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Asda Jelly Moulds

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Brand: Asda / Type: Moulds

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2013 17:44
      Very helpful



      colourful moulds with annoying flaws!

      ~Asda Jelly Moulds~

      These jelly moulds are packaged within a see-through, black net bag and there are six moulds, six base caps and six lids per pack. Colours may vary but my pack has two green, two blue, one orange and one red mould. The moulds can be washed by hand or popped in the dish washer.

      This pack of jelly moulds can be purchased in Asda supermarkets or from www.asda.com priced at £2.00. The Asda website says that there are eight moulds per set but this is incorrect.

      ~My Thoughts~

      These jelly moulds were recommended by someone on the Slimming World Facebook page. I make jelly on a regular basis and figured that these would be the perfect size for a jelly treat. The moulds are made of decent quality, smooth plastic and are very eyecatching due to the brightly coloured plastic. When I bought these moulds, they were on offer at £1.00 which I feel is a really good price for six jelly moulds in my opinion. I bought them around 8 weeks ago.

      The plastic is shaped like a large jelly mould but on a smaller scale and these are the perfect size for children and parties. I didn't realise that each jelly mould had three parts at first. Both the base cap and the lid are made of frosted, thin plastic. I don't think the base cap is really neccessary to be honest. The cap does appear to fit flush on to each mould but this doesn't appear to have been the case each time I have used these moulds. I think the design would be much better if the area where the base cap fits was made from the same plastic as the rest of the mould.

      The moulds are easy to fill. I normally place all six moulds (with base caps in place) on to a plate or tray and then fill up with the sugar free jelly liquid that I favour using. One pint of jelly is sufficient to fill all six moulds nearly to the top. The jelly sets well inside each mould and can be eaten directly from the mould or tipped out onto a plate. I find that the jellies take a few hours to set. The lids fit well on to each mould and providing the moulds are kept upright, transporting them outside of the home is a mess-free task. I have taken pre-made jellies to my Grans and found them to be intact on arrival.

      I can't say that these moulds are perfect. I mentioned before that the base cap doesn't always secure properly on to the bottom of the moulds. This isn't always the case but I have noticed the odd 'small' leakage of jelly. I made jellies for my neice coming to stay a few days ago and despite my best efforts to ensure that each base cap was in place, I returned home to find that three out of six moulds no longer had jelly in them. The jelly had leaked right out the bottom of the mould and had set on the plate that I (thankfully) had placed underneath. I have used these moulds quite a lot and feel that the seals on the base caps are starting to fail a little. I'm never sure if I will come home to full jelly moulds or a plate of wobbly jelly!


      These jelly moulds are easy to clean after use. There are no awkward and unreachable sections to be cleaned. I find that any jelly residue is easily removed and the moulds come up clean each time. These moulds were excellent when I first bought them but the issue with the base caps dislodging and causing leakages puts me off using them as often. This doesn't happen with ever use but I do think the design could be altered a little to totally eliminate this from happening. They are fine if you just want to use them for a few weeks through the Summer for taking on picnics or for desserts but I don't think they last long. Making up a few of these pots with jelly works out cheaper than buying the Hartleys pots from the supermarket.

      Thanks for reading :)


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