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Salter Glass electronic Kitchen Scales

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Brand: Salter

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2013 23:29
      Very helpful



      Great item, highly recommended!

      My husband bought me these scales as a surprise for Christmas, they were to help me with estimating postage costs when I list things on ebay as I must have been moaning when I underestimated the cost and ended up paying towards the postage when I quoted it too cheap.

      The scales are really super slim and are silver in colour with a sort of glass top finish. The weight is displayed in an LCD screen at the bottom of the scales and there are two buttons, one to reset it to zero and another to choose what you're weighing in from metric or imperial with a conversion button as well. I usually go for grammes when it's for posting. The scales go up to 5kg which I find adequate for my needs.

      In use
      I mainly use these to check the weight of parcels but actually these really get useful for baking as you can use one bowl to tip all your ingredients in and weigh as you go, resetting it to zero each time to account for the bowl and any weight within, saving complex calculations as well. The scales will automatically switch themselves off after a period of being unused. If they get any spills on them in the kitchen they are really easy to clean with a damp cloth.

      My thoughts
      I find these scales really accurate for baking and far easier to work with than the traditional scales which sport a needle and seem to wobble around a lot. Salter is a well known brand and the only complaint I have really is that the battery went on them last weekend (a lithium flat round one) and I didn't feel I had used the scales that much to warrant a new battery so soon.

      My husband bought these scales from Argos for £15 (I saw the receipt, oops!) which was quite a bargain I think.

      *Maximum capacity 5kg / 11lbs / 5 litres / 175fl.oz.
      *Imperial/metric conversion.
      *Graduations of 1g / 0.1oz / 1ml / 0.1fl.oz.
      *Add and weigh function.
      *Liquid measuring function.
      *Batteries required: 1 x CR2032 (included).
      *EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 5010777125283.
      *Manufacturer's 15 year guarantee.

      Final word
      These scales are so slimline, they hardly take up any room and are easy to store (I ket the original box to protect them). Aside from the battery having a short life I have been pleased with the scales' accuracy and their versatility. I now wonder, for that price why I didn't buy a set of these scales much sooner. They look stylish and modern and are functional too.


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      01.02.2013 15:00
      Very helpful



      Great scales, reasonable price.

      I bought this set of scales for my other half for Christmas. We both enjoy baking and our old set of Argos value scales was beyond useless - time to go digital. I'd used Salter scales in the past and had good results so I chose these from a local kitchenware shop. They cost me about £20 but are likely cheaper online.

      The scales are rectangular; glass topped and allows you to choose between metric or imperial. The weight is displayed on an LCD display on the front.

      Unlike other scales I've used this one has a touch sensitive section on the top rather than a physical, pressable button. This, presumably, is a feature aimed at improved hygiene. Repeatedly pressing a reset button with dirty hands will make gunk gather in the cracks, a problem that's avoided here. To tare the scales you touch the button and once the weight has settled it resets to zero. If you touch it while it's on zero it turns off. Simple.

      In practice it isn't always as responsive as I'd like. Sometimes you have to paw at it several times before it'll register the touch and reset. If I'm honest I'd prefer a traditional tactile button. The phrase 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' comes to mind.

      The scales are a good size. With the small round scales Salter make I've found in the past that if you're using a big bowl the display is obscured. The large platform on these eliminates this problem and I've used it with big bowls and baking trays no problem.

      The glass top is great when baking because it wipes clean so easily. I'm forever spilling flour all over the place so this is a small blessing for me. Because there are no nooks or crannies on the surface there's nowhere for the food to gather. If you spill greasy ingredients it's prone to smearing and can be a little tricky to get off, but nothing a damp cloth won't solve.

      The resolution of these is good. They weigh to the nearest gram and, as far as I can tell, are pretty accurate. They're useful for weighing small quantities of ingredients like yeast as you can be confident you have the amount the recipe asks for rather than using teaspoons and hope. When weighing, for example, salt there is a noticeable gap between 10g & 11g; however I can cope with being half a gram out.

      The maximum weight is 5kg. As of yet I've come nowhere near this limit despite making big batches of bread dough. If you use heavy porcelain mixing bowls this may become more of an issue but for everyday baking you should be fine.

      I've been using this regularly for a month or so now and I'm perfectly happy with it. I find myself weighing things that I never considered before. I can now tell you with confidence that I have 275g of milk on my cereal in the morning. Useless a fact as this sounds, it means I can optimise my weekly milk purchase. How cool am I? In the past I'd never have bothered because the old scales would probably spilt milk all over the place.

      I'd happily recommend these scales to anyone!


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