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Marks & Spencer 5Kg Digital Scales

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Brand: Marks and Spencer / Type: Digital Scales

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 16:20



      good pair of budget cooking scales

      Not sure if these particular scales are still available from Marks & Spencer as I've had mine for some time now. These are a budget range version of kitchen scales used for weighing up cooking ingredients between 1gram and 5 kilograms in 1 gram intervals, which is around the perfect scale for the intended use.

      The design is quite basic, there are two buttons on the top of the unit for power / tare and a mode button to change between lb and oz.

      The only real complaint about these scales is that there isn't much surface area on top for bowls and containers without restricting the viewing window, powered by 9v square battery it is easy to replace and commonly available. These area budget range priced at £15, and so far mine have worked fine without problem, I don't use them majorly often but they come in useful for the times when I do decide to bake a cake!! Thanks for reading.


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      10.09.2011 15:31
      Very helpful
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      A great set of digital scales for cooking

      I have had these kitchen scales now for about 4 years. We bought them when we first got married with some vouchers we received. The first set of scales we got I had to return to Marks and Spencer as they were not weighing accurately at all. I had tried to weigh a bag of sugar when I first got the scales to test them and this measured incorrectly so by the time I had tried I few different ready weighed items I knew they were out by a good 50grams or so. Marks and Spencer happily swapped my initial scales for a new set and the second set showed everything very accurately.

      The scales are digital and take a 9 volt battery to operate them. The battery is easy to insert and lasts a long time mine in the four years of use has only taken 3 batteries which I think is good going.
      The scales don't come with a bowl for weighing into instead you can use any bowl or container you like on the scales to weigh items on. I find this helpful as I can weigh items directly into mixing bowls or jugs when I am cooking and it cuts down on the washing up.

      There are two buttons tone on each side of the display screen. One is for the on and off and timer set button. On the other side there is the button to select which weight measurement you want to use grams or ounces and the Z/T function to zero the scales when you put a bowl on top or if you are adding multiple ingredients too the bowl.
      The on off switch whilst easy to operate can get knocked accident very easily as you put the scales away if something is resting on top of them. What is handy though is it switches itself off after about 5 minutes so the battery doesn't get drained and it isn't on over night at all. The timer function is something I never use at all and for me it doesn't add anything to the scales as if I am timing something in the kitchen I use the alarm on the cooker. However for the review I thought I would find out how easy it is to set and it really is idiot proof I think. You press the timer button then the Z/T to set the time and hey presto away you go.

      The switching between different measurements is again easy to do and I find this especially helpful with some of my older recipe books that are mainly in ounces as this is an easier measurement for me. The scales are nice and accurate and weigh to a 1 gram so you are able to keep a close eye on things as you place them into by weighed. This I find great when baking cakes when everything needs to be very accurate to avoid mistakes. The Z/T function is again very handy and is easy to operate and I like the fact that with it I can add both the sugar and butter together into the bowl for example if I am making cakes or buns as it combines them easily.
      The display is blue with the measurements being displayed in black. The display is clear and easy to see. It also shows the temperature for some reason whilst this is a handy gadget it is again something I don't always use or pay any attention too.

      The scales continue to weigh lovely and accurately over fours later and the only sign of wear unfortunately is the embossed bits by the buttons that lets you know the buttons various functions these have now started to wear off and it isn't always easy to read them. However as I am now so familiar with using them I don't need to know which one to press.
      When the scales come on they do give a loud bleep and this bleep is the same one that would be heard with the timer function too. It is very loud so you will hear it I am sure if you need too.

      The maximum weight of 5 Kg is more than enough I find for nay of my cooking needs and the only time I have come close was when I was measuring 3 Kg of strawberries for making jam this year and the scales had no problem reading this at all.
      The scales are nice and neat being only 23.5cm by 21cm they are easy to store away in the cupboard between uses. Made from stainless steel they are easy to wipe clean after use and cope with any knocks in the cupboards without any scratches in my experience.

      This is a good pair of scales and one that I would definitely recommend to people. I would check that the scales are accurate when you get them as our first set wasn't but the store was great at swapping them. The display is easy to read and very precise and they last a long time so at £15 I think they represent good value.


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