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Brand: Salter / Microtronic Kitchen Scale / Capacity: 2 kg / Guarantee: 10 years

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2007 22:32
      Very helpful



      A great set of kitchen scales.

      It all started one year with discussions about Christmas presents. In our family we have always bought each other lots of small presents so we have lots to unwrap on Christmas Day, but this particular year we decided to change and we decided to be more traditional and buy one another one main present and we set our price limit for one another at about £30.

      Incidentally that idea only lasted that one year! We are all just big kids at heart and love lots to open on Christmas Day!

      Sorry, I digress.

      I had recently had my kitchen fitted and decided that a new set of scales would be a welcome addition as my old ones had been relegated to the study to weigh EBay parcels!

      I had a look in the Argos catalogue and saw just what I wanted - the Salter Microtronic Kitchen Scale at a price of £24.99, although after looking at various sites I think they are now nearer to £30.

      Luckily for me I got exactly what I had asked for and I have to say it is not as good as the Argos catalogue would have you believe - it is much better! This little gadget (if you can call it that) is worth its weight in gold - if you'll forgive the pun!

      The scale comes well packed in a smart box about 9" x 8" x 2" so it is really easy to wrap and transport as a present. Just thinking along those lines it would make an ideal engagement or wedding present.

      The scale itself is of the 'add and weigh' variety, meaning that you can put your mixing bowl, or whatever, on the scale, zero it, and add further ingredients. Often this type of scale has its own bowl, which I always find a bit of a nuisance to store, so I was pleased to find that this scale does not have said bowl.

      The scale consists of a flat stainless steel disc about 6 inches in diameter mounted on top of a slightly larger black disc which has an extended front bit where the display is. It is quite difficult to describe this so take a look at the picture at the top of this review so you can follow what I am trying to say!

      The stainless steel disc is removable for ease of cleaning.

      The whole thing is only about an inch or so high so it is very compact and sits neatly on my kitchen work surface, which means it gets used regularly. Although I would usually say that I can't be doing with kitchen gadgets that have to be stored away and fetched out when needed - I can't be bothered with the hassle, these scales are even easy to just pop into the top of a drawer and reach out again to use. There's no setting up to do so there's no hassle.

      The stainless steel platform is flat so it means that it can be used with almost any sort of container and can also be used to weigh a lot of things just as they are directly onto the platform - such as fruit, bread etc, especially useful if you are on a diet and counting calories. The cover can also be removed for cleaning so it is very hygienic.

      The maximum capacity of the scale is 2kg or 5lb and the graduations are set at 1g or 1/8oz intervals.

      The LCD display is situated at the front of the scale and clearly shows the accurate weight on the scale in 10mm (0.4inch) digits, so even I don't have to get the magnifying glass out, which I seem to have to do more and more these days! A sign of old age no doubt - well I have just turned 53!

      On either side of the display there is a button. If you press the right hand button it returns the display to zero, so, if you are adding a number of ingredients to a recipe, you can keep zeroing the scale before you add your next ingredient. It saves having to try and add it up in your head anyway!

      If you press the left hand button it will change the display from metric to imperial or vice versa. This is useful if you are like me and still think in pounds and ounces but most recipes are in kg. I also find it really useful when I am working out calories as my calorie book is in ounces but such a lot of packet foods are measured out in grams.

      When you have finished using the scales there's no need to remember to switch off the display, in fact I don't think you can come to think of it, as the scale will automatically switch itself off after a few minutes of not being used.

      It runs on a Longlife 3V lithium battery (CR2032), which is supplied, and there is a low battery indicator, which will show in the display of the scale when the battery needs to be changed.
      There is also a leaflet supplied to tell you how to use the scale, change the battery etc., but to be quite honest it is so simple to use that you don't really need instructions.

      The whole thing also comes complete with the manufacturer's 10 year guarantee.

      In conclusion I would have to say that this is easily the best set of scales that I have ever owned and I seriously considering getting a second set for the study to weigh my EBay sales more accurately.


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      Short name: Salter 2001

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