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Blue Bear Bibs Three Pack

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Brand: Next / Type: Bib

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2012 22:47
      Very helpful



      A nice bib set from Next

      When I was shopping for Jayden's clothes before he was born I realised that I had only got a couple of bibs for him, and that really wasn't going to be enough. I decided to have a look and see what Next had available as I wanted to buy a pack of bibs rather than just one. I spotted the Blue Bear Bibs in a pack of 3, they were ideal for what I wanted and quite cute as well. The bibs actually came in different colours but I opted for the blue ones as we knew that we were having a boy.

      As I have said the Blue Bear Bibs come in a pack of three, all of the bibs are the same style just with a different pattern or picture on them. The bibs have a decent sized head hole so that they will fit babies of all sizes and they are also of a decent length, I find that when I have one of these bibs on Jayden and he is laying back having his bottle the bib covers the majority of the front of him so no milk gets dribbled onto his clothes. The bibs are a square shape but with rounded corners, the bits which go around your baby's neck are part of the front of the bib, they are not sewn on as an extra, these fasten around your baby's with a small pieces of Velcro, the Velcro used on the bibs is especially designed for the use on babies, to touch it actually feels smooth unlike regular Velcro which is quite rough and sharp to touch and could scratch your baby's skin, the smooth Velcro used on this product will not scratch your baby but also effetely sticks and stays in place during feeding.
      The 3 bibs in the Blue Bear Bib pack each have a different design, one bib has a plain white background and has small pale blue dots covering it, the whole bib is then edged with a white trim. The second bib is blue and white horizontal stripes with a pale blue trim to match the blue stripes in the bib. And the third bib is all pale blue with a picture of a teddy bear on it, this looks like it has been hand drawn on in a darker blue, written underneath is written "My First Best Friend" again this is in the same dark blue and looks like it has been written by hand, this bib also has a pale blue trim to match the background. All 3 of the bibs have a white back to them which feel similar to a towel type material and a small label stitched onto the edge of each bib in a cream coloured fabric with the word Next on it.

      When I was looking for bibs for Jayden I wanted something that was going to be both soft on his skin and also something that was going to be absorbent as well. The main front of the bib and the bits that go around your babies neck are made from 100% cotton, this is excluding the trims that go around the whole edge of the bibs. Each of the bibs have a backing to them which feels a bit like a towel type material which I have mentioned, this is very absorbent, again ideal for keeping your babies clothes clean, this material is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, I'm not sure what the trims are made from, to me they feel like they are also made from cotton, however the information on the bibs says that the fronts of the bibs are cotton excluding the trims. The Next Blue Bear Bibs are very soft to touch so wiping Jayden's mouth with them is not a problem I know that they will be gentle on his skin. The bibs are also absorbent this is helped by the backing of the bibs so any spills or dribbles of milk are soaked away keeping Jayden's clothes clean and dry.

      Obviously the Blue Bear Bibs get a lot of use and are always in the wash so it was important that these washed well and could withstand constant use. Washing the bibs is easy they can simply be washed in a regular 30 or 40 degree wash with your other clothes, personally I normally wash ours on a 40 degree wash as I do find that sometimes the milk or if he is a little bit sick does not always come out first time so a slightly hotter wash helps with this. I have to say that after a lot of washes I am pleased with the Next Blue Bear Bibs, they really do look as good as new, they have kept their shape, have not faded and the cottons material on the fronts of the bibs has not bobbled at all, they have withstood constant washing extremely well making them long lasting, I didn't want something that was going to fall apart after a few washes, and this certainly isn't the case with these.

      Obviously these bibs are only available in Next as they are one of their own brand products, the three bibs cost me £5.50, personally I thought this was very good value for money. The pack of bibs were cheap to buy and the fact that they are so hardwearing means that in my opinion they are well worth the money.

      Overall I would definitely recommend the Blue Bear Bibs from Next, as I have mentioned they bibs are excellent at doing what they are supposed to, they are absorbent and keep Jayden's clothes clean and dry during feed. The bibs are also cheap to buy but are also of an excellent quality, they are well made and hardwearing. The fabric is extremely soft so will be gentle on your baby's skins. I would certainly recommend these bibs to anyone and would also consider buying them again in the future.


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