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NUK Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser

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Brand: NUK / Type: Steriliser

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2010 14:13
      Very helpful



      A decent steriliser for NUK bottles

      When it came to buying a steriliser for the bottles and accessories I had already purchased a Tommee Tippee microwave steriliser in advance so it was all ready to use once my daughter came. However, because she didn't take to Tommee Tippee bottles and decided to like NUK I had to buy a NUK steriliser as the bottles wouldn't fit in the other steriliser I had bought!

      NUK do their own steriliser which is suitable for their bottles and it is called the Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser which is an electric steriliser. As you can seem from the picture it looks like a little alien spaceship (NUK class it as a modern, ergonomic design)! It really is an odd shape unlike most other sterilisers which tend to be quite short and round, this is quite slim and tall. The Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser only comes in white and pale blue and is made of a robust plastic.

      ** NUK **

      NUK is a German company and was originally formed in 1947 and known as Hanseatische Gummiwerke Bachmann und Co. KG. By 1949 dentists (Dr. Müller MD and Prof. Dr. Balters) start to develop the NUK teat. By 1956 the first teat goes on the market and since then the company has produced products from teats to soothers to breast pumps.

      ** Packaging **

      The steriliser is already pre-built when it comes out of its box. The box obviously comes complete with instructions in many languages and on the front of its colourful box is an image of the steriliser. There is nothing you need to put together so you can use it as soon as you have unpacked it (as long as you have done a short steam cycle without anything in it first and washed the components).

      ** The Steriliser **

      This "modern, ergonomic design" cannot just be put away easily in a kitchen and stands out like a sore thumb! I have mine in the corner of our utility room as it does take up valuable kitchen worktop space. At the bottom of the steriliser is the metal plate where you pour up to 70mls of water on (no more than this amount). The actual unit then sits on this metal plate and the plastic bottle holder simply sits inside the unit and you easily put the bottles into the holder (neck down) and it's done. The accessories basket sits on top of the main unit, this is where the teats and bottle tops go etc and it then is complete with a domed plastic lid (has a small hole in it to let out the steam) and hey presto its all done!

      On the front of the steriliser there is a small switch which you simply press down and an orange light comes on which means it is on and has started the cleaning cycle. This light has an automatic turnoff so you don't need to keep watching the steriliser to make sure it has completed the cleaning. The steriliser has an 8 minute cleaning cycle which is incredibly quick especially if you run out of bottles and need something quickly.

      The holder will hold up to 6 First Choice or Standard Neck (all NUK) bottles which is a good amount especially if you pre-make your feeds during the day. The steriliser provides a gentle method of sterilisation as you don't add any chemicals to the water whatsoever.

      One thing is with adding the water you cannot add more than 70mls or less than 50mls as this can damage the bottles and the metal plate. After each use it is best to clean the metal plate. You will soon know if you have used too much water if the plate is completely dry.

      My only gripe about this steriliser is being able to sterilise bottle tops and teats all at the same time. The First Choice bottles have quite wide teats and trying to fit all 6 together with 6 bottle tops doesn't work whatsoever so you generally have to leave the bottle tops on the side while you sterilise the bottles and teats as there is no where else to put the bottle tops in the steriliser. This is a bit of a pain and I just normally end up pouring boiling water over the bottle tops.

      The steriliser comes with a measuring beaker, bottle tongs, accessories basket and holder which obviously are used every time. I have never used the bottle tongs as it doesn't take that long for the bottles to cool down.

      ** Price & Availability **

      The Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser is only available from NUK stockists and from NUK direct. I have however seen it available on EBay from non-NUK stockists. Currently on the NUK website the steriliser is half price at £22.49 but originally retails at £44.99 which I personally think is a tad expensive for a steriliser which is actually quite basic.

      ** Overall **

      This electric steriliser works perfectly well and sterilises the bottles and accessories just as I expected it would. It certainly isn't all singing all dancing but it does the job and is the only steriliser that fits my bottles! I do find its size a bit off putting as you can't just put it away easily and it does need to be by a plug socket! However, it sterilises everything in 8 minutes which I can't argue with and I don't have to worry about turning it off as it does this automatically. Overall, a decent steriliser which does the job incredibly well.


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