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Nuk Soother Chain

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Brand: Nuk / Type: Soother chain

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2012 18:32
      Very helpful



      No more dropped or lost dummies

      When Jayden was in hospital he was given a dummy by the nurses to help him settle at night, personally I'm not sure this was something I would have given him if he had come home with us straight away, however it seemed cruel to take it away so we have kept it but only if he is struggling to settle for naps and at night or if he is really upset.

      We purchased some new dummies for him and bought more than one so that we had always got a spare one if one was in the steriliser. However we did find that when he had his dummy to help him settle he would dose off with it in his mouth and it would drop out onto the floor when he fell asleep. During a recent shopping trip to Tesco something in the baby section caught my eye and when I looked at it closer it was a Nuk Soother Chain, basically a chain for his dummy which you attached to your baby's clothes so if they spit their dummy out it dangles on the chain and does not go on the floor, it was perfect to solve the problem of all of his dummies ending up dirty while we are out.

      The Nuk Soother Chain came attached to a small rectangle card, this was yellow towards the top and faded down to white at the bottom, at the top is the brand of the product, Nuk, which is written in large red letters, just underneath this is written "Soother Chain" in blue writing. The rest of the card is where the chain is positioned, it is held in place with plastic which was moulded around the chain. The back of the card contains all of the product information including instructions for use and warnings, these are written in small black writing but are easy to read and are also repeated in different languages.

      The Nuk Soother Chain basically consists of a chunky clear plastic circle, this has a picture of a teddy bear on it, on the back of the circle is a clear plastic crocodile clip, to open the clip you simply lift one end of it, the other end has small plastic teeth on it to help the clip grip, to make the clip grip to clothing you simply press the other side down. Attached to the circle is a reasonably long white plastic chain made up of small but chunky links, on the end of the chain is a large white plastic hook, to open the hook to attached the dummy you push one side of the hook to separate the two halves, to keep the dummy in place you push the two separated parts of the hook back together. The chain is moulded into the clear plastic circle so that it is unlikely to come apart and the hook is threaded through the links which make up the chain, again for extra strength.

      Using the Nuk Soother Chain is easy, all dummy's have some sort of handle/ hook on them so you simply thread the soother chains large plastic hook through this and fasten, you then open the crocodile clip on the back of the plastic circle and clip this to your baby's clothing, fastening it by pushing the end of the clip back down, the small plastic teeth will prevent it from slipping off and holds the clip in place. The soother chain is designed to be attached to your babies clothing, however it should not be attached to thick winter clothing as this may strain the clip and break it.

      There are various warnings which appear on the back of the packaging that came with the Nuk Soother Chain, these include
      * Check for any damage before each use and throw away at the first sign of damage.
      * Never lengthen the holder, do not attached ribbon, laces or string as this could strangle your baby.
      * Never attach to loose parts of clothing.
      * Use under supervision.
      * Do not use the soother chain in a cot, bed or playpen.
      * Do not use the soother chain as a toy or teething ring.
      It is important that these warnings are adhered to at all times to prevent injury to your baby.

      Keeping the Nuk Soother Chain in good condition is easy, in order to clean the chain you simply use luke warm water and a mild detergent and dry thoroughly. You must not clean the soother chain in a steriliser, you must not boil, steam or put in a dishwasher as this could cause damage to the item.

      As I have mentioned I purchased the Nuk Soother Chain from my local Tesco and it was being sold for just £1.99, although at the time we purchased it it was on offer for just 99p. Personally I thought this was excellent value for money even at full price. I did wonder how strong the chain would be as it was so cheap to buy, also if it did break after a while it wasn't going to cost me too much money to replace it, however so far we have not had to replace it and it has proved to be excellent value for money.

      We have had a lot of use out of our Nuk Soother Chain, we always use it when we go out in case Jayden gets really upset and we need to use his dummy to calm him down, using it means that if he spits the dummy out it does not fall onto the floor, this prevents it from becoming dirty and also getting lost when out and about.
      The soother clip really does work, the clip securely fastens onto Jayden's clothing and does not slip off as he moves about, the large hook on the ends also securely keeps the dummy in place as well. The chain is an ideal length meaning that the hook and the clip are never under strain, however it is not too long so that it can cause injury to your baby, the chain is also strong and withstands your baby pulling at it, the clip is definitely strong and hardwearing.

      The Nuk Soother Chain is definitely well worth the money, for us the chain has been extremely useful and has solved problems of Jayden's dummies being dropped on the floor and getting lost. I would never attach the chain to something other than his clothing and would not leave him with it unsupervised especially in bed, for us it is more something we use when out or when someone is with him. I would definitely recommend the Nuk Soother Chain and would certainly purchase another one should this one break.


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