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Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads

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Brand: Little Lamb / Type: Breast Pads

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2013 02:23
      Very helpful



      Excellent product for all breastfeeding mums...

      I came across Little Lamb products when I was searching for reusable nappies for my daughter.
      The company offer a range of items for mother and baby including these breast pads. I already knew that I would be breastfeeding so grabbed some of these to avoid the leaky boob syndrome that we suffer from whilst lactating. In case you are unaware of the fun involved in this, I could be watching tv and a baby would cry and it would prompt my boobs to leak milk. You get some warning as you get a tingling but this is a biological process that cannot really be stopped so barriers such as breast pads are used to save constantly having to change your top. Plus two breast level wet patches make people look at you funny...

      These came with a bunch of other items that I ordered from the company. My initial impression of these were how incredibly soft they were. I chose the 11cm natural ones but they also come in black and in two sizes. They arrive attractively wrapped with a green ribbon bearing the brand name. The natural coloured ones are unbleached.


      These are simple to use, you just shove them in the cup of your bra and forget about them. They are very comfortable so you really do not notice that they are there. They do not seem to move about or slip out and are surprisingly absorbent. I mainly washed these in the machine without fabric conditioner.
      I tended to change mine as and when needed but certainly at least twice a day in the very beginning when my milk was building up and then down to once a day after around 6 weeks. I needed to use them more when my daughter was having a growth spurt and was increasing my supply by feeding much more.
      The pads washed and dried well (on radiators) and kept their shape. The stitching around the sides stayed true and did not fray or show signs of wear despite being washed frequently.

      These are a money saver and cheaper than buying lots of disposables, plus there is of course less landfill to consider. They could be worn for subsequent babies as they do wear very well and appear to be strong and decent quality.

      Little lamb state that their reusable pads are made from a double layer of bamboo fleece with a backing to prevent leaking. Whilst I wore these I did not leak through them once and I was very impressed with them.

      About bamboo:

      Bamboo has become very popular in the world of reusable nappies for many reasons.
      The first important reason is that it is incredibly soft. There are mutterings about bamboo having antibacterial and anti fungal properties but research seems to be divided on this. Bamboo is also considered to be an "eco" and "green" plant as it is the fastest growing woody plant in the world making it sustainable. It can apparently grow up to four feet a day! Bamboo also needs no fertilisers or irrigation making it capable of being grown organically and indeed most bamboo is organic.

      Where to find these:

      There are sellers on ebay and cloth nappy suppliers who stock these as well as Little Lamb's own website. Prices seem to be universally around the £11-12 mark for 5 pairs.
      The Little lamb website has these on offer in two sizes - 11cm and 13cm and two colours - natural and black.


      I give these five stars for durability, comfort and ecologically friendliness. They have lasted well and saved me money in the long run. Totally recommended.


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        25.03.2013 17:55
        Very helpful



        Five out of five stars

        Little lamb bamboo breast pads

        One essential item post birth for me has to be breast pads, they are just a part of my everyday wardrobe now and I have high expectations of what I want from a nursing pad. When I was pregnant something I never gave much thought about was breast pads. I didn't even know such things existed until I started packing my hospital bag and it seemed to be the done thing to include some form of nursing pad. However, now I couldn't live without them.

        When I did first started shopping around for breast pads I knew right from the start that I would want to buy some decent reusable pads rather than rely solely on disposable pads, both for comfort and for reducing costs. However, I didn't really have to look far to find the Little Lamb breast pads because I was already pleased with the quality of their reusable nappies.

        Now I doubt anyone doesn't know what a breast pad is for, but just in case you have stumbled across this review by accident let me explain. Simply put they are used to absorb any extra milk that may leak post birth and possibly daily if you continue as I have to breast feed your baby. In my day to day life nursing pads are a real must to avoid staining my clothes and to stop the embarrassment of having leaking milk show up, it's just an added protection that makes me feel hugely more comfortable and takes away any worry that the baby will cry and I will start producing milk at an inopportune moment.

        The Little Lamb breast pads are lovely and soft. According to the Little Lamb's website - Each pad consists of a double layer of 100% bamboo fleece with a laminate backing - to prevent leaks. And although I don't really know anything about bamboo fleece material it is one of the softest fabrics I have experienced and still remains surprisingly absorbent. Personally, I usually only need one pair of the breast pads each day in order to stay dry and comfortable, but it's such an individual thing. The pads are also relatively discreet under my clothing and unless you knew that they were there I doubt that most people would notice them whatever it was I ended up wearing.

        So where can you get these amazing pads? As far as I am aware (but I'm certainly not 100% sure) you need to order them direct from the Little Lamb's website -http://www.littlelambnappies.com/. They do offer free deliver with no minimum purchase to all UK mainland orders and whenever I have shopped with them I have always been surprised at how fast and efficient the service is.

        Currently Little Lamb's have on offer -

        5 pairs of the breast pads will cost you £12 and you can choose from:
        Natural size - 11cm
        Natural size - 13 cm
        Black size -11cm
        Black size - 13 cm

        To date I own the natural coloured pads in a size 11 cm, which are large enough to give me good coverage (even with being slightly larger chested). However, I am planning on ordering more I and think that personally I will be opting in the future for the slightly larger size, just for that added extra protection. As I mentioned I own the natural colour and they are a really nice soft cream shade, that so far has retained a nice natural colour even despite being constantly washed and re-worn on an almost daily basis. I have been using my pads now for a couple of months and I have been very impressed with them, it is the type of small thing that can really make a difference in your everyday life and I will be recommending these to any pregnant friends in the future. The Little Lamb breast pads in my opinion are also great value for money because so far mine despite a little wear and tear are functioning just as well as the day I bought them. And unlike disposable pads you can never run out of these as long as you remember to throw them in with your other washing.

        I cannot recommend the Little Lamb breast pads highly enough, they are soft, comfortable and so far have never let me down. I love mine and I will continue to use them for a long time to come. Therefore, from me the Little Lamb breast pads get the full five out of five star rating.


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