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Kalorik EKS 33088 Electronic Kitchen Scales

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Brand: EKS

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2012 10:52
      Very helpful



      A good basic set of scales which would fit in most kitchens

      I've had these scales a couple of years now, they were bought to replace my previous scales which weren't very accurate as they weren't electronic. I didn't want to spend an awful lot, so I got these from our local discount store - you know the kind of place, they sell everything from pet food, to Tupperware, to fancy dress costumes! I can't remember exactly how much they cost, but I think they were around £10-£15.

      The scales are very stylish looking, and are chrome/silver looking with a glass top for putting your items to be weighed. The base of the scales looks a bit weird, and I wasn't convinced it would be the most sturdy of bases, but as it turns out, it's absolutely fine. I've never had any issues with loading the scales and finding the base moves. They're quite modern looking, so if you're after a retro look for your kitchen I'd probably recommend keeping these in a cupboard or buying something else!

      The scales are battery operated, but I've only ever had to put batteries in when I first bought them, and these have kept the scales operating for a couple of years. I do use these scales daily too, because my cat is a house cat so I'm careful about not overfeeding him I like to weigh his food each morning to check he isn't being given too much. I also do a lot of baking so they've had a fair bit of use over the couple of years I've had them.

      The scales show weights in both imperial and metric measures, which is useful if you're ever following a recipe which doesn't convert for you. I find the scales very accurate, and I'm reassured that I've got the exact weight I want, rather than having to squint to see if the dial is in the right place like I did with my previous scales.

      The display on these scales is a decent size, and is brightly lit so however bad your eyesight is, you shouldn't have problems reading this. According to the specification for this product, the maximum capacity is 5kg. At Christmas, my fiance's mother bought our turkey for us to ease the cost of hosting, but it came from the local butcher's without a label telling us how heavy it was. We debated whether it might break the scales if we tried to weigh it but it was too heavy, but luckily it just displayed that there was an error.

      The slightly annoying feature of these scales is that they're not the easiest to clean. If I'm baking, sometimes flour or sugar gets under the glass platform, and it's a bit fiddly trying to clean this. I usually end up dampening a cloth and wiggling it round underneath the glass.

      The scales have an auto cut off feature, so if you accidentally leave them on, after a while they switch themselves off to save your batteries. When I first bought them, sometimes I'd be weighing out flour and realise I needed to open a new packet to get the amount I needed. This was a race against time because I didn't want the weight of the flour I already had to go off the screen. As time has gone on, I realise you actually get a decent amount of time to return to the scales, so these days I don't panic so much.

      These scales were a great budget buy. They perform all the functions I need, and apart from the niggle with cleaning they're perfect for our kitchen.


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    Short name: Kalorik EKS 33088

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