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Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat

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2 Reviews

Brand: Safety 1st / Type: Booster Seats

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2013 22:02
      Very helpful



      A good basic seat, better for toddlers ready to eat like grown ups

      What is this product?
      This review is for the Safety First Easy Care booster seat designed for use from 6 months to 4 years old. The seat is made of lightweight moulded plastic and features a 1 point safety harness with crotch strap and two safety straps to fasten the seat to an adult chair - one under the chair and one behind it. The seat has a removable swivel tray and four "feet" which give the seat three height settings.

      What do I like about this product?
      I recently bought this little seat as my 2 year old daughter saw her friend in a similar seat and since was upset about being in her highchair saying she wanted to sit in a big girl chair because she is not a baby anymore! I wanted to do some research on booster seats as what I noticed about the friend's seat (a Babypolar On the Go seat) was that it was nowhere near high enough or boosted enough for the child to actually reach the table. So my friend had to hold the child's plate while he ate his food. That might be ok for occasional meals here and there but I wanted to replace the high chair so I knew I needed something which would allow her to use the table "like a big girl". Having said that, I was doing my weekly shop in Asda and had a look at what they had, basically just this one or the Babypolar one which I knew would be no good (and was a LOT more expensive at £25). The Safety 1st one seemed to have the features I wanted - something simple and secure but well boosted - and was a steal at £8. I decided to try it out thinking if it wasn't big enough I could always take it back. I have since looked on Mothercare and even their basic booster seat without a tray is £12.99

      I really like this seat, it doesn what it says on the tin with no frills, fancy patterns or stuck on toys (which I absolutely hate - why do manfacturers feel children need to be "entertained" at all times, they are in a highchair / booster seat to eat, not play!). My daughter was very keen to get it out of the box and sit on it, she loved it when I installed it on the chair and she was delighted to sit in it and really feel like a proper big girl - she said several times "I'm a big girl". We had been pushing her highchair in to the table already so she was used to it but I think it was just the transition to sitting on a proper chair was what she really wanted and needed.

      What do I dislike about this product?
      As I said, I bought this seat for my 2 year old, but it states on the box that it is suitable from 6 months old. I have to say, I'm not sure I would have put her in this seat at 6 months. It is a basic moulded plastic seat and my daughter spent a lot of time in her highchair at that age, watching me cook tea and so on. I would think this seat would not be as comfy as a more padded highchair. I think it is fine for my girl as most meals are completed within 20 minutes max! In terms of the adjustable height, I have to say the highest setting is only just tall enough for my daughter and my table / chair combo. She is an average sized 2 year old so if you had a smaller or younger child it would still be too low for sitting at the table. The seat features a little swing away tray but we are not using it for my daughter so I can't really comment on it in use, but I did note it is a rather small tray, it would be difficult to put a plate on it as it would be too big. The last point to note is that the straps which go under the chair and around the back are VERY long, I assume this is to accomodate many different types of chairs but there is a good 30cm of spare strap at the back of my chair, hanging straps are so appealing to toddlers who want to pull at it and so on, I think the length of the leftover strap poses a risk if my daughter decided to put it round her neck. Thus far I have tied it up to try and make it less enticing and therefore hopefully less dangerous.

      Do I recommend this product?
      I recommend it for children who are ready and big enough to sit up on a booster seat and eat at the table. but not for younger ones who would need a comfortable, supportive place to sit and a more reasonable sized tray to eat off.


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      29.07.2012 00:43
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to a high chair for occasional use.

      ~ Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat ~

      At home we have a standard high chair but for my mums I bought one of these booster seats as I thought it would be easier for her to store away when not in use.
      I have used these type chairs in the past for my children and this is the second of these types that I have purchased.
      I don't feel that they are as comfortable for little ones as a regular high chair but as we only use it around three times a week I think it's fine.

      The seat is constructed from a strong sturdy plastic which makes cleaning it so very easy. It just needs to be wiped over and this will remove any sticky prints and mess.

      The booster can be adjusted by three height positions by simply clicking or turning the feet ... I am unsure as I have never needed to do it and I don't have it here to check, it is in my mums!

      To put your little one in the chair, you simply unclip the tray swing it around, pop baby in, clip baby up and then swing the tray back into place, clipping back down to secure it. It has a three point harness to secure your child.
      The tray can also be removed completely if you so wish to do so.

      To secure it to the dining chair there are adjustable straps, one for the underneath and one to go around the back of the chair. There is plenty of strap here to play with making it easy to adjust to most dining chairs. It fits my mums chairs easily but they are quite small. The straps clip together with strong plastic clips.
      The feet at the bottom of the booster seat have a rubbery bottom to make them non slip and they work quite fine. My son jiggles around in the chair quite a lot and he has yet to make it fall, so it does feel quite secure. In fact I am more worried about him tipping the whole chair over rather than the booster seat!

      I have used it on the floor too whilst feeding my son when he was younger and it works fine there too, just looks a little strange!

      These are also brilliant for eating out/traveling as you can just take this along with you and not have to worry about there not being any high chairs available as you have your own.
      It takes up little room in the boot of the car as the back of the chair pops off and all can be stored in the underneath which makes it look like a little box.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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  • Product Details

    Simple and easy to use, this booster seat features a swing tray for moving your child in and out easily and comfortably.

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