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Chiggs Baby Feed Wheel

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Brand: Chiggs / Type: Feeding Accessories

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2008 15:27
      Very helpful



      A great device to help forgetful parents.

      If you took a group of pregnant women and asked if they suffered "pregnancy brain" almost all of them would answer yes, pregnancy seems to do funny things to women, other then the obvious large bump and hormone changes, and memory loss is often one of those things, once baby has arrived the problem only becomes worse as tiredness due to lack of sleep kicks in. After having my daughter 2 years ago one of the most frequently asked questions by myself to whatever family member happened to be around was "when did I feed her last?" You see my children, being formula fed, had their feeds at 4 hour intervals so it was important that I didn't feed them too early otherwise they wouldn't take the whole bottle and we'd end up with an unsettled, hungry baby who's routine had gone out the window. When I was pregnant with Jack I was determined to be more organised, I'd need to be with 3 children to care for, and stumbled upon the Chiggs Feeding Wheel while browsing Ebay one day, it looked like the perfect device to help me remember when I'd last fed Jack and avoid any feeding mix ups.

      The Chiggs Feeding Wheel is a simple, uncomplicated device. The wheel is made of card, in a pouch like fashion somewhat like an envelope without the sealing flap, it features an inner wheel which has the time of day printed on and a window for viewing the time through. The wheel is turned and allows you to select what time of day you fed your little one, the times being broken down into hours of 1-12 with marks for every quarter of an hour in between. The wheel also features an adorable silver babies pram, the words "Baby's last feed" and space on the reverse of the card to write a special message as if it were a greeting card you were giving to a friend or loved one, it is presented in a cellophane wrapper with an envelope for this purpose. The wheels come in powder blue, baby pink or lemon and "Baby's last medicine" and "Time of last medicine" versions.

      Despite being such a simple and basic idea I have found the feeding wheel indispensible, it can be difficult to keep track of the day when you're running around after 2 young children, a husband, pets, looking after the house, taking care of baby and trying to make time for yourself but the wheel allows me to make note of when I last fed Jack so I know when he's due his next feed, he's a very hungry baby and gets terribly upset if his feeds are late, so being able to be prepared means he doesn't get upset and I don't get stressed. It stops me wasting paper from making notes of when I fed him, which can also easily be mislaid or run off with by a cheeky toddler, and it is reusable meaning I can use it for future babies (if I'm mad enough to have another) or I can pass it on to someone else who is expecting a child, of course just because it says "baby's last feed" doesn't restrict it to that purpose and you could use it to make note of times medicine was given or even for dividing time between children, so if for example they were fighting over a toy you could allocate them a certain amount of time each with the toy, marking the time the first child started playing with it on the wheel so you knew when it would be the next child's turn.

      The wheel comes in very handy if more then one person is responsible for feeding the baby, my husband works so it's just me during the day, but on days off he may often help out with feeds while I take care of the older children or have some time to myself, by marking the time of Jacks last feed on the wheel it allows my other half to see when he needs feeding without having to disturb me, it works in the same manner if I have to pop out in between feed times leaving Jack with someone else, they can see when I last fed him and make sure he doesn't miss his next feed. The wheel can also be used to work out the meal times for older children who need to keep to a strict routine and so isn't purely for women who intend to bottle feed their little ones.

      I keep the feed wheel tucked in the handle of Jacks Moses basket but because its so small and discreet (measuring 5x5inches) you can put it anywhere without it taking up space or being an eyesore, you can even pop it in a handbag or take it on holiday with you, it's so lightweight and it wont take up any space in your luggage.

      The only complaint I could find is that being made of card the wheel could wear or become damaged over time, a plastic version would be quite good but of course that would make it a lot more expensive.

      The wheels are available from the Chiggs website- http://www.chiggs.co.uk or from Ebay which is where I purchased mine, I paid £2.95 from Ebay but they're only £3.99 from Chiggs, with free p&p, so either way it's very affordable. Whether you're buying one for your own baby or as a gift for a friend these are a great idea, they ensure the baby is fed at the correct time and allow the parent to keep organised, ensuring happiness all round. Highly recommended!


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    • Product Details

      An aid to help busy parents keep track of newborns feeding times. Simply set the dial to record the time and the parents are instantly reminded.

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