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Tesco Value Latex Soothers

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Baby dummies / Available: Various ages / sizes

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2011 13:13
      Very helpful



      Excellent dummies for the price

      When Hollie was born in 2007 I made a costly mistake. She was a sucker, always rooting around for food like a piggy after truffles and even sucking her own tongue when I couldn't get a bottle to her in time. I bought her a dummy (I don't have the intense hatred towards them that some people display) and at six days old she loved it, it soothed her instantly so I quickly stocked up on all the wacky novelty dummies I could find on Ebay. The problem being that by ten days old she'd spat the original dummy out and the ones I'd bought were just beginning to arrive in the post, honestly the girl had dummies worth around thirty quid and I couldn't get her to even pop one in her mouth after the initial success!

      I was determined my new son wasn't going to be introduced to dummies, not for any orthodontic or social reasons but because I didn't particularly want the added expense on top of everything else. But he was a sucker from birth too and immediately I softened, sending Mark on a mercy mission to Tesco just before they closed on Christmas Eve to buy a dummy for him to try.

      And he came back with these Tesco Value Latex Soothers. What next? Tesco Value coffins? To be fair, two dummies for £1 made sense as if David refused to suck them then we hadn't wasted a fortune and although the packaging looked as cheap as ever at least these days the dummies would have to conform to health and safety standard even if they have the same design as a 1970s soother!

      For your money you get one blue and one green dummy, there may be other colours available but this is what David has ended up with. They have a latex cherry shaped teat and full circular mouth piece, there are three small ventilation holes in each dummy which is adequate but to be honest I think a puking, dribbling baby could do with either larger holes or more of them to allow the skin to breathe. When I first saw the dummies I thought the teat would be much too big for Davids little mouth, I needn't have worried about that however as after a few initial struggles he has taken to the size and shape really well. So well in fact that when I bought some Avent dummies with flat orthodonic teats he couldn't keep them in his mouth during a particularly forceful sucking session!

      There is a small hole at the back of the face plate section which lets the air out of the teat as the baby is sucking. This is so strange! After popping one in my own mouth I could feel the teat deflating each time I put any pressure on it as the air flew out of this hole. Now, I haven't encountered a dummy since Hollie had hers (almost four years ago now) so am not sure if this is a new thing, but I remember my older daughter having dummies and they definitely didn't deflate so maybe it's a design Tesco have come up with for this very cheap range of dummies. It doesn't stop my son enjoying using the dummy in the slightest, but I think one which retains the air completely would be a far better buy.

      I've been using the same two dummies now for six weeks. They sterilise fine in my microwave steriliser and the condition has not deteriorated at all, it's important to check your baby's dummy regularly and give the teat a quick pull to ensure it is not coming away from the face plate but there are absolutely no issues with these up to now. The dummies are suitable for babies aged 0 - 6 months, I'd be tempted to continue buying them after this age but the latex is quite thin on the dummy and I'd worry about this particular brand being kept in one piece once David has his teeth.

      Briefly, the people behind SIDS (cot death) research have recently stated that giving your baby a dummy to sleep with may reduce the risk of this terrible event. Presumably it's something to do with the sucking action keeping a baby's airways fully open while they snooze, but for this reason alone I'd completely recommend giving your little one a dummy even if you've never been receptive to the idea before.

      £1 from Tesco stores or Tesco online.


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