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Sainsbury's Little Ones Feeding Bowl

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3 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Nursing Aid: Baby Bowls & Cutlery

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    3 Reviews
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      26.07.2012 22:48



      Perfect bowl

      It amazing how many bowls you end up with when you begin weaning your baby, I bought some of these sainsbury ones as my Tommee Tippee ones although good had ended up stained and so now looked a bit grubby! As they were just under £2 for four I thought I had grabbed a bargain!

      The bowls are made from transparent coloured platic which I liked as there nice and colourful and as well as that they are super easy to clean! What was even better is that these bowls didn't seem to stain at all so it meant I could use them for longer!

      They also come with lids, when put onto the bowls these are very secure and I if I have ever had food in them while they have been in my bag they have never come off which is great news, as I have found with some baby bowls with lids that they are very flimsy.

      The bowls are a decent size, big enough for the amount of food you would need for your baby but they are also small enough to take in your bag if you will need to feed your baby while out and about.

      These bowls can also be used in the microwave which is brilliant if you need to quickly heat up your baby food.

      I would recommend these to anyone as they are of such good quality and are an even better cheaper price!


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      10.08.2010 14:29
      Very helpful




      It seemed as though each stage my daughter when through when she was a baby, she ended up with lots of things to help her through it! Getting her on to solid foods and eating out of bowls was no different and she ended up with all sorts of different feeding bowls. These ones were purchased for her from Sainsbury's when they had one of their baby offers on and I think they cost £1.62 for the four. I haven't seen them in store for a while now though so think they may well have stopped making them.

      The bowls come packaged in cardboard packaging which is blue with a little monkey on with all the information needed about the bowls written on the back next to the barcode. I found them on the shelves in Sainsburys on the baby aisle.

      The pack comes with four bowls of different colours - purple, yellow, green and blue. The bowels are very basic to look at; nothing special with no special designs or anything. Just clear coloured plastic. They also have lids which is nice and handy should you be using these when you are out and about and your child decides they don't want anymore lunch for the moment.

      Each bowl is nice and sturdy, not bendy in any way. And the bowls can be used in microwaves which is something not very common with such bowls. They are also pretty easy to hold too. I would recommend holding on to them whilst you are feeding your baby though as even with food in they are pretty light and I, not paying alot of attention to where small hands were heading, ended up with a lap full of food and a hysterically laughing baby.

      They held my daughter's food nicely and easily held a full size jar of baby food.

      When I got the bowls home and out of the packaging, I boiled up some hot water in the kettle and left them to soak in hot water for ten minutes to make sure there were no germs on them. I do this after use too just to make sure they are clean.

      As I previously said, I haven't seen these in Sainsbury's for a while but since moving, my store is quite small so it may just be that smaller stores do not stock them.

      I still have the bowls as my daughter likes to use them for ice cream plus the bowls are quite small for her now and it lets me give her a little bit less ice cream but yet she still thinks she has a fair bit.

      Definately recommend these bowls if you can find them.


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      18.06.2009 07:39
      Very helpful



      Weaning bowl

      Sainsburys weaning bowl

      N.B. The review is about the single feeding bowl not the pack of 4.

      With little grandson having made a completely unexpected visit and being very hungry, (and me with no food), it was time for me to invest in lots of bits and pieces for him to use should it happen again.

      WHAT IS IT?

      As the name suggests it is a weaning bowl which is for use with children from 4 months onwards; probably because this is about the age of weaning.

      The bowl can be used for feeding as well as for heating food in the microwave and for freezing food, and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, so it's very handy.


      The plastic bowl comes in a cardboard sleeve with all the information on the sleeve. The bowl itself is dark blue with a green lid and is shaped so that there is a protrusion on the bowl presumably for the adult to hang onto the bowl whilst baby tries to throw it! The green lid closes slightly off centre to the bowl shape and this makes it very easy to lift off and to push back on to the bowl.

      It is PVC free and is safety tested, complying with specific and noted regulations.

      USING IT...

      The bowl should be placed in boiling water before use to ensure that it is really clean, and then after that it can be used according to what you want to use it for.

      There are a number of what i think are quite common sense warnings including;

      * Use under adult supervision- no leaving baby to throw the contents onto the floor
      * Clean before each use!!
      * Cold water sterilisation is recommended

      Available instore at sainsburys, the bowl, if I remember rightly, cost around the £2 mark. This seems a lot for what is in effect, a plastic bowl but it is very sturdy and can withstand lots of use.


      This is a very well made and handy bowl. We have a few of them now and have used them to feed Little man- we put his food in the bowl and heat it to the desired temperature and off we go. I have also made meals and frozen them ready for him to eat, and the bowls suffer no ill effects in the freezer; i think I was almost expecting it to crack. So, it really can go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher and even the colours don't fade, ensuring that it doesn't look all nasty and washed out. The lid is easy to lift on and off so if you already have food in the bowl, there is no struggling to get the lid off and when it finally pops, the food also pops out!

      A good value, sturdy and nice looking (can a bowl be nice looking?) weaning bowl for baby

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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