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Genesis Shaped Washable Breast Pads

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Brand: Genesis / Type: Breast Pads - Washable Breast Pads

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2010 11:48
      Very helpful



      An excellent and effective product

      One of the less attractive aspects of breastfeeding a newborn baby, as far as I'm concerned, is dealing with leaking breasts between feeds which can be potentially embarrassing as well as uncomfortable. I find it more economical to use washable rather than disposable breast pads but I've had mixed results with different brands.

      I've found Avent breast pads to be reliable but have struggled to find any for sale in local shops. I tried Toys R Us the other week (as they stock a lot of baby and maternity items within their Babies R Us range.) I couldn't find the Avent pads instore but I did notice a new variety 'Genesis' which claimed to be 'simply the best pad in the world' which grabbed my attention! The packaging made several impressive claims about their effective anti-leak system and also claim to be anti-microbial which was something different to other brands.

      I haven't heard of the brand name Genesis before but I was tempted partly because of these grand claims and also because the pads also came complete with a small screw-top plastic tub to store the pads in. I tend to have random breast pads lying about so this seemed like a really useful addition and isn't something that I've seen supplied with any other brand. The pads also have a small net bag so that these can be kept together in the washing machine. At £4.99 for six, these are a similar price to other brands of reusable breast pad so seemed worth buying.

      The pads are a good size and incredibly comfortable against my skin. The skin-side is one of the softest pads I've ever used with the outer side being made of a different shiny sort of fabric. The packaging claims that these are 'ultrasonically shaped' whatever that might mean. I'd say that the pads are pretty much flat but they are certainly very comfortable to wear. They aren't particular thick but are slightly visible through clothing. To be honest, I'd much rather have a slight 'breast pad line' than a big wet patch spreading across my chest though!

      The most important thing is whether these pads live up to their anti-leak claims and I'm delighted to say that they do! The pads seem to absorb any excess milk effectively but, crucially, keep it locked in and I haven't experienced any leaks during daytime use with these pads.

      The only drawback with the design of the pads is that, because of the smooth and shiny outer layer, they don't tend to stay in position very well and slide around inside my bra. This is mainly a problem during the night and means that the pads tend to slip out of position, meaning that milk can leak out between feeds. This is a real pity as I tend to find night-times are my main problem area as I get a little engorged when my little one goes for several hours between feeds. It would be nice not to wake up in a pool of breastmilk! These are certainly worth buying and using for daytime use though and I do think they deserve their reputation for being leak-proof (providing they remain in position!)

      The other unique selling point for these pads is the claim that these are 'anti-microbial' and resist the growth of bacteria, yeast or fungus. This isn't something that I've ever really worried about as I tend to wash breast pads after a single use anyway (as I usually need to!) I have noticed that these pads don't seem to pick up the distinctive aroma of breastmilk though which is a positive and may be connected to these anti-bacterial properties.

      In all, I'm very impressed with these new pads. They are soft, comfortable and, most importantly, avoid any embarrassing leaks during daytime use. The anti-bacterial treatment isn't a particular selling point for me personally but may be reassuring for other nursing mums. I'd certainly recommend giving this variety a try if you experience excess milk production!


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