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Mothercare All Over Print Muslin Squares

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Muslin

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2012 14:05
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      Good quality, cute looking muslins

      I would definitely consider muslin squares to be an essential baby item. I was lucky enough to not have to buy any myself as four different people bought some for me as gifts at my baby shower and when my baby was born. One of the sets I received was from Mothercare.

      - The Muslins -
      These Mothercare muslins are cream and decorated with a cute, unisex button design. The buttons are cream, beige, brown, yellow and turquoise. The colours are all muted tones and so look quite neutral. All the muslins in the set have this same design. It is sold as a pack of 12. I was given four of them as a gift because the friend who gave them to me bought the 12 pack and then split it between a few people she knew who were having babies (a good gift idea I thought). They are made from 100% cotton and feel soft. They are of a fairly average size compared to other muslins we own. I think they look cute and practical and I like the neutral appearance.

      - Muslins in General -
      Muslins have a long list of uses. I would say their main use is for mopping up baby sick and for having over your shoulder, arm or in your hand when burping a newborn. In my opinion muslins are much better for this purose than burping cloths because they are larger and more absorbent. If you know your baby spits up when lying down in the pram, moses basket or crib then you could use a muslin underneath them. Newborn babies don't like to feel lots of open space around them so a muslin is useful to have for tucking it around their head so they feel more secure. Or a muslin can be tucked under a baby's head to add some extra comfort. Just be sure that the muslin isn't loose as then it could cause a hazard. Another time I found these muslins to be invaluable was when I was taking my baby to someone's house. I didn't want to put my son directly onto their cream sofa or carpet in case he was sick or had a leaky nappy so the muslin was perfect to put underneath him. I used the muslins to hook over the front of the buggy when we were out and about. They made it a little darker for my son to sleep and stopped the sun getting in his eyes. They can also be used as a thin blanket in warm weather. Once my son got past the spit up stage I still found it useful to carry a muslin in the changing bag, you never know what will happen when you are out with a baby and muslins can be useful in a variety of situations for a variety of baby messes!

      - These Muslins Over Others -
      These muslins have survived months of regular use which suggests they are strong and well made. I have found the quality to be good and slightly better than some other brands we used. They performed as a muslin should in every way and are a good size and absrbency. I had comments from other mothers on the cute button design.

      - Cleaning -
      These muslins have washed well in our usual 30°C wash (they can be washed on 60°C) and aren't stained at all which is amazing really. Even if they did stain it probably wouldn't be obvious as it would blend into the button pattern quite well. They dry naturally very quickly which is useful in those early days when you get through lots of them every day. They can be tumble dried, although I never have.

      - Price and Availability -
      As these were a gift I'm not sure how much was paid for them but I can see that they are currently priced at £19.99 for a pack of 12. I think this seems to be a fairly average price for muslins when compared to other shops such as John Lewis and Boots. 12 is a good number to have, we had 13 in total from a variety of brands.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      I would recommend these muslins as they are very useful when you have a newborn, are a good size, good quality, good absorbency, wash well, look cute and they are long lasting. I think the cute, neutral button design is a big appeal with these muslins.


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