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Mothercare Plastic Bibs Bee and Ladybird

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Bibs

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2012 14:52
      Very helpful



      Brilliant colourful unisex pelican bibs

      - Why We Bought -
      When we first started weaning our son at around five months we were using the soft cute baby bibs that we had been using since he was born. We quickly realised that these were going to get ruined by puree stains. My grandmother suggested we get some pelican bibs so off we went to Mothercare in search of these. We ended up buying a set of two plastic pelican style bibs which had a ladybird and bumble bee design. Not only were they cute and exactly what we were looking for but when we got to the till we found out they were half price too!

      - The Bibs -
      For those of you who don't know what a pelican bib is I will explain this. They are usually quite solid plastic bibs that curve up at the bottom to form a bowl/shelf that will catch dropping food and therefore minimise mess at food time. Our set of two have a ladybird and bumble bee design. One is red with a smiley face and some black spots while the other is yellow with a smiley face and some black stripes. The designs are bright, cute and eye catching. They are also unisex as I think yellow and red are great colours for boys and girls. It also makes a change from the usual pink or blue options. The bibs are made from a fairly thick, hard plastic. It is slightly flexible though and more flexible around the neck to make fastening easy and the bib comfortable for baby. To fasten the bib you simply press a small plastic square on one strap through one of the four holes on the other strap. This gives for sizing options. The design of these bibs appears both cute and practical.

      - In Use -
      We started using these bibs when my son was around five months. However, we quickly discovered that even on the tightest setting my son could pull the bib up so it was across his mouth. This looked very uncomfortable, obviously isn't practical at food time and also was creating extra mess. They also swamped his small body which made him look more uncomfortable. We gave up on these bibs and instead started using some large towelling bibs which were absorbent enough to minimise mess when feeding very blended puree. However, as my son grew and we introduced more lumpy and solid foods we returned to the pelican bibs. This time around they were a better fit on the baby. They worked well to catch bits of food and prevent them dropping onto clothing and the floor. My son also enjoyed fishing out bits of food and feeding himself. We still use them now at 16 months and he continues to fish bits out of the tray. We use the bibs on the loosest setting now but there is still plenty of room so I think we still have quite a lot of use left in them. Over time the faces of the bugs have worn away a little but this is minimal and they still look good considering how much we have used them.

      - Cleaning -
      These bibs have survived the microwave steriliser but I'm not sure if the original instructions advised this or not. They are dishwasher safe. I tend to wash them up in the sink immediately after meal times so that they are ready for the next meal. I do this partly because these are the only two pelican bibs we have. They are very easy to clean and have come to no harm in the dishwasher or sink. I much prefer washing up plastic bibs than putting material bibs in the washing machine as it is much quicker, you don't have to wait for them to dry and they don't stain.

      - Price and Availability -
      These bibs were bought in Mothercare and I have seen them many times in store since my purchase, although they are no longer available on the website. As I recall the full price was £5 and I have always seen them at half price for £2.50. I think this is a good price for plastic pelican bibs and is fairly competitive compared to others I have seen.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      I would definitely recommend these bibs as they are cute, colourful, unisex, practical, help minimise mess at meal times, are comfortable to wear, are easy to fasten and take off, have different size settings, don't stain, are durable, are easy to clean and are cheap at half price. I would say that you should bear in mind that initially they might swamp a small baby so other options might be better but once over six or seven months they should be a better fit.


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