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Winnie The Pooh Soother Holder

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Brand: Disney / Nursing Aid: Soother

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2008 15:11
      Very helpful



      A simple but brilliant idea.

      I've always thought it amazing that even as babies people have their own likes and dislikes, you'd think being so young and having no experience of the world that a baby would be happy to go along with whatever was thrown at it (not literally of course, no projectiles please!) but having had 3 children now I'm always picking up on different aspects of their personalities and noticing how one will have liked something another hated. Jack has proven to be very different to his brother and sister in many ways not least of these being his need for a dummy. I've always been of the mind that I would try not to allow my children to have dummies but would keep one in just in case, if it turned out they needed one then I wouldn't stop them, whatever my children need I'm happy to provide. Unlike Christopher and Elsa Jack needs his dummy, I can cuddle him, rock him, try to feed him but sometimes all he wants is his dummy and so I'm happy for him to have it, unfortunately of course being so young he needs the dummy sterilised and once it's dropped on the floor he can't have it back until it's been cleaned again. I never wanted to have tonnes of dummies hanging around and decided to find a different way of tackling the problem which is when I came across dummy clips.

      There are many different types of dummy clips around and they'll come described as different things too- soother savers, dummy holders etc... but they're all designed for the same purpose. I have a few different brands of dummy clip as I find they come in handy for more then just holding dummies. The Winnie The Pooh dummy clips come in packs of 2 clips featuring popular Winnie The Pooh characters, they're brightly coloured and while this might not matter to a new baby it's a fun little aspect for slightly older ones who are more aware of everything around them. The clips themselves are made up of a round plastic disc which features an image of the character, the disc is attached to a clip which is opened by sliding the disc downwards releasing the clip mechanism, this is attached to babies clothing before the disc is slid back up again locking the clip in place. Threaded through the bottom of the disc is a piece of ribbon which has 2 pieces of Velcro on it, the ribbon gets threaded through the handle of the dummy, fixing the Velcro together and holding the dummy at the end of the clip.

      These dummy clips are a brilliant idea as it saves you carrying around multiple dummies but means that your child isn't going to drop it on the floor stopping them using it and causing upset. When the clip is locked in place it takes quite a powerful tug to pull it loose from its position meaning that even with the wriggliest of babies it won't come loose. Some babies just aren't good at keeping dummies in their mouth and of course if a child falls asleep the dummy may fall out of its own accord, at least by using the clip you have the reassurance that the dummy is there clean and ready to be used.

      If Jack is unsettled and I know he needs his dummy I'll fix the clip to his clothes so I know that if he spits it out in his sleep I'll be able to find it easily, I'll also clip it to the harness on his buggy when we go for a walk so I can still tuck him warmly under a blanket without loosing the dummy within the folds. A lot of children will use dummies during the night to help them sleep and this is the one time I wouldn't use the clip, I have a supreme paranoia about something going wrong in the night and wouldn't be confident about the ribbon, even though it's not particularly long, and the risk that it may get tangled around Jack somehow. During his daytime naps I don't mind using the clip as I can keep a close eye on him and make sure he's ok. A good way of using the clip during this time is to attach it to you babies clothes and then swaddle them in a blanket trapping the ribbon and helping keep the dummy in place, I'll usually do this if Jack has been particularly unsettled as it stops the dummy going to far away from him.

      As I've said I use the dummy clip for more then just holding the dummy and have found it useful for clipping toys to his buggy hood or his Moses basket in order to keep hi entertained when we're out or if I'm busy and can't play with him, it allows me to change the toys around giving him variety which is great for his development. I'll also use it to thread through his teething ring in order to clip that to the buggy etc... and stop it falling to the floor, much in the same was as the clip is used for the dummy, after all the teething ring is going to end up in his mouth and you don't want them ingesting anything unpleasant. You can even slip the handle of a sippy cup through the loop and attach it to your travel bag or buggy to create a little more space in the bag or buggy shopping basket.

      I've found the clips very durable, I move the clip itself from clothes to blanket to buggy numerous times a day and the clip is still holding well, I will also alternate the dummies so I can sterilise a used one and ensure they're kept as clean as possible, I've found the Velcro is still perfectly stitched onto the ribbon and grips together as well now as it did when I first had the clips. You do need to ensure the ribbon is kept clean if you're using it for a child who's on solid food and has a tendency to drool, you can wash the clip in warm soapy water but I wouldn't recommend putting it in the washing machine. The one aspect of the clip that isn't quite perfect is that on some of the designs the colour on the character will start to wear off, one of our clips features Tigger and thanks to the amount of abuse it's suffered he's missing some of the paintwork off of his nose. Of all the dummy clip designs this is possibly the most secure in terms of coming loose from the clothes, the clip mechanism can be a bit fiddly though especially if you don't have the most nimble of fingers.

      The Winnie The Pooh dummy clips are available for £2.48 from Asda.


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      With the help of a soother holder, mom has one less thing to keep track of.

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