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Ikea Vandring Muslins

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Muslins

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2013 19:54
      Very helpful
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      Pretty and effective

      New mums know that the muslin cloth is an essential part of the new born kit. Pre-baby you may wonder what can be so important about a lightweight piece of cloth. Post birth, 'things to do with a muslin' is an essay not a one word reply.

      So, what DO you do with a muslin? You can ..... wipe up sick, protect your clothes, use as a change mat, make a sunshade, use as a blanket, protect a mattress, fashion a baby sarong (for those moments when you were too late to catch the sick and too dis-organised to bring a change of clothes- oops)...... After the baby has grown the list extends again ..... duster, polishing cloth..... Heard of the legendary interview question 'things to do with a brick'? You could change brick for muslin, although that may discriminate against the non-parents.

      As products go, muslins are as simple as they come, yet, having bought two brands, I know that not all muslins are equal. One obvious point of difference is the pattern. There are some beautiful baby prints out there. It may seem a trivial point for an article designed to catch baby fluids but at 2.00am you may need some cheering up. The Ikea Vandring muslin comes in a set of two. Both have a chequerboard texture. One is plain white. The other has a white background with a green print on it outlining animals and plants in what is designed to look like a simple running stitch. The Vandring range is inspired by forests and on this muslin you can spot a heart, a flower, a mushroom, an owl and a dragon fly. Other items are available in this range.

      The Vandring retails at £3 for two which is a modest price compared to some of Mothercare's prettier offerings. It is 70cm by 70cm and, although the material is light weight, it is not flimsy. Nor is the fabric so thick that it takes a long time to dry from the wash. Even before the first launder, the material was absorbent enough to soak away regurgitated milk. Having washed my Vandring muslins twice and washed a George muslin twice, the George muslin is misshapen whilst the Ikea one is still square and not wrinkled. I'm anticipating that the Vandring will make it to the duster stage and may still be making an appearance when little Loz is 18!

      In terms of disadvantages, I can only really think of one and that is that the fact that this is an Ikea product. You can't order it on-line and it's a small product to make a special trip to Ikea for if you are not close to one. However, if you are in there anyway, it is worth stocking up on - I would suggest at least ten (five packs of two) to cycle around the wash. See it as an investment in dusters!


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