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Tommee Tippee Decorated Bowls

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Brand: Tommee Tippee / Type: Eating & Drinking / Available in blue and pink.

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    2 Reviews
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      14.07.2012 23:14
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't buy these again

      As a parent, I've grown to trust the Tommee Tippee brand over the years, generally finding their baby products to be reliable, well made and robust. There are times when buying the branded version can be slightly more expensive than basic unbranded products so I was pleased to discover Tommee Tippee's decorated plastic weaning bowls for a bargain price in Home Bargains when I had just started weaning my youngest son.

      Never one to turn down a bargain, I snapped up several packs, confident in the performance of a Tommee Tippee weaning product and pleased to get these at a fraction of their usual selling price. Currently, the decorated bowls can be purchased from Tesco and Sainsburys, amongst other stockists of baby products, for around the £5 for a set of two, whereas I paid around the £2 mark.

      Plastic weaning bowls are generally a fairly basic, functional but uninspired product to buy so it is nice to find these bowls with an element of design and detailing. Available in either pink or blue, these particular bowls have a transfer around the edges of the bowl as well as at the base. Whilst they aren't particularly distinctive designs (no familiar cartoon characters or suchlike) they are a little bit more attractive than the basic plain Tommee Tippee bowls that I'd tended to use previously.

      These bowls have a lip each side which is convenient to hold on to whilst stirring baby rice or cereals, although also a little tempting for toddlers to pick up and throw! The depth and general capacity of the bowl is ideally suited for the small portions involved in the early stages of weaning but the bowls can also be used for snacks and breakfast as baby gets older and starts to feed themselves.

      The bowls are deemed to suitable for use in microwaves, freezers and dishwashers. I've never tried using these in a freezer as they don't come supplied with a lid and the border would make these a difficult shape to cover and store in a freezer. I have used them regularly in both the microwave and dishwasher and here their main flaw soon became apparant. Despite the packaging stating that these dishwasher safe, within just a few washes (on the top rack as advised) I noticed that the bowl discoloured noticeably. This is not all that surprising given the strong colours often involved with weaning (pureed carrots and brightly coloured jars of baby food etc) but was still a bit disappointing as the standard type of Tommee Tippee weaning bowls had proven to be far more robust and resistant to staining.

      The major disappointment was that the transfer on the base very quickly began to show signs of deterioration too and began to peel off, crack and rip, looking unattractive and also potentially harbouring germs or risking parts of the transfer getting mixed in with food. I found this to be particularly disappointing given the assurances that these are suitable for use in both the microwave and dishwasher. I did use the bowls in both machines so am not sure which was responsible for the damage to the transfers but certainly feel that these are not up to the usual quality of Tommee Tippee products. These bowls were soon replaced with much more practical plain versions.

      Despite their attractive appearance, I would not buy these particular bowls again and would advise other parents to consider the standard 'Essentials' range of basic bowls, produced by Tommee Tippee instead. They are cheaper than these bowls and considerably more robust and resilient when used for their intended purpose.


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        24.08.2010 13:58
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good bowl for toddlers to use when they are feeding them selves very robust and sturdy

        I bought this set of two bowls when we were weaning our son nearly 2 years ago. I had bought the Tommee Tippee magic mat and it said to use it with Tommee Tippee bowls and plates with it for the best results so these went it the trolley at the same time. Now whilst the magic mat is no longer in use and only lasted a week these bowls remain a firm fixture still in our house nearly 2 years later.

        What are they?
        The set we have is two blue decorated bowls the bowls are decorated brightly with a purple dinosaur on the bottom. The packaging which is now long lost promised they were dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. It also promised that they could be sterilised using any method. The blue plastic bowls are quite deep and have a handle at either side making them easy to hold when whether carrying them or tilting the bowl slightly. They are easy to stack in the cupboards too.

        In use and our experince
        I had bought these bowls to use with the magic mat which is supposed to help stick bowls and plates to the table or highchair tray. We were doing baby led weaning where babies have regular food rather than puree and feed themselves so the bowls had to be robust for a 7 month old to knock about. Now these bowls faired no better than other plastic bowls in staying put on the magic mat and would be easy unstuck by my son has he tried to see inside the bowls. However despite being knocked over and thrown to the floor more times than I can mention they never broke cracked or chipped in any way so they are very sturdy.

        The bowls design is very cute the ones we have has a little purple dinosaur on the bottom of the bowl and he is in a brightly coloured field. To be honest though I think this appealed to me more buying it than it has at any point to my son as he should little interest in the dinosaur at any age and it never seemed to encourage him to eat to the bottom of the bowl to see the dinosaur.

        The depth of the bowl was initially a problem as it was a little hard for my 7 month old to see over the height of the bowl to what is inside it. But as these are recommend for 12 month plus I guess I can't criticise this too much. The depth of these bowls now that he is 2 and half is great as he can get a big bowl of cereal in the morning into them and the width is big enough to accommodate a weetabix in one piece and still give him room to manoeuvre bits around with his spoon.

        As to the claims for being dishwasher and freezer safe I can't comment as we don't have a dishwasher bar me and my husband and I have never put the bowls in the freezer and I am not sure why you would to be honest. I have however re-heated some food in the microwave with these bows and it hasn't caused any damage to the bowl or the design on them. The bowls haven't become to hot to handle though they did become slightly warm to the touch.

        My only real disappointment with these bowls is that the design on the bottom of the bowl is a "transfer stick on" and over the course of nearly two years of using these that it has started to come off in places which has meant I have had to take a brillo pad to it to get the loose bits taken off so they don't end up in my son's food and then him! I personally would have preferred to see the design as part of the actual material and plastic of the bowl rather than a transfer. Given that these bowls have only being washed in hot water or sterilised in a cold water steriliser, how well it would hold up under the constant use of a dishwasher concerns me and you may find your pretty bowls lose their pattern and picture's very quickly.

        These are a great bowls that are suitable I think for toddlers but we found that they don't really stay in place with the Tommee Tippee magic mat but I have yet to find a bowl or plate that did. However they are great as a morning cereal bowl for my son or a bowl for snack time. The only problem is the transfer starts to flake off after multiple washes. At around the £4-£5 for 2 in most shops selling baby table wear I think they are a reasonable buy.


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