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Strawberry Fool Fred & Friends Snack & Stack

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2 Reviews

Brand: Strawberry Fool / Type: Eating & Drinking

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2010 10:37
      Very helpful



      My review

      My girls love lego and enjoy playing with it at home. When i seen the fred and friends snack & stack set in a local shop i really wanted to get them a set each but did not want to pay a ridiculous £19.99 each.

      I searched around online and found the snack & stack sets for a more affordable price of £8.99.
      The fred & friends snack and stack set can be bought on amazon uk and ebay uk. When the snack and stack sets arrived they are in a funky transparent gift box.

      Snack & stack set includes a stainless steal spoon, fork and knife these have coloured handles and look like lego bricks. Each utensils pushes together like lego and stacks up on top of each other for easy storage. These are full sized cutlery with chunky plastic handles.

      Hannah and Jess use there snack and stack cutlery every day, they love the coloured brick handles and find them easy to hold and use. They are easy to clean is hot soapy water and even dishwasher safe.

      These are very cool and my lego obsess brother loves them so much so i will be buying him a set for christmas.

      I highly recommend the fred and friends snack and stack set.


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      13.02.2010 13:30
      Very helpful



      Just fantastic. Buy some!!!

      Note: Dooyoo have told me to write this review in this category despite it being for a CUTLERY set and NOT a Nursing aid. The cutlery set is for Adults and children alike.

      I bought a set of this Fred & Friends LEGO Stackable cutlery from a cute little boutique shop for a whopping £12.95 when I was in Manchester for my very quiet hen night (my Aspergers meant this was me plus one friend and we mainly sat in the hotel!). Anyway, as I adore "cuter versions of real things" this Lego cutlery really appealed to me.

      Unknown to me, my parents in law had also bought me a set of this cutlery for Christmas- so we now have two full sets which is great as both Mr Norton and I can have a set each! We used these for our Christmas dinner and they looked fantastic when the table was all set out as they are bright and cheerful!.

      What do you get:
      In a see through plastic box, you get one fork, one knife and one spoon as in the picture they have quite rubbery plastic handles which have lego nodules on them so they actually all fit together. They each measure 6 inches from edge to edge and the widest part of the spoon and fork is 3cm or 1 1/4 inches so they are smaller than "adult" cutlery but they are a good size so it is not a problem for an adult to eat a main meal using these.

      The handles are brightly coloured and the plastic would be bendy if it were not for the fact there feels to be metal inside the handles. The rubber of the handles gives them a soft grip and so I can see how they would be perfect for children too as the handles are quite chunky and comfortable to hold. As they all stack together, you could use this set as travel cutlery too- stick them all together and put them in a food bag and away you go. Great for camping/ festivals/ travel.

      These ARE expensive. I paid £12.95 for one set and I have seen them on sale for £16.95. If you have a family of four and all want a set each this would be expensive.

      As mentioned, Mr Norton and I use these on a daily basis. I also have some metal airline cutlery that I like to use as they are smaller than normal cutlery I like eating using smaller cutlery as it is more delicate and even Mr Norton has started eating using smaller cutllery. These Lego items are a decent size- even the spoon is bigger than a teaspoon so these are not just for children. As they have metal ends, I'm not convinced these are for children either as if I had children, I would only let them use these if they were a decent age and I knew they would be ok to eat using these without poking themself in the eye with the fork as they are quite sharp!

      The utensil ends are metal. The knife is smooth and has a sharpened edge to the blade that is not sharp enough to cut your skin as the blade is quite thick and has a rounded but shrpened edge but it is far from blunt. I am not convinced these are designed for children as the knife has no problems cutting through beef or meat when you eat with this.

      The fork is brilliant is it is almost like a SPORK (spoon fork) as it has a bowl part like a spoon with prongs like a fork. I found this invaluable when eating a pot noodle recently as I could not remember if you eat a pot noodle with a fork or a spoon and was having a bit of a dilemma about it and no doubt annoying Mr Norton as I could not work out what you use to eat a pot noodle but this spork like contraption solved my problem!

      The spoon is a decent size - bigger than a teaspoon, smaller than a table spoon. In both of my sets, the knife is BLUE, the spoon is YELLOW and the fork is RED. I have just noticed the colour scheme in the photo is different. I am not aware they come in different colour schemes or that all the spoons are not yellow. All the ones I have seen have had yellow spoons/ red forks..

      The only possible qualm I can think of with these is often after you have washed them the indents in the underside of the handles (holes so the lego modules from another can clip together) collects water so you have to use kitchen roll pressed into the holes or shake these really well to try to dry them out. I have on more than one occasion eaten with these only to find a taste of washing up liquid in my mouth from the handle where it has not dried properly or found the handle to still be wet despite this being washed and left in the drainer for two days. Of course this is easily prevented if you just take a bit of care when drying them!

      The Fred & Friends manufacturers have a whole website of cute versions of normal things- I love their website but am trying not to look to much at it as it will just end up costing me a fortune!

      Overall although these are expensive, I have used one of my sets for almost 10 months without any problems. They still look as good as they did when I bought them- the rubber had not split or receded (I think it could be silicon like in silicon bakeware). They are a quirky product yet very functional. I would recommend these for adults as much as for children (over a certain age obvisouly). They would also be good if you have grip problems as the handles are chunky. Fab investment.


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