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Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

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Brand: Milton / Kids Equipment Type: Travel Sterilisers

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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2015 16:37
      Very helpful



      Must have for any mum with a dummy loving baby!

      This little secret should be shown to every new Mum!
      this mini steriliser has a lid (green, blue or purple) that screws off to show two sponges inside. the top one has a small hole (for the teat of the dummy) and a full sponge on the bottom. the lid has a Velcro strap attached to it to make it easy to attach the steriliser to any pushchair or nappy bag. to use you simply follow the included instructions which means taking the sponges out and giving them a little rinse, filling the steriliser to the mark and popping in a mini Milton sterilising tablet. once this has dissolved fully you then place the sponges back in, push down twice and tip the steriliser upside down to get rid of any excess water. its now ready to use! I would always keep a spare in here and keep the other one with baby. if baby drops the dummy simply brush off, give baby the clean one and pop your now dirty dummy into the steriliser. it'll be clean again within 15 minutes!
      once my free supply of the mini tablets ran out I didn't bother buying more, I also use the large steriliser for my bottles, I used to just steal a little water out of this each time to re fill the mini. seemed to work fine for me.

      I have since bought this as a gift for friends baby showers and would recommend it as an essential for any mum with a baby who loves their dummies.

      the only down side was after a few months use of mine the material that the Velcro is attached to on mine started to fray making it look a little messy.


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      01.10.2013 12:14
      Very helpful



      quickly will become an essential

      Any mum who has a baby who uses a dummy knows how frustrating it can be when your out and about and your little darling throws or drops the dummy on the ground. Even if you have a spare its not longer sterile and putting the dirty one in your mouth is not ideal especially for tiny bubs. I think I found the answer to these problems in the milton mini travel steriliser.

      Packaging and aesthetics-
      The milton mini comes in a plastic package which is totally transparent with the steriliser in the middle so you can see exactly what you are buying. It has the milton brand logo along the top. Inside the packaging you get the travel steriliser which is about the size of a tennis ball so very portable. The velcro strap enabling you to attach the steriliser to your change bag or pram etc. The instruction leaflet which is easy to understand and explains well how simple it is to use the product. A pack of mini milton steriliser tablets for use in the mini steriliser.
      The actual steriliser is split into two colours, the base section is always white plastic and then the plastic screw lid comes in a few different colours including purple, green and blue. I have the purple one and love the colour.

      How it works-
      Inside the steriliser are two round sponges; the top has a hole in the centre and the bottom one sits inside the bottom covering it. To use you remove the sponges and ring out any excess water. Then inside the base of the now empty steriliser is a line which you fill up to with cold tap water. Then add in a mini milton sterilising tablet and allow to dissolve, this takes around 2 minutes. Then you put the sponges back in slowly allowing them to absorb the water. Its a simple as that!
      When your ready add the dummy you want to sterilise sitting the teat inside the hole in the top sponge and replace the screw lid, 15 minutes later you have a sterile dummy.
      You only need to change the water and tablet every 24 hours and can put as many dummies in in that time period safe in the knowledge it will sterilise.

      Ive yet to find a dummy that doesn't fit in the steriliser so its good for whatever brand of dummy you use.
      You always have a spare clean dummy and you can replace with the dropped one to then sterilise that.
      It kills germs so your little one doesn't have them in their mouths.
      Its easy to use and fits really nicely in the changing bag.

      You do have to keep buying the mini tablets as these are the only ones you can use with the steriliser but they are pretty cheap at around £3 for a pack of 50 which even if used everyday will last nearly two months.
      If left and not used eventually the sponges do grow mould but whilst you are using it and replacing the water and tablet its fine.

      Price and availability-
      I bought mine from amazon and paid £6.00 which I think is really reasonable for what you are getting.
      Its easy to find these now in boots and some supermarkets too as well as the mini tablets.

      Final word-
      This became an everyday product very quickly and I found it really useful to have in the changing bag. I like the peace of mind it gave me knowing the dummy was sterile and safe for my baby girl. We will definitely be using one with the new baby and I'd recommend it to any parent.
      Because there are a few cons I will give it 4 stars.


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