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Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box

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Brand: Boots / Type: Sterilisers

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2010 00:19
      Very helpful



      An easy way to sterilise soothers and small teethers.

      This little Soother Steriliser Box which we bought at Boots was a simple to use item, which could be used in the microwave as and when needed. Its cheap to buy at just £1.99 and is small enough to be stored away when not in use. It can also be used to store your babys sterilised soother/ teether in too.

      The Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box comes in a simple white fronted pack, with a small picture and some info about the product on the front. The Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box is compact and easy to transport if needed. Its very simple and quick use as you just need to pop it into your microwave, which we liked.

      When we used the Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box we made sure to wash it out every time with a light mix of washing up liquid which we rinsed off thoroughly. We also did the same with the soother or soothers which were to be sterilised. Then just added a small amount of already boiled water to the box and placed the soother into it, lid on top. We found this method easy enough to do.

      You only need to set the microwave on a suitable setting which does depend on the microwave you have, we set ours to a medium high setting every time (you need to have a microwave that is 750 watts to 1100 watts). We found we could get 2 average sized soothers into one box and sterilise both at the same time.

      Once you have placed the water and soothers into the box, you just pop the whole lot into the microwave and switch it on for 90 seconds. No more, no less! The system works as the water within the box steams the soothers inside and makes them safe for your baby to use.

      One thing we found was that it was wise to leave the Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box to cool down a little prior to opening it. The first time we tried the microwave method, we opened the box too soon and were met with an instant mini facial steaming. Since then we have always let the box cool just a little and then poured away any excess water within the box.

      Once the box and contents were water free, we found that it could be popped into a changing bag and taken out and about. This meant that we always had a spare soother when needed. We also used the Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box with some of the smaller teethers you can buy, which we also managed to store ready to take out after they were sterilised.

      The Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box can be used in a more traditional way with water and sterilising fluid or part of a tablet. Obviously this method is not as quick as the mircrowave method, but can be used in situations where a microwave is not an option.

      In summary although this is just a little see through plastic box with a lid, its a very handy item that can be used to help keep soothers and teethers hygienically clean. It can also be used to take these with you when away from the home.

      In terms of rating the product I feel that 4 stars is about right. I have deducted 1 star, as in theory you could buy any similar sized plastic storage box, or tupperware item and it would serve the same purpose. However at £1.99 for the Boots Microwave Soother Steriliser Box we didn't feel we had over paid and we liked the simplicity of it.


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