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Mothercare Podee Baby Feeding System

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Bottles & Accessories

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2006 13:13
      Very helpful



      Would definitely recommend this feeding system - a must for any mum with multiples

      Feeding twins is never simple. I decided fairly early on to bottle-feed my twins, who are now 2 years and 9 months old. I'm lucky enough to have a husband who works shift work and is usually home a fair bit in the morning or afternoon so we used to share the feeding, and because of this we established a routine where the twins fed at exactly the same time. However, there were times when my husband was too busy to feed one of the babies or at work (including night shifts) and this is where it got tricky. Sitting them in their bouncers and holding two bottles in two mouths at the same time really takes its toll on your arms and back, and this is where the Podee Feeder came into play.

      This ingenious feeding system consists of a teat attached to a long latex tube which in turn attaches to a neck ring screwed onto the bottle. This means you can stick the teat into your baby's mouth and stand the bottle on the table or wedge it between their legs. Another tube goes from the underside of the neck ring right down to the bottom of the bottle, so when the baby sucks, the milk draws up from the bottom thus minimising their intake of air.

      The Podee Feeder took a little getting used to, for me and the babies. They have to learn to suck hard enough to draw the milk up the tube and to keep the teat in their mouths without you having to hold it in place. The first time we tried it they couldn't get any milk up at all and they started to get really frustrated. However, I realised it was because I hadn't screwed the neck ring on tight enough and air was coming in. I then squeezed the teat a little with my thumb and finger to pump some milk into the teat. After that the babies started sucking and were well away.

      When we all got the hang of it, I think the Podee Feeder was a really good invention. It gave me more freedom because it meant I could feed the twins when I was out instead of having to rush back to the safety and comfort of home for the next feed. I think this feeder would be especially good for non-breast feeding mothers of twins who aren't lucky enough to have someone around to help them feed.

      For me, however, because I do have help with most feeds, I won't be switching permanently to the Podee and there are several reasons for this. The first is that I like to hold my babies close whilst feeding, partly due to the guilt of not breast feeding. The second is that the system is a bit fiddly. I already spend most of my waking hours washing and sterilising bottles, and the Podee Feeder has a lot more components to clean than a normal bottle. The tubes have to be cleaned with a special brush (supplied), and they can't be put into a steam steriliser - they have to be either boiled or cold water sterilised. I think I would get a bit fed up if I had to wash 12 of these every day.

      Apart from that, I do think the Podee Feeder is an ingenious invention for anyone with twins or more. I also bought a powdered milk separator from twinsthings.co.uk, which is a tub with four compartments in which you can measure out your formula. I think this is great for when I'm going somewhere, especially considering that one of my twins won't drink the ready-made carton milk. It has a lid with a sealable spout which you spin around to each section when you put it into the bottles. This is a must for anyone bottle feeding, whether you have one baby or five.

      Hope this helps

      Nicky x


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