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F&F Tesco Bandana bibs

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bibs

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2012 23:51
      Very helpful



      A nice trendy and functional baby bib

      The bibs I am reviewing are a different colour to those in the picture however they are the same bandana bibs.

      Jayden is definitely what you would call a sicky and a bit of a messy baby, I often find that when I get him in the car or get him out in his pushchair he will manage to dribble a bit of milk that he has been storing somewhere all down his clothes, to solve this problem until recently I had two options to either keep a bib around him something I didn't really want to do as a lot of his bibs have got stained through constant use, plus they do not go with his outfit and I do have a bit of a thing about him being co-ordinated, my other option was to keep a bib nearby and just hope that I manage to wipe the milk away before it reaches his clothes, something which I would fail on more than one occasion. However I recently discovered dribble bibs/ bandana bibs and purchased some from Next (previously reviewed) I had been so pleased with them that I decided to buy some more in different colours, my Next dribble bibs came in dark/ bright colours however I also wanted some in lighter colours so that I had bibs to go with all of his outfits. I recently visited a large Tesco store which sells pretty much everything, whenever I visit this store I always come home with something for Jayden, this time I spotted that they had a pack of two F&F Bandana Bibs which came in lighter colours, ideal for what I had been looking for.

      The F&F Bandana Bibs come attached to a thin card, this is shaped so that the bibs find snugly around it, the card is covered with pale blue, purple and yellow circles, right at the top of the car is the F&F Baby logo, opposite this it states that the bibs come as a two pack and also the price, there is nothing on the back of the card other than an address the barcode. The two bandana bibs are fastened around the card using the poppers on the bibs and the two bibs are attached to each other using a small plastic tag which can simply be removed with a pair of scissors.

      The Bibs
      The F&F Bandana Bibs are basically what the name suggests, two baby sized bandanas in the form of bibs, the front of the bibs are triangle shaped and the two parts which go around your baby's neck are narrow, the bibs fasten around the back of your baby's neck with a small silver popper, there are two poppers which can be used meaning you can alter the size of the bib.

      The front of the bibs are made from a cotton material with the back of the bibs being a bit like a towel making them absorbent, the top part of the bandana is gathered slightly to give it a more realistic look.

      The F&F Bandana Bibs come in two colours, one is a pale blue colour and the other is a light grey with pale blue, white and navy stars on it, I had been looking for some of these style bibs in lighter colours and these were ideal. I had no plans to use these bibs for feeding times, they were purchased to help keep his clothes clean should he dribble and at the same time blend in with his outfit, however I knew that they would probably still have a bit of a tough life so being able to wash them easily and on a regular basis was a must have, they needed to be able to withstand regular washing and still look in excellent condition, these bibs can be washed in a regular 30 to 40 degree wash with your normal washing and I was pleased to discover that the colour does not run at all.

      Price and Availability
      The F&F Bandana Bibs are only available from Tesco as they are part of their own clothing range, the pack of two bibs cost only £3.00, personally I thought this was excellent value for money, the bandana bibs get a lot of use and are proving to be hardwearing and tough, I wondered about the quality of these with them being so cheap but personally the quality of the bibs does not match the cheap price they are of an excellent quality.

      My Opinion
      The F&F Bandana Bibs are ideal for Jayden, I can put one of these on him before we go out and it prevents him from dribbling on his clothes, the bibs match what he is wearing so they look like part of his outfit not just like a bib, they look much better than just a regular bib around his neck. The bibs are not made of an extremely thick material however it is thick enough to be absorbent, the towelling backing is what makes the bibs absorbent and prevents any mess soaking through to Jayden's clothes.

      The F&F Bandana Bibs are extremely cheap to buy and despite the cheap price they are made to a high standard and are of an excellent quality. The two popper positions means that the bib size can be altered to fit your baby, at the moment Jayden wears them on the smallest fitting so he has plenty of room to grow.

      The bibs are easy to care for as I have mentioned and they can withstand the though life they get, our bibs are always in the wash and being chewed by Jayden, however they still look as good as new and are in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend the F&F Bandana Bibs to anyone with a baby, they come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit boys and girls, I will certainly purchase some more of these again in the future


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