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Argos Value Electronic Kitchen Scale

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Brand: Wilkinson /

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2011 11:32
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      A cheap electronic kitchen scale that didn't actually work very well

      Although I am not a big baker or even a cook I needed some electric kitchen scales to replace my old traditional mechanical ones. I went to Argos straight away as I am a fan of their value range and think that the products in the value range usually do the job required just without the bells and whistles of more expensive products.

      Unfortunately on this occasion the value electronic kitchen scales really let me down. The scales were the cheapest ones in the Argos catalogue at only £6.99 but they were on offer at only £5.59 when I went to the counter to pay for them.
      As soon as I got them home and out of the box it was easy to see how Argos could price them so low.

      They are made of white plastic and although not as cheap and nasty looking as I thought they might be the plastic really is flimsy and cheap feeling. I didn't see this as much of a problem as I had planned on just storing them in a drawer anyway. I actually liked the round shape of the scales as opposed to the more traditional square shape of the other electronic scales I had seen.

      The scales have an LCD screen at the front and only two buttons on it. The buttons are the on/off button and the button for changing between grams and ounces. The scales go up in graduations of 1g and 0.1oz and the maximum weight they can take is quite high at 5kg or 11lbs.
      They also have a round battery which does come included with the scales and is already in place and you just need to slide out the bit of plastic that is separating it from the scales.

      Overall I was quite pleased with my purchase especially for the price. The problems started as soon as I started to use them. I took them out of there box and had a little play with them and noticed straight away that the numbers on the LCD screen were really light and difficult to see but the major problem with the scales came with their accuracy.

      As I had never had electric kitchen scales before I had a little play with them putting on items that were lying around and I noticed within a few seconds that they were giving me different readings each time I put the same item on them. I would put on a pen and one time it would give me a reading of a gram then a few seconds later it would give me a reading of 2 grams. I tried this with a few different items and each time it would be the same with the scales giving me different readings each time.

      I thought maybe because they were new might be the reason that they were doing this and perhaps they just needed some time to settle down and adjust themselves so I left them a couple of hours. However when I went back and tried again they were doing the same thing and no matter what item I would put on them they would again give me different readouts. Obviously they were no good for the job that I bought them for so I returned them to Argos and swapped them for a set of electronic scales from a different brand that were much better. To give Argos their due they swapped them with no problems but it has still left me feeling disappointed with their value range which I normally am full of praise for.


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