a baby a little older than him, however it is not so big that he cannot wear it.

      The bib washes very well and remains in excellent condition, the material still looks lovely and fresh and the colours are nice and bright. I would definitely purchase Bearington Posh Tots Bibs again in the future and would highly recommend these to anyone, especially if you want something a little bit different for your baby.


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