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Lloyds Nuritrional Scales

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Brand: Lloyds

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2010 09:43
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      A good kitchen item

      ==Lloyd's Pharmacy Digital Nutritional Scales==

      I have to admit to being a sucker for a bargain and this purchase was no different as these nutritional scales were on a half price offer in my local Lloyd's pharmacy. They usually cost £19.99 pence which I feel a little steep but seeing as they were on offer at £10 and then I had a 10% professional discount on that price, paying around the £9 mark for a product such as this doesn't seem too bad.

      The nutritional scales are small scales for the kitchen which have multi functions. I really wanted it for both reasons, as my current kitchen scales were not digital and tricky to bake with and also for the scales to give me all the nutritional information about the foods which I cook.

      I tend to be very over generous when it comes to eating things like grated cheese and pasta, so to be able to put an amount of cheese or pasta on these scales and let it tell me how many calories, fat, carbohydrates etc. are contained in the food is indeed very helpful. Of course one could take it too far and begin to measure every single thing that gets eaten but luckily I am not that crazy! (yet)

      The scales are only small and fit nicely in my kitchen drawers for easy access. They obviously need a battery to operate but this came with the scales and already in-situ. The look of the scales is rather nice and they do look rather modern and expensive and the overall appearance of them I cannot fault.

      The general use of these nutritional scales is again very easy to do. The scales need turning on with the little push button on the front and once the digital LCD screen appears with 0g you can then select the weight option on the scales which is not so much as a button but more a touch sensitive pad which will select the option. The food then needs to be placed onto the scales to weigh and from there you can then find the corresponding code in the booklet which comes with the scales and then press the corresponding button for which type of information you want on the food such as calories or fat.

      The whole side of operating these scales is very easy as long as you refer to the booklet which came with them. I think the scales would only really be able to do the basics of giving the weight of a food if this booklet was lost. Although you would think that this booklet would have to be really large to have codes for all different food types, it really isn't and that hasn't hindered my use of the scales.

      The booklet is around 50 pages long and the codes are crammed onto a page and divided up into sections such as meat and poultry, eggs and egg dishes, fats and oils and so on. It is really easy to find the item that you are looking for and then to get the three digit code which will need to be in-putted in to the scales.

      The read out from the scales is simple to interpret and once you have weighed the food and put in the correct code the nutritional scales will allow you to switch through all the different readings without having to re-weigh or re-input the code. It is all very easy ad straight forward.

      I do have to admit to not using the scales as much as I thought I would. They have mainly been used for weighing out flour and sugar so that me and Jack can make cakes (just made some rather tasty banana muffins!) but I have only used the nutritional information side of things around a dozen or so times.

      I should think that I will use it more especially when I get on one of my health crazes and for the price I think even if I had wanted to buy some bog standard digital kitchen scales I would be looking at a price of around this or a little more so I have to say that I am happy with my purchase overall. The scales have multi use and both look good and are easy to use. They are small and compact whilst having the ability to do a lot more than regular scales. They seem to be made to a high standard and good quality and are always reliable.

      I would highly recommend these nutritional scales especially for the price that I paid. I think a score of 5 out of 5 stars is in order!

      Many Thanks Fro taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you


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