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Jojo Maman Bebe Sleeved Essential Bibs

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Brand: Jojo Maman Bebe / Type: Bib

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2011 11:27
      Very helpful



      A good bib to use for weaning your child with a few minor changes could be even better

      When we were weaning our son we ended up going down the baby led weaning route as he refused to try purees the majority of the time. For those of you unfamiliar with Baby Led weaning what this involves is basically giving your child the food that you would have in its solid form rather than mashing and pureeing it up. It involves offering babies a range of foods and allowing them to explore and choose their own foods and this will eventually lead to them self feeding. What you can do initially is offer cooked sticks of vegetables or soft fruit provided your child has a good pincer grip with their fingers they should be able to pick the food up. What you can also do is put some food into food into a bowl with a spoon for them to get used to this, but more often than not my son initially would eat his cereal or pasta from the bowl with his hands rather than using the spoon. Now as you can imagine baby led weaning is a messy business so a good bib is essential. Because a normal front bib only covers the front and baby led weaning tends to involve mess on the front, arms and anywhere your baby's hand eye co ordination takes it I decided a full front and arm bib was what I needed.

      This bib from JoJo Maman Bebe seemed to be ideal for me. There are various patterns to choose from but I decided to opt for the green bib with helicopters on it, as I thought this looked a cute design. The design of the bib means how you use it is you put your baby's arms into the full sleeves and straighten the front out and fasten the Velcro tab at the top around our baby's neck and hey presto you are ready to go. The bib comes in 2 sizes 0-18 months and 18months to 3 years.

      When we first got this bib it was a little on the large size for my son as it was designed to go up to 18 months but this I actually found at the beginning helped as it meant the bib covered the side of my son's clothes rather than just the front. By the time we got to 18 months with him it really just covered the front of the clothes so provided less protection for his clothes and he still could be a messy eater at this age. The arms were also a little long so I would end up rolling them up slightly. The bib worked very well at deflecting food spills from the front of my son and the majority of the time there would be no food stains on his clothes. The exception to this would generally be if we where having something that had a sloppy sauce like bolognaise and occasionally if I hadn't made the top of the bib tight enough some would slip down by his neck area. However to be fair I think this would probably happen no matter what type of bib I used. The arms had a nice reinforced taped seem at the bottom to stop the part of at the bottom of the sleeve getting grubby and frayed. The bottom part isn't elasticised so some times food can go up the sleeve for example if my son was putting his hands deep into a bowl. I had another bib that did have elastic bits at the bottom of the sleeve and whilst this did stop food going up the sleeve often the elastic was too tight and by the end of the meal my son would have marks on his cubby wrists. So for me personally I prefer the taped un-elastic sleeve of this design as I all did to combat the problem would be to roll his long sleeved tops up one turn before putting the bib on and the problem was sorted.

      The plastic crumb pocket at the front was my least favourite part of this bib as it is sewed on a little tight in my opinion so it doesn't really jut out at all. What this means is often food slides down the bib and misses the pocket completely meaning my sons trousers or shorts could end up with food on them. What I would do to try to combat this would be to kink the pocket out when I had put the bib on and this would then mean a lot of the food would be caught but there still was a lot that ended up missing and on my son clothes.

      These bibs are totally washable and what I would often do is just give them a wash in hot soapy water after each meal and put them to dry on the line or over a radiator and they would be dry ready for the next meal. Washing this way seemed to work well and the design never faded and there was no damage to the bib in anyway. They still looked as good as new when we finished using these with our son and have been put away to use again if we have another child.

      The other thing I like about these bibs is because the material they are made from is lovely and soft they are nice against your baby skin and not rough so in summer days when he was just wearing t-shirts they didn't feel horrid against his skin. Also as they are made from a soft material they pack away very easily meaning they only take up a small amount of room in your change bag when going for meals out.

      These bibs are a good to use with your child especially when they are learning to feed themselves. I think if they made the front slightly bigger to cover the side of your child and made the pocket jut out a little more then they would be a great product. At £8 a bib they are not a cheap option but I would recommend them as I found them invaluable to use with my son when we were weaning. The reason being they reduced the mess on his clothes. The floor and his hair still suffered but this generally meant on less thing to clean.

      Where from
      Available from www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk they are often on offer that if you buy two bibs you save £2 meaning they cost £7 each.


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