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Duronic KS758 Digital Display

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Brand: Duronic

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2013 22:20
      Very helpful



      I should have sent them straight back to Amazon

      It's easy to think you can get by without kitchen scales. I did fine for years with a shake of this, a dash of that and judging quantities entirely by eye. Eventually I realised that was fine if all you wanted to do was cook the same old same old over and over again. If you wanted to try new recipes - real ones, with ingredients and weights and instructions - it just doesn't cut the mustard if you rely on guesswork. You might destroy a good dish by guess work, and almost as annoyingly you might make something wonderful and then never be able to recreate it again. I accepted that my slap dash approach wasn't really all that good and bought from scales. Then earlier this year I started doing Weightwatchers and I realised there was no way I'd succeed if I didn't weigh things. I already had a fabulous set of scales at home but I needed an extra set to keep at the flat where I live when I'm office based. I didn't want to spend a lot so I ordered a cheap set of scales on Amazon - the Duronic KS758. I paid £9.25 back in January and I've pretty much hated them from the moment they arrived.

      Some of you might be wondering how something as banal as a kitchen scale can rouse me to extreme emotion. These scales frustrate me every time I use them and I wish I'd sent them straight back to Amazon as soon as they arrived.

      At first use, it's easy to miss how rubbish they are. They look pretty good; they are slim, light and fairly stylish. IF I were to put them away (a novel idea, putting things away), then they wouldn't take up much space. They can handle weights up to 5 kilos or 11 pounds in increments of one gram and I have no reason to doubt their accuracy. Or if you don't like metric, you can opt for pounds and ounces, fluid ounces, millilitres or grams. Actually I hadn't realised that until I just pushed all the buttons and now I'm deeply irritated by the idea that they seem to be muddling up volumes and weight/masses. Surely you can't 'weigh' a fluid ounce - it's a volume, not a mass. That's now adding to my irritation.

      The weighing 'pad' is 15 cm across which makes it small and neat but means that you really can't use this scale with anything much larger than that unless its transparent. Put anything bigger than a 15-16 cm saucepan, bowl or jug onto the pad and you're going to struggle to see the display. I'm used to my home scales where I can lob a massive stock pot or wok onto the scales and still read the display and I am deeply irritated by having to weigh things into an intermediate container before putting it into a pan or whatever. Even weighing my breakfast cereal is a chore. All that was needed was to sit the pressure pad a couple of centimetres higher than the base and this could have been avoided. This is design for cooks by people who've never thought about how their product is going to be used.

      Most other scales I've had have three buttons - this one has only two. Normally I expect an on-off button, a tare button, and a button to vary the units in which the weight is measured. On the Duronic scales you have to use the same button for on-off and to tare. I find that less than perfect. When I want to turn them off, I end up zeroing them instead. It's just a little thing but combined with the poor display visibility, there's no way I could possibly recommend these. The final nail in the coffin of my patience with these scales is the battery. Instead of taking a nice bog-standard off the shelf, 'pick it up in the hardware store or find one in the back of a drawer' battery, this takes a flat round Lithium battery, a CR 2032. That's exactly what I'm NEVER going to find in my kitchen drawer.

      When the battery dies I won't be replacing it. The scales will go in the bin and I'll be buying something that offers all the features that I've so badly missed in this product.


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